10 Things You Should Do in Capri

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All those who ask me how Capri is described, I respond by saying “Blue and Yellow”. The blue of the sea, and the yellow of lemons. Capri is more than a place of color. Capri is full of intense aromas and tastes that will remain a lasting memory. Let’s explore together the top 10 things to do in Capri Italy and fall in love this beautiful island in the Gulf.

10 Things to Do in Capri Italy

Capri is a must-see place if you are looking for places to visit on the Amalfi Coast. You will fall in love with this beautiful island. Amazing views, beautiful cliffs, luxurious houses, and white houses with flowers.

You can find accommodation in Capri by checking our article. We carefully considered multiple factors when compiling this list.


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1. Marina Grande beach

“Capri” is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Marina Grande will be your welcome on the island. In addition to the tourists who disembark from the ferry, there are boats that organize the tour around the island.

Marina Grande is often thought of as a transit area for Capri via the funicular and the famous Piazzetta. This area is home to the longest beach on Capri, which is almost completely free. You can also reach the Terme Di Tiberio by following a path that smells like lemons.

2. Faraglioni and Blue Grotto: Tour of the Island

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Capri than by boat. The tours depart from Marina Grande, as we mentioned. You can climb aboard a gozzo to be enchanted by the Blue Grotto. It is named after the amazing optical effect caused by sunlight that bounces off cave walls, making the water blue.

Take as many pictures as you can of the Faraglioni, three huge limestone stacks that rise from the sea. Enjoy the blue and green colors of the ocean off the coast of Punta Tragara and then take a refreshing dip in the pool.

3. La Piazzetta and… Shopping spree!

Take the Funicular from Marina Grande to reach the center. Everybody who visits Capri on a day trip from Naples must first visit the Piazzetta. You can meet celebrities and tourists wearing sandals and socks here. La Piazzetta is just delightful. Its mood completely changes when the last ferry departs the island at night.

Sit down at one of the tables at Caffe Vuotto and enjoy a refreshing lemongranita. You can also try panino con Caprese, which are bread buns filled with tomato, mozzarella, and basil leaves. They look just like the colors on the Italian flag. Be prepared to pay the bill! It will be more than average due to the exclusivity of this location.


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Sitting comfortably in the Piazzetta, you’ll notice that all the locals wear a white linen shirt and a pair handmade leather sandals. Capri’s fashion trends are both simple and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to indulge! Take a stroll through the narrow streets to discover the tiny boutiques around the Piazzetta.

Capri is the island that produces perfumes, as I said. The name Carthusia is what perfumes are called here. It’s a laboratory with an alembic. The island’s original scents are created by hand using local essences.

4. Parco Astarita & Villa Jovis

You can reach Parco Astarita easily from the Piazzetta. The park is approximately 150,000 square metres. You will feel like you are in a magical garden, surrounded by rocks, overlooking Capri’s sea. It is a wonderful place to take a stroll through the park.

It is breathtaking. The sea and sky merge into one soul. Only the coast between Sorrento und Amalfi separates them. You will feel like you are touching the Faraglioni, a majestic Faraglioni, in an atmosphere that smells of rosemary, heather and myrtle.

Villa Jovis is located just a short distance from the park. You will find that the island Capri has been enchanting visitors since antiquity. The island was home to 12 villas that Tiberius built in the 1st Century. This was the most luxurious.

It is an amazing experience to wander among the remains and cisterns of the baths. The views from there are breathtaking, as is the Salto di Tiberio, which juts out almost 300m above the sea. There is a possibility that the Emperor used to get rid of unwanted guests there.

5. Anacapri

You can leave the village of Capri to ascend to Anacapri, the highest point of the island. You can find Villa San Michele, home to the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe. In 1885, he arrived in Capri and built his home on the remains of an old chapel dedicated to St. Michael.

The Villa today is a museum that exhibits historical artifacts. It also boasts one the most beautiful gardens of Italy. It is breathtaking to see the entire Gulf of Naples from the enormous windows. Make a wish by touching the sphinx at the garden before you leave. Legend has it that the wish will come true.

6. Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro – Beautifully photographed by Peter Dean

You can reach Monte Solaro by chairlift from Anacapri in 15 minutes. Monte Solaro, at 589m above sea level is the highest point of Capri. Its terraces offer a stunning view of the Faraglioni, Capri village, and up to the Sorrento Peninsula, as well as the Gulf of Naples.

7. Punta Carena and Marina Piccola Beaches

Capri’s beaches

Campania has many beautiful beaches. Some of these can be found on Capri. Due to its beautiful view of the Faraglioni, the Marina Piccola and Marina Grande beaches are among the most visited on the island. It can get very crowded quickly.

It is important to note that the island does not have many beaches. There will be sand strips scattered with rocks or structures rising from the rocks to make sunbeds. The island also offers other attractions. It is not a great place to splash around in the blue waters.

If you don’t feel like you can live without the sea-and-sun formula then you can visit Lido del Faro, Punta Carena, and dive into the magic of Capri. This is my favorite beach. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable things to do in Capri.

8. Trekking: Sentiero dei Fortini

Are you looking for adventure? Sentiero dei Fortini is for the most experienced. This is a beautiful, but tiring route that runs from Punta Carena towards Punta dell’Arcera. It will lead you to one of the most breathtaking points on the island.

Three hours of hiking to get lost in the pine forest and follow narrow paths that overlook the sea. You will also discover stunning fjords on the coast. Get ready to experience one of the most memorable things in Capri.

9. Giardini di Augusto

View from Giardini Di August – Beautifully photographed by Juan Pablo Aparicio Vaquero

A late afternoon stroll in the Gardens of Augustus is one of the most romantic things you can do in Capri. It’s named after the many replicas of Greco Roman statues that grace it. Friedrich owned an enormous estate that included these gardens.

Alfred Krupp, a Capri resident in the early 20th-century, never finished his project. They are today one of the most visited public gardens on the island. It has terraces that offer spectacular views of Monte Solaro, Marina Piccola, and the Faraglioni. There is also the Via Krupp, which runs like a snake down towards Marina Piccola. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public.

10. Sunset in Capri

Tom Wachtel captured the Light House in stunning photographs

After taking a stroll through the Capri Philosophical Park, Anacapri’s Migliara countryside, enjoy dinner at Da Gelsomina restaurant while you watch the sunset. Enjoy an aperitif with ravioli capresi or pollo al matte (a traditional Italian chicken dish that is cooked in a wood-fired oven)

You will find the Maliblu Bar, a second viewpoint, near the Punta Carena Lighthouse. Here you can watch a stunning sunset while sipping on a glass of wine.

Capri is home to many activities…

Capri is just a short boat ride from Naples. Although you can easily visit the island within a day, I recommend spending at least 48 hours to truly appreciate its beauty. This is only a small taste of the many attractions Capri has to offer. There is more to Capri!

You will find stunning landscapes everywhere you go. There will be authentic food made with simple recipes at every corner. And you’ll always find friendly people welcoming you. Take your time, enjoy the island vibe and take it all in! Capri is certainly one of the most popular summer destinations in Italy.

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