The Magna Via Francigena

The Magna Via Francigena is the great road of Frankish knights. It follows an ancient route between Agrigento, and Palermo, which was used for millennia-long by pilgrims and travelers.

This trail, which has been lost for centuries, is now alive again. The pilgrim route is to walk or cycle through authentic Sicily at a slower pace. This allows you to discover the innermost part of the island, which includes hidden treasures such as archaeological and natural sites, as well as art masterpieces, set in the rugged beauty of inland Sicily.

The Magna Via spans 180km (1112 miles) and is broken down into 9 segments of 20-25km each. 13-16 miles) each. Pilgrims may choose to walk all or part of these stages. The pilgrim’s route follows paths and the so-called’regietrazzere’ (ancient roads following Roman consular streets), as well as secondary roads connecting the Mediterranean coast in the south and the Tyrrhenian coastline in the north.

The trail passes through three of the nine Sicilian provinces of Agrigento Caltanissetta, and Palermo, and ends in Castronovo di Sicilia. This is halfway between Palermo & Agrigento. Here you can still witness the traditional ‘transhuman’ which is the migration of sheep & cows from highlands to lowlands.

The Magna Via passes through 13 towns offering traditional pilgrim hospitality at churches and hostels that are run by non-profit organizations. Or private accommodation where guests can experience a warm welcome from the locals at very affordable prices. Travelers have the option of traditional accommodation in bed and breakfasts or youth hostels. Pilgrims have the opportunity to enjoy authentic local cuisine and other specialties along their journey. The best time to plan the trip is between April and June or September-November when there is a pleasant, sunny climate.

The Magna Via is a pilgrimage that lives up its name. It has its own credential, or pilgrim’s passport, as well as its final certificate. Pilgrims who have this credential are granted special privileges at restaurants and hostels. To prove that they have walked a minimum of 100km, pilgrims keep stamps on their passports.

Keep the equipment of pilgrims as light as you can. Prepare yourself and follow the instructions of those who mapped the trail: bring a light backpack, curiosity, flexibility, and a spirit of adventure.

The Magna Via offers a unique experience that is not available on the usual touristic routes. It is open to everyone, tourists, hikers, and explorers of all ages, with one goal: To search for the inner self beyond the horizon.

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