10 Monasteries in Rome, Lazio and Lazio

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It has been a joy for me to visit an Italian monastery. I enjoy seeing religion in action, and getting lost in monasteries that once bustled and were noisy but are now peaceful as stones. Today I wanted to show you how ineffable serenity found at an Italian monastery is. It’s a strange thing to find inner peace. We don’t really know what it is until it is experienced.

Yes, city life is stressful. Most people will agree that inner peace is often found in quiet places like a monastery. This is a great place to find the pause you’re looking for.

10 Most Beautiful Monasteries in Rome, Lazio Region

The monasteries of Italy, with their solid and serene mountains as their backdrop, are the ideal destinations for all religions. The vibrant festoons, the sounds and chanting of the bells tinkling and the smells of fresh mountain air with a hint pine… All your senses will be attuned to the moment.

You can instantly feel at ease, and your mind will be free from all distractions. You can also find the best monastery stays in Rome. Many Italian monasteries now allow tourists to stay a few nights in tranquility. Here’s my list of 10 amazing monasteries in Rome or Lazio. Let’s be clear: all of them should be on your bucket list.

1. Casa Maria Immacolata, Monastery of Rome

Casa Maria Immacolata is the first Italian monastery you should visit in Rome. The church’s excellent display of Italian architecture is something to behold. Many churches in Rome have the same architecture. I love the illuminated fronts at night.

It is impossible not to admire the dome at the top of the church. If you want to unwind after a day of exploring Rome, the monastery has a place for you. If you are interested in deepening your spiritual and religious practices, the monastery offers places to stay. You can also spend quality time with family and friends.

2. Cliffside Monastery Italy: Monastero di San Benedetto in Subiaco, Lazio

One of Italy’s most impressive architectural wonders is located to the east of Rome among the Lazio mountain peaks. It is found in Subiaco in Lazio, the metropolis of Rome.

Italy, a cliffside monastery, is located in the curve of Mount Taleo’s rock wall. It is supported by nine arches that are partly ogival. Out of the ten monasteries listed, I prefer the Monastery of San Benedetto.

It is simply a cave in the cliffside, and is therefore known as a cliffside monastery Italy has. You will find beautiful sights from every corner. The stunning Benedictine monastery Rome is located in the rural countryside just outside of Subiaco. It still holds a unique place in the Western world’s history. It could not be! You’ll feel like you’re in another world when you only look outside.

3. Santa Scolastica Monastery

Santa Scholastica is the Monastery of St. Scholastica. St Anne is the church. The National Inventory of Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands lists the church and the Italian monastery in Rome. It is secluded and has plenty of greenery. As you may have guessed, I love anything to do with nature. From the stunning volcanoes in Italy to beautiful national parks.

The Cathedral of Santa Scolastica is located inside the monastery. The Cathedral overlooks Santa Scolastica’s second cloister, which is irregular in form. Because of the large 15th Century Gothic style arch, it is known as a gothic Cloister. However, the main attraction of the Monastery is its bell tower. It dates back to 1052-1053. The original spire was a pyramid-shaped, high-height spire. It was demolished in 17th century. The Monastery of Saint Scholastica, in Lazio, is a must-see. If you are a lover of history and religion, this monastery is a must-see.

4. Monastery of Rome: Capuchin Monastery Catacombs Rome

Capuchin Monastery Rome, also known as The Capuchin Crrypt, is a Roman monastery. It is a small area that contains several small chapels. It’s easy to find it: The crypt can be found underneath the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini church on Via Veneto. You can reach the crypt by taking the metro to Barberini station or walking a few steps.

Capuchin Monastery Rome’s display of Catacombs within the crypt is well-known. This place is also known as the “Bone Church of Rome” and it’s quite strange to wander down. It is made entirely of human bones, and represents the devotion of Capuchins towards the church. A little history: The Capuchins are a reformist Christian movement which was founded in the 1520s. You can see the Capuchin Monastery Catacombs Rome to understand how this movement required solitude, poverty and ultimate devotion. It is an eerie atmosphere that makes Rome a great place to visit.

5. Benedictine Monastery Rome: Sant Anselmo Monastery

San Anselmo Monastery Rome, also known as Sant Anselmo Monastery Rome, is home to several entities, including the Abbot Primate (Abbot Notker Wolf), the Pontifical Liturgical Institute and the Mabillion Institute. It also houses the College of the Theology and Philosophy.

The Pope begins Lent with prayer at San Anselmo Monastery Rome (Sant Anselmo Monastery Rome), before leading a procession of Benedictines and Dominicans to Santa Sabina for Sacrifice the Mass. It is not the most well-known monastery in Italy, but it has a lasting impact on Italian culture.

