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Katy Clarke, a well-known travel blogger joins us. Katy Clarke’s websites Untold Italy, and Untold Moles are invaluable resources for anyone planning to travel to Italy. Her Facebook group Italy Tourism Planning has more than 30k members and is filled with honest, impartial advice and suggestions for everything you need to know about Italy travel. Another amazing resource Katy has added to her Italy travel collection is the Untold Italy podcast. Katy talks with Italy-lovers from all over the globe and gives detailed advice about Italy travel.

Katy explains why Brescia, in the Lombardy area, holds a special spot in her heart in this post.

Katy, you are now a trusted resource for all things Italy travel. What was it that first attracted you to this region of the globe?

Since I was a teenager, I have been traveling. Although my first trips were to Indonesia, the United States and Canada, I was drawn to Europe and Italy. High school was where Renaissance history was my favorite subject. It inspired a lot of daydreaming about Florence and Venice. It was amazing to discover that Italy was more than I could have imagined when I arrived at Lake Lugano, my first time visiting Italy. The history that I was passionate about came to life, and I fell in love the landscape, people, culture, and food and wine. Even after 30+ trips to Italy, I still find something new and inspiring every time.

What is the best thing about Italy?

Because it was the first place I ever visited in Italy, the Lombardy area is special to me. You will find beautiful lakes, mountains, charming towns, and a great food and wine culture. After my first visit to Lombardy, I was completely enchanted by Brescia. It’s a charming little city at the foothills the Alps. It’s also very close to Lake Garda. This lake is famous for its beautiful architecture, classic cars and delicious food and wine.

What should people know more about Brescia?

Brescia is only 45 minutes away from Milan by train, but it has a completely different vibe. People sit here and sip their aperitivo, while children play on the piazzas. Every Saturday, locals meet up to shop at the market and catch up with friends. They are surrounded with some of the most beautiful buildings that represent different architectural styles from Italian history. Local produce is the heart of the city’s gastronomic culture. This town has a wide variety of local pastas, cheeses, and lake fish dishes. Franciacorta, a sparkling wine from the province, is a must-try.

What’s your favorite thing to do?

It’s a great way to take a stroll through the city and see the many centuries of architecture. It’s like walking through the past. Some amazing Roman ruins, including an amphitheater or temple complex, are well preserved. The city’s castle, Duomo Vecchio, and Pallata tower are representative of the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, the Venetians have made their mark with Palazzo della Loggia (an impressive astronomical clock tower from the 16th century) and Palazzo della Loggia (a stunning Palazzo della Loggia).

The Duomo Nuovo, with its magnificent dome and altarpiece, is a must-see for Baroque splendour. Piazza Vittoria is home to some of the most impressive Fascist architecture from Italy since the 1930s.

What would you do if you only had 24 hours to spend in Brescia?

Enjoy your morning coffee at Piazza dilla Loggia, and take a look at the impressive town hall and astronomical clock. Then pop inside the Chiesa di San Faustino in Riposo close by. The small church, which is hidden behind the city walls, is loved by Brescians.

It’s time to explore Roman Brixia. It is home to the UNESCO-listed world heritage site Roman Brixia, which is among the most significant in northern Italy. The forum, Capitolium Temple, and 1st Century Amphitheatre are some of the most significant buildings in this area. Next admire Brescia’s twin duomos in Piazza Paolo VI. It is fascinating to see the contrast between the Baroque Duomo Nuovo and medieval Duomo Vecchio.

Brescia Roman Forum

You can enjoy beautiful views of the Piazza and the Alps from the castle after you have had lunch at one the many restaurants and bars located in the piazza. The castle complex also contains several museums.

Enjoy a local Pirlo cocktail before you go to dinner. The Brescian version is similar to an Aperol-spritz but prefers still wine to prosecco. Next, it’s time to go to dinner.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in Brescia.

I Du Dela Contrada offers fun and updated traditional Brescian dishes. You can’t order off the menu. You won’t be disappointed if you ask them to prepare your meal.

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I Du Dela Contrata

Are there any unusual or off-the-beaten track spots you would recommend people visit?

A visit to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia is a worthwhile experience if you are interested in cars. It displays memorabilia related to the classic car race, which begins and ends in Brescia every year. Salumeria Porteri is a great place to find gourmet souvenirs. They have been hand-picking the best cold cuts and cheeses for more than 150 years. You can vacuum pack Grana Padano locally for safe return home.

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Museo Mille Miglia

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