10 Top Italian Songs of the 70s

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What are the greatest 70s Italian songs? The 70s were a kind of musical bridge between the rebellions of young people in the sixties and their lightheartedness in the eighties. This decade saw the rise of disco and punk music.

Here are 10 of the most popular Italian songs from the 1970s

We have compiled 10 of the most memorable 70s Italian songs. You can also see our list with the top Italian songs in the 2000s.

1. Il mio Canto Libero, Battisti

Lucio Battisti’s 1972 song “Il mio canto libero” (“My free song”) is one of his. It is about rediscovering love and passion in a world that suppresses people’s freedom and intensity.

This song is a classic in pop music and one of the most popular Italian songs. The song’s main themes are love and sentimental involvement. This is a passionate analysis.

2. Champagne


In December 1973, the song was a hit. Peppino di Cappri had no other options: 40 years ago, to “celebrate a loss” he could only order Champagne.

Although it is a love song the text refers to a single night of passion. He actually sang, “Champagne to toast a encounter with you who already belong to another.”

3. La mia banda suona il Rock

Ivano Fossati, one of the most sensitive and cultured songwriters in the Italian music scene, is Ivano Fossati. This 1979 song is an exaltation of music, a universal medium of communication that transcends borders and goes to places men can’t reach.

4. Piccolo Uomo

Mia Martini recorded “Piccolo Uomo”, a very popular song, in 1972. The Festivalbar’s ninth edition was won by “Piccolo Uomo”. Mia Martini won her first Gold Record with this song. It was later translated into German, Spanish, and French.

5. Samarcanda

Samarcanda was Roberto Vecchioni’s 1977 debut hit. Due to the violin and the refrain, which sings “oh…oh horse..oh! oh”, the song has a playful connotation.

The song isn’t a happy one. In fact, it’s one of the most misunderstood songs ever. This dramatic tale is about a soldier returning from war. The soldier spots a black woman among the cheering crowd. She is the personification for death.

6. Vedi Cara

Guccini wrote the song “Vedi cara” (See my dear), in 1970. It is about Guccini’s relationship with his girlfriend during the crisis. The artist fled Italy with his girlfriend and stayed in America for a few more months. He fell in love with Eloise Dunn in America and dedicated the song “100 Pennsylvania Ave.” Guccini’s relationship with his girlfriend was strained by this event.

It is a continuous meditation. The song does not contain a refrain. However, it has a verse that is repeated in five different parts of the piece. This verse expresses the core concept of the text. Guccini’s lack of communication with his girlfriend is evident: “See dear, It is difficult for me to explain / It is hard to understand / If I haven’t already understood.”

7. Il triangolo


Renato Zero’s 1978 song “Triangolo”, (triangle), is still in use. The song’s melody is catchy and the text has two meanings. It is about a relationship with a woman.

Surprised to learn that she isn’t the only singer, but there is actually another man. The song continues to refer to the couple’s willingness and ability to become a trio.

8. Gloria

“Gloria”, a 1979 love song, was originally written in Italian by Umberto Torzzi and GiancarloBigazzi. The song’s protagonist dreams of Gloria, an imaginary woman. He searches his entire life for Gloria until he meets her and falls in love with her.

9. Questo piccolo grande amore

Claudio Baglioni’s 1972 piece of music, “Questo Piccolo Grande Amore”, was immediately a hit. It is widely recognized as one the most popular Italian songs. “This little big Love” was the single that made the biggest sales in the history Italian discography.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a love story between two young men and the regret of the man who is too far from military service. The text was changed by the singer-songwriter. “Fear and desire for being naked” was replaced with “fear, the desire to be alone”.

10. Piazza grande

Lucio Dalla’s ballad is one of the most beloved songs from the Sanremo Festival and one of the greatest Italian songs of all time. The text is about the search for love, possibly set in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore.

In 1972, the song took fourth place at Sanremo. Poetry is an integral part Dalla’s texts. The nostalgic atmosphere underscores how important it is to use simple language. We also seem to be walking next to the artist, a wanderer looking for love.

Wrapping up the best Italian songs from the 70s

It is a history rich in charismatic personalities and great talent. It was a prosperous decade for Italian music in the 1970s. Numerous artists made huge hits and many songs were rediscovered by music fans. If you love music, you may enjoy learning the most popular Italian songs.

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