The Sant Anselmo complex is also known as the “Primatial Abbey” Sant Anselmo Monastery Rome. An order is available for prayer, Mass and study. The Abbey of Sant Anselmo, located on the Aventine hill, is the ideal Monastery accommodation in Rome. If you enjoy sunny views of the city, this is the place for you.

6. Italian Monastery: Fraterna Domus Rome

All the monasteries that I am describing today are the epitome peace and tranquility. There are also heavenly monastery stays Rome Italy that offer delicious food at a budget price and treat their guests like Christ is knocking at the door. One of these is Fraterna Domus.

This Roman monastery is a peaceful spot. You can even hold a conference in the center or pray in the chapel. Fraterna Domus Rome is located in the heart and soul of Rome. You can also stay in one of the monasteries of Rome if you wish to raise your Christian spirit for a few days. You can also enjoy traditional cuisines, and you can apply the Christian faith every day.

7. Best Monastery Stays Rome Italy: Casa Santo Spirito

A beautiful building is located near St. Peter’s Square, where the Franciscan Sisters live today. The spiritual space was first opened to the public 1885. It continues to honor the tradition of hospitality in Christianity. It is possible to take a look around and see how peaceful the surroundings are!

You’ve probably been to the Vatican before and know that St Peter’s Square is bustling with tourists. You can also spend a few days at Casa Santo Spirito, which is located just off the square. If you are looking for all hidden treasures within Rome, this is the ideal monastery stay.

8. Italian Monastery: Monasterio di San Gregorio al Celio

San Gregorio Magno al Celio (aka San Gregorio al Celio or simply San Gregorio) is a church in Rome, Italy. You already know that the fronts of the Rome churches look very similar. San Gregorio, however, is a little different because it is part a Benedictine monastery.

Once you have seen Palatine, Monasterio de San Gregorio al Celio is located on Caelian Hill. It is worth taking the time to admire its exterior architecture. Enjoy a beautiful example of Baroque architecture before you go inside.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the church is its main altar. You can see a Madonna with Sts Andrew and Gregory. There are also three oratories that are dedicated to St. Barbara and St. Silvia. The remains of Roman ruins at San Gregorio are, to be honest, my favorite thing.

9. Villino Noel: Casa per Ferie Suore Oblate dell’Assunzione

This monastery is quite different to everything I’m talking about today. If you are looking for a perfect Rome stay that combines peace and religion, this is the place for you. Villino Noel, which is just 10 minutes from St. Peter’s Square, and has excellent connections to all areas of Rome makes it the ideal spot to stay.

Villino Nuel Casa for Ferie Suore Oblate Dell’Assunzione is a beautiful place to send your prayers. If you are looking to reflect, contemplate, or participate in daily prayers, then enjoy a relaxing time with the sisters. It’s a moment of privilege in a special place, a kinda paradise on Earth.

10. Monastery Stays Rome Italy: Casa di Santa Brigida

Casa di Santa Brigida is last but not least. It is one of the oldest monasteries located in Rome. The monastery was founded in 1369 and is proud to be the first monastery of Order of SS. Savior of Saint Bridget. When you visit the monastery, you can offer a prayer to St. Bridget and learn more about the Order of St. Bridget.

Casa di Santa Brigida, as many other monasteries, also offers accommodation. Casa di Santa Brigida is a popular choice for travelers when they visit Rome. If you are looking for peace and history, it is the ideal Monastery stay Rome Italy.

Wrapping up Top 10 Monasteries in Rome, Lazio Region

It’s not a new idea to live in a monastery, convent or other religious institution. For centuries, monks and nuns offered refuge to tourists. Tourists on a budget or those who wish to spend the night in an historic building are more likely to visit. A monastery stay is synonymous with great food and a tranquil moment in stunning surroundings. Italians have a saying that says “Nobody eats better then a monk.”

Here are some other monasteries Rome Italy that you can visit if you want to explore more of the city’s monasteries. These monasteries are located close to the capital, but away from the crowds at Saint Peter’s Square. They include the Santuario Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Monastero San Vincenzo Martire, in Bassano Romano and the Abbazia di Santa Maria di Farfa, in Sabina.

These abodes of tranquility are a must-see. You will feel calmer and more relaxed after visiting one of these monasteries. They are truly the jewels of Italy. Don’t wait any longer and pack your bags and go into the land of serenity, ataraxy, and peace. If you want to explore more Italian culture, I recommend visiting Umbria’s oldest cities.

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