15 Best Italian Singers Today

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Are you searching for the top Italian singers? Although the Sanremo festival stars might not be included in the list, we added them to the list, as they are popular worldwide. Below are some of our favourite Italian female singers. It is possible that you won’t see some of these Italian artists at a concert because they are no longer touring.

15 Best Italian Singers Today

Below are the 15 most popular Italian singers. This list is completely based on what we like to listen to and our style. There is no ranking of these singers, although many are at the top.

Below are some of the most iconic Italian singers, icons and musicians like Andrea Bocelli. You will also find some of today’s greatest female singers such as Francesca Michelin. We tried not to focus on groups, but individuals. However, Il Volo, an Italian trio, is on our list.

1. Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is the most highly regarded Italian singer. The incredible voice of Andrea Bocelli, an Italian opera singer, is unmatched by any other singer today.

After being diagnosed with congenital blindness at the age of 12, he was born in 1958. He lost his sight after a soccer injury. He was a star among classic Italian singers due to his amazing talent in music.

His success as a cross-over performer helped bring classical music to the top international levels. Bocelli has released over 15 albums and nine operas since the start of his career. His name is well-known all over the globe. Andrea Bocelli is the father of three children. The youngest, however, is his second wife. These days, he performs concerts and shows either with Matteo Bocelli, his son, or with Virginia Bocelli, his daughter.

2. Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti, one of the most popular Italian singers, is still an icon. He was heard by everyone all over the globe, even though he hasn’t had a concert in the last few years. His popularity was greatest in the last 20 years.

Eros Ramazzotti was conceived in 1963. He is an Italian singer, songwriter, and musician. His unique voice makes it easy to listen to his songs over and again. The light pop style is really catchy.

He has recorded eleven albums, one EP and compilation albums since 1984. There have been 37 singles that have sold over 60 million copies in the last 30 years. Ramazotti is also known for his duets. Some of his most well-known are with Tina Turner and Andrea Bocelli. He has also done duets with Ricky Martin and Nicole Scherzinger. If you are looking for male Italian singers, Bocelli and Ramazzotti should be your first choice!

3. Il Volo

It’s impossible to compile a complete list of singers without including these Italian opera singers, the Italian trio vocalists, and the Il Volo. They were only 14-16 years old when the trio began their careers together and had great success with their album O Sole Mio. They are now between 27 and 29 years old and have won the hearts of many with their amazing voices and opera-inspired songs over the past decade.

Piero Barone (baritone), Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Buscetto are the three singers. Both are tenors who have very distinctive voices that blend together perfectly. Il Volo was famous for their 2015 Festival of Sanremo win against Nek.

Il Volo represented Italy at Eurovision Festival, where they came in 3rd place. They became famous with their song Grande Amore and most of their concerts and tours are outside of Italy. They have released more albums since 2015 and continue to sing together, even though, as you can see on their Social Media, they’re often on different continents lately.

4. Michele Morrone

You’re familiar with Michele Morrone if you’ve seen 365 Days. This is a relatively new name on the list of world’s most famous actors and singers. Michele Morrone, an Italian actor, model and singer, was born in 1990. He also owns his fashion label.

The Aurumroma is his swimwear and lingerie brands. He is currently one of the most well-known Italian singers on an international scale, as his songs have been used as soundtracks in many successful movies.

Michele Morrone is one of our favorite musicians for a few reasons. We love guitar and his music is a great example of that. He has a beautiful voice, his songs are compelling and compelling and can even be enchanting at times. This brings out emotions we would rather keep secret.

5. Nek

We’ve already mentioned that there are some pop singers from Italy who have stopped performing and retiring. Filippo Neviani is the male singer of Italy, his artist name is Nek.

Born in 1972, he achieved his first international success at the Sanremo Festival in 1997. It was at this time that his song Laura Non C’e became popular in Italy as well as internationally. This was the first Nek song that I heard in 2015!

He released multiple albums and was well-known in Europe and Latin America, as he also recorded his music in Spanish. In 2015, he participated again at Sanremo with Fatti Avanti Amore, which earned him second place behind Il Volo.

6. Francesca Michelin

Francesca Michelin, one of the most prominent female Italian singers, is my opinion. Francesca, a young singer, was born in 1995. She’s a huge favorite all over the country.

Although we were unsure which song to include in this article, Francesca Michelin has decided that Chiamami per Nome is her best song. She sang it with Fedez at Sanremo 2021. They came second last year with this song.

Francesca Michelin was made famous when she won the fifth season of the Italian X-Factor. Her song Distratto was certified double platinum shortly after. There were many singles and albums that she had released, all of which received high certifications. Francesca Michelin is definitely someone to be proud of!

7. Zucchero Fornaciari

Another big name is Zucchero Fornaciari. Adelmo, his real name, was born in 1955. Zucchero is an artist, songwriter, musician, and singer. His catchy style is inspired by blues and rock music as well as soul and other styles.

