How to Make a Day Trip from Venice to Verona

Why Take a Day Trip From Venice to Verona

It is possible to spend a whole year exploring all of Venice’s sites without becoming bored. It can get quite claustrophobic, especially in high season. A day trip to Venice is a great way to get out of the city, see new sights, and recharge your batteries. There are many great day trips to Venice, but we love Verona. The city has a rich history and unique cultural heritage (through William Shakespeare’s plays) as well as beautiful architecture. It is a must-see destination for lovers, history buffs, and culture enthusiasts alike. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to spend the day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage streets that were the setting for Romeo and Juliet, visiting one of Europe’s most vibrant café cultures, and admiring the Arena, which hosts operas every summer. Verona is a great base to explore Northern Italy. However, if you prefer the unique history and oriental influence of Venice, you can take a day trip from Venice and Verona. Here are the steps:

How to take a day trip from Venice to Verona

Although you can drive, it is faster and less stressful to take the direct train from Venice to Verona. The train from Venice to Verona is very cheap and runs frequently. It is because many Italians commute between these two cities. TrenItalia is an Italian public train service. You can see the exact timetables and prices for the trains. Depending on your speed, day and year, the cost of your trip could be anywhere between EUR8.00 and EUR23.00. There are three options when booking train tickets to Verona. The Regionale is the first. This is the slowest train and most expensive, taking around 2 hours to complete and costing approximately EUR9.00. The Regionale Veloce is the second, which is a fast regional train. The trip takes about 90 minutes and costs the same as the Regionale Veloce. Frecciabianca is the third fastest train. It is the only high-speed train that makes the trip between Venice and Verona. It takes about an hour to complete and costs around EUR23.00.

Book a train that doesn’t have any station changes. This will ensure you don’t miss your connections or lose time.

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