10 Trevi Fountain Facts

1. The building – Where’s the Trevi Fountain?

The location is our first fact about the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is free and open to all. It is a stunning outdoor masterpiece that you can enjoy. It is just minutes from the Pantheon, the Altare Della Patria. It is therefore extremely central. It was built in Quirinale, an area that used to be a Roman water source.

It is fascinating to note that the entire Trevi Fountain is made up of travertine stones. Travertine stone is a Latin term that means “from the Tiber”. The stone, which was made of calcium carbonate, was likely sourced from hot spring water from nearby Tivoli. You can find the Trevi fountain entrance fee here. The Trevi Fountain is free to view!

2. Trevi Fountain’s history

History is key when it comes to facts about Trevi Fountain. Unfamiliar fact: The Trevi Fountain Italy is the result of a contest. Pope Clemens XII started a contest to find a fountain for the heart of Rome. The contest attracted many prominent architects of the time. The winner was Nicola Salvi. It took thirty years to design and construct the new fountain, which was completed in 1732-1762.

The entire construction was overseen by several people, beginning with Salvi. Pietro Bracci (a sculptor) took over the construction until his death in 1751. Since its construction in the 1700s, the Trevi Fountain has remained in perfect condition. Its intricate details and baroque design make it a symbol of Roman art.

3. Horses

The fountain’s design does not end with its beautiful forms and clear water. There are many sculptures that are stunning and each one has a meaning. The scene shows Oceanus at the center and one at the bottom.

You can see statues depicting Abundance or Salubrity on each side. You can then see two sea horses drawn by a Triton, who rests in a shell-shaped cart. One of the horses represents the changing sea. The other is calm and unrested. Let’s continue with some Trevi Fountain facts.

4. Trevi Fountain coins

How do you make a wish at Trevi Fountain? Trevi Fountain 3 wishes are definitely one of our favorite facts about the Trevi Fountain. It is possible to wonder why the bottom of it is full of coins as you pass by. There are many people from all walks of the globe who visit the fountain tossingĀ a coin there. How do you make a wish at Trevi Fountain?

The legend states that you can safely return to Rome by throwing a coin over your left shoulder using your right hand. A second coin is used to show love for the Eternal City. The third coin is for a Roman wedding. More concretely, all coins that are thrown in the Trevi Fountain Rome tossing fountain go to charity Caritas.

The charity’s money is used to fund humanitarian projects around the world, including food and social programs. These are the Trevi Fountain’s 3 wishes. Let’s get on with it! The Trevi Fountain’s next fun fact is here!

5. The Palazzo Poli

The Palazzo Poli is one of the most surprising facts about the Trevi Fountain. Did you know that the fountain is actually a facade to a massive palace? The fountain actually serves as a facade to the palace that houses today the Istituto National per la Grafica (National Institute for Graphic Design).

The Italian heritage is protected by the Institute through photographs, drawings, prints, and other media. You will also find the Palazzo Poli collection, which includes copper engraving plates dating back to the 16th century. Here are some fun facts about Trevi Fountain.

6. The water

The Trevi Fountain Rome is located on an ancient Roman water supply. Because of its open piazza surround, it’s possible to heat the water’s sound from far away. Two ancient aqueducts, which are no longer in operation today, meet at the fountain. They were named Acqua Virgo & Acqua Vergine and were constructed in 19 BC.

One of the most interesting facts about Fountain Trevi is that the aqueducts are named after a young, beautiful Virgin who led soldiers to a water source that was once set in the exact same spot. Let’s look at the 3 last fun facts about Trevi Fountain.

7. Rome nighttime Trevi Fountain

Nighttime is another great time to visit the Trevi Fountain. The famous fountain is less crowded at night, which brings out another aspect. The light and shadow play comes alive, the water is still as bright as ever. It is hard to decide if the Trevi Fountain should be used at night or day.

It’s just amazing in both directions! It is also spectacular at night when the crowds have gone. The lights reflect through the Trevi Fountain’s blue water, making it an unforgettable experience. Take a stroll at night and stop by the Trevi Fountain.

8. Rome restaurants near Trevi Fountain

Italian restaurants close to Trevi Fountain. There are many places to eat near Trevi Fountain. We have a tip for you if you’re looking for the best pasta in Rome. There are many places that will satisfy your Italian food cravings near Trevi Fountain Italy.

L’Antico Forno di Fontana di Trevi is our first choice. It boasts a Google rating of 4.5. You will be amazed at the cappuccino or cornetti they offer – rich, creamy, and delicious. You can also enjoy the most memorable breakfast in Rome with stunning views of the Trevi Fountain Rome.

Trevi Pizza is a popular spot for lunch or dinner. It has a great Google rating of 4.4. The view of the fountain is open from the terrace of the pizzeria. This is the place to go if you’re looking for pasta.

9. These are the best gelaterias close to Trevi Fountain

This is one of our favorite fun facts about Trevi Fountain. It’s more about where to get the best gelato close to Trevi fountain. But hey… Gelato Rome is unmissable!

Gelaterie near the Trevi Fountain allows for a cherry-on-top-of-the-cake kind of moment. Gelateria Della palma is a great place to stop while you’re on a stroll. This aesthetic gelateria offers over 150 flavors. We are certain you will love it.

Venchi makes the best ice creams. You will feel like a child when you see the chocolate fountains bursting with creamy, smooth chocolate.

10. These are the top hotels near Trevi Fountain

Is there a Trevi Fountain nearby? Another one of the Trevi Fountain Facts! It is located in the center of the city. It is centrally located, making it a great place to stay. Many of the hotels are located in this area and offer a rustic Italian elegance only a few meters away.

Casatrevi is located in one of the most picturesque and safest districts. It is only 400m from the Quirinale Palace. Also known as the Presidential Palace. Maison Tritone will put you in the middle of everything. You can also enjoy Quirinal Hill and the Spanish Steps nearby.

Wellness Home Rome is a great option for a relaxed stay. It has a shared lounge and Wi-Fi access, just 550m from the Trevi Fountain Rome. If you love beautiful surroundings, then Excellent Trinity Rooms is the right choice. Via Condotti and Via Margutta are all located just meters from Trevi Fountain Italy.

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