Zucchero is also known as the father and mother of the Italian blues. Zucchero is an international blues musician and one of the most famous Italian singers. He was nominated for the Grammy during his long career, which included many other awards. Most of you will recognize the linked song!

8. Annalisa

Annalisa is a great choice if you’re looking for pop singers from Italy. Although she’s not one of the most well-known singers in Italy, Annalisa is a popular choice. Her first appearance was in a movie set in Italy, Tuscan Wedding.

Annalisa was awarded many awards, including the World Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards. She has 6 albums and 25 singles. 8 Platinum discs and 10 golden discs are hers. Although she was at Sanremo Music Festival several times, her best result was unfortunately 3rd.

9. Fedez

Fedez is at the 9th spot. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to favourite anyone. Fedez is one of the most notable Italian rap artists. Fedez is also a master of humor, which can be seen on Instagram by those who speak Italian. Fedez was born in 1989. His real name is Federico Leonardo Lucia.

A rapper from Italy who doesn’t just rap about the problems of the country but engages and judges politicians and other organizations that don’t follow the honest and open line. I tried to make this as simple as possible. He was my first discovery in 2015.

There were many hits over the years. The Mille was his latest summer hit in 2021. Fedez has five albums and 24 top ten singles. He also received more than 50 Platinum Disks. Fedez has been married to Chiara Ferragna, a well-known influencer and businesswoman. Both have their own brands.

10. Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini is the number one Italian female singer. Laura Pausini was conceived in 1974. After winning the 1993 Sanremo section, she became a celebrity. It was also an Italian and international top-hit.

She sold more than three million copies in her first two years and her most popular hits are well-known by all who were born during the 1990s. Laura Pausini has also recorded a song called Vivo per Lei with Andrea Bocelli. Laura has recorded more than 12 albums and won an amazing number of awards during her career.

11. Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amos is another highlight among Italian female singers and one of my favorites when it comes down to happy music. In 1986, she was born. At the start of her career, Alessandra Amoros won the Amici di Maria de Filippi talent show in Italy. She sold more than 2.5 million records since then, with all 7 of her albums reaching the top of the Italian album charts.

Alessandra Amoros won many awards, including MTV’s Wind Music Awards and MTV World Music Awards. Her positive energy and music make her stand out. Her voice is just as amazing! Vivere a Colori, Comunque Andare are two of her most joyful and beautiful songs.

12. Vasco Rossi

Vasco Rossi, one of the most famous Italian singers, was born in 1952. Vasco Rossi has published over 250 songs and 30 albums during his career.

You’ll feel the true Vasco Rossi vibe if you listen to the song above. Vasco Rossi is the most well-known Italian singer, having sold more than 35 million records. Vasco Rossi is an Italian singer that’s loved and known by many.

13. Maneskin

Look beyond the famous Italian singers. There’s an Italian band that is now well-known in 2021. Maneskin, an Italian rock band, was formed in Rome in 2016. The band includes Damiano David, a singer, Thomas Raggi, the guitarist, Victoria de Angelis, the bassist, and Ethon Torchio, the drummer.

The Maneskin’s Zitti e Buoni, their most popular song, won the Sanremo Music Festival 2021. Maneskin has released two studio albums and many singles, which are not only in the top 10 of the Italian but also European charts. They are especially popular since they started singing in English and participated in Eurovision. Already, Maneskin has sold over 4,000,000 records.

14. Baby K

Baby K is a great choice if you’re looking for pop singers from Italy. Claudia Judith Nahum is her real name and she was born in 1983. Baby K was famous for her summer hits like Roma-Bangkok, with Giusy Ferreri and Killer, with Tiziano Ferro.

These were two of my favorite songs. Non mi basta Piu was one of her best-known summer hits. Baby K sold more than 1 million copies and was awarded a diamond certificate. She also won an MTV Italian Music Award, as well as other important awards and prizes. She is the queen of summer songs.

15. Giusy Ferreri

The list will be closed with the most distinctive Italian female singer. We’ve heard many people say that Giusy Ferreri is not their favorite singer, but others love her voice. Giusy Ferreri, an Italian singer, was born in 1979. She became well-known after she attended the X Factor.

Later, Giusy topped 5 times the Italian Singles Chart with top hits like Non ti Scordar Mai di me or the song with Baby K that was a huge hit all over Europe: Roma Bangkok. Her exceptional voice, 5 albums and some of her greatest hits sold more than 2.5 million copies around the world.

Here are the 15 most influential Italian singers today.

You can see that our list of famous Italian singers and opera singers is very colorful. There are many options, from classics to new stars, rock, blues and pop, to rap and everything in-between. We are sorry we missed so many talented Italian singers. We wanted to include our 15 favorite songs, as we mentioned. You can also check out our other lists of the best Italian songs and the best Italian DJs.

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