10 Best Beaches in Puglia Italy

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Puglia’s beaches can be adapted to any taste! Puglia offers everything you need to enjoy your holiday in beautiful locations or fully-equipped establishments. The region is home to white sandy beaches in the Ionian Sea and rocky beaches in the Adriatic Sea.

10 Best beaches in Puglia, Italy

Did you know you can enjoy two seasons in Salento? There are many beaches that you can choose from, including sandy or shallow ones to wild ones. Which beaches should you avoid? This list will show you the 10 most stunning beaches in Puglia.

1. Torre Lapillo

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The beach is beautiful with its soft, white sand and turquoise water. This paradise can be reached via a variety of wooden walkways connecting the town and the sea. This paradise is ideal for people who wish to unwind and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mexico. You can also find equipped facilities like Lido Pineta or Lido Canne.

2. Sant’Andrea’s Stacks

You will love wild beaches and unspoiled beaches. Just a few km from Otranto is Sant’Andrea, which is known for its unique stacks made from blue seawater. It is also possible to go diving here. Arco degli Innamorati, or “lover’s arch”, is the most well-known stack due to its spectacular view, especially at sunset.

3. Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto is a stretch of approximately 4 km of soft white dunes and the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Although it is easy to get to the beach, you will need to traverse a narrow strip of Mediterranean scrub.

The water is shallow and there is rarely any wind. Therefore, the sea is calm. This makes it an ideal beach for children in Puglia. You will find it very crowded so make sure you get there early to secure a spot.

4. Baia Verde – Green bay

Just 4 km south of Gallipoli is another beautiful beach in Puglia, Baia Verde (green Bay). The beach is made of golden sand and the water is clear and shallow.

You can also bathe in establishments that allow you to dance until dawn. Baia Verde is a popular destination for young people.

5. Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso, the bear’s tower, is a stunning location that is also known for its sustainability. This place is best known for its two stacks, also known by the Two Sisters. The water is crystal clear.

We recommend visiting Roca Vecchia just a few kilometers from Torre dell’Orso. Here, Grotta della Poesia has a natural swimming pool.

6. Baia delle Zagare

Baia delle Zagare lies behind two imposing cliff stacks which tower over the crystalline ocean. It is best to park your car at Vignanotica bay parking lot in order to get there.

You can reach the Gargano symbolism by one of two ways: via the resort with the same name, or along the main road. It is also possible to reach it by boat.

7. Baia Vignanotica

Baia Vignanotica, which is as spectacular as the Zagare’s, requires a little bit more effort. The path passes through the Mediterranean scrub. It leads to the magnificent white beach, which recalls the whiteness the cliffs surround it. It is a limestone-derived pebble beach.

8. Manaccora bay

It is located near the Grottone di Manaccora and offers stunning views of the coast. This natural cave, measuring 90m in length, was inhabited in the Bronze Age. Tourists will find free beaches as well as establishments. The beach is a golden sand beach and can get very crowded in peak season.

9. Cala Lama Monachile

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in Puglia because of its unique position. Cala Monachile can be found in the center of Polignano a Mare. This is a small, free beach that lies between two incredible rocky cliffs. The turquoise sea is clear. The bay is also home to a Roman bridge.

10. Pescoluse

Pescoluse beach, also known as the Maldives F Salento is well-known for its unique sunsets and beautiful landscape. This peach is paradise. Children can play in the sand and enjoy transparent water. Tourists can enjoy water sports and can relax. They can also party at the beaches.


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The 10 Best Beaches of Puglia Italy

Puglia is renowned for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. Tourists have the option to enjoy all sports on equipped beaches, or just relax in nature. What is your favourite beach in Puglia

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