Ten Best Places to Eat Near Trevi Fountain

1. Pizza in Trevi

Trevi Pizza is a great place to eat near Trevi Fountain. The joint focus on quality and freshness as well as simple products is evident.

The restaurant is centrally located in Rome. However, the service is of the highest quality and is one of its core values. It is also home to staple ingredients like flour and incredible speck, making it one of the top places to eat near Trevi Fountain.

2. Il Chianti

Il Chianti is a traditional place to eat near Trevi Fountain in Rome. It’s Tuscany-themed and serves amazing Tuscan food.

The wine selection is exceptional and unsurpassed in quality. It is simple, fresh, and traditional. After a long day of sightseeing in the city, what could be more satisfying than stopping by one of the most beautiful places to eat in the vicinity Trevi Fountain?

3. Piccolo Buco is a great place to eat near Trevi Fountain in Rome

Piccolo Buco is the brainchild of Luca Issa, a young restaurateur. He opened his first gourmet pizzeria in 2015 that combines Roman cuisine with pizza.

Piccolo Buco is a company that uses high-quality, well-researched ingredients to create its dishes. Piccolo Buco’s pizza is delicious because it rises slowly over 48 hours.

4. Piccolo Arancio

Piccolo Arancio is a great place to eat in the vicinity of Trevi Fountain. This is due to its historic location and family tradition. They offer delicious Roman cuisine made with freshest ingredients.

The wine list includes over 200 wines to complement the exquisite food. There are wines to suit fish, meat, or dessert. This is a great place to take a Romantic Date.

5. Al Moro Roma

Al Moro is only a few minutes from the Trevi Fountain and their food is authentic. This is a great place to take your spouse on a date, or for an anniversary.

The views are stunning and the chefs serve homemade cheeses, fresh pasta, and artisan desserts. This fresh restaurant near Trevi Fountain is a great place to find traditional Roman dishes.

6. Il Ristoro dal Patriota

Il Ristoro Dal Patriota, located just minutes from Trevi Fountain in Rome, is one of the most popular places to eat near Trevi Fountain. This popular restaurant is inspired by Italian independence & freedom.

The freshest produce is used and chefs add their own unique touch to traditional dishes.

7. Sphaeristerium

Just a few steps from the Trevi Fountain is the Sphaeristerium. They focus on fresh, local Roman cuisine with a twist. Their cuisine is a showcase of creativity. They want to impress customers with high-quality, fresh produce that tastes incredible.

8. Places to eat in Rome near Trevi Fountain: Angolo Sciarra

Angolo Sciarra is a great place to eat in Rome. It is open from dawn to late at night and serves breakfast, aperitivo, and post-dinner meals.

Angolo Sciarra, a theatre that is just steps from the Quirino theater, is a great choice for theatre lovers. You can choose from a delicious dinner or one of the many great spirits and wines to enjoy a late-night beverage.

9. Pompi Fontana di Trevi

Pompi is a great place to eat after dinner in Rome or after visiting the Museum. It is a family-owned business that was established in Rome 60 years ago.

Pompi is home to many restaurants. The most famous dish is the tiramisu. It can be reworked to make different flavors. Pompi’s handmade artisan ice cream in the 60s was what made it famous. If you are looking for sweet treats, it is a one-stop-shop!

10. Bar San Marcello is a great place to eat near Trevi Fountain in Rome

Bar San Marcello is a top coffee shop in town. We are taking our word for it. This is a great place to have breakfast in Rome or snacks.

You can have traditional cornetti and Italian sandwiches at any hour of the day, with prices that aren’t too high. This is the place to go to relax, work, and have fun with friends.

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