10 Best Italian Swimwear Brands

It’s the perfect time to shop for the best Italian bikini brands. No matter if you’re planning to spend some time at the beach in Italy or elsewhere, your starter kit will include sunscreen, a mojito and beachwear. The perfect bikini.

We gathered the top Italian bikini brands to help you find some truly outstanding labels. You will love to know more about these luxury and affordable swimwear brands, from the simple one-piece to the extravagant two-piece.

Don’t think we have forgotten about gentlemen. The brands below also consider male customers. Many of these companies also make swimwear for men.

10 Best Italian Bikini Brands

These 10 top Italian bikini brands will allow you to enjoy the best of Italian bikinis on the beach. Be amazed at the brand’s personality, the colors, and the quality of the tailoring. These Italian swimwear brands will help you find the right bathing suit for your summer style. The following brands qualify also as some of the top Italian fashion brand. However, many of them also offer lingerie and other clothing options. Let’s now look at some of the luxury and affordable Italian swimwear brands.

1. Ack – Italian Bikini brands idea

Ack takes care of every detail that makes a brand great. The items are made in Italy and 100 percent ethically manufactured. This creates jobs and supports the country’s economy.

It is one of the most popular Italian bikini brands. We love that the designs aren’t considered beautiful by themselves, but they are meant to elevate the people who wear them.

Ack is different from other Italian swimwear brands because it promotes diversity and the idea of being both unique and connected. Ack is an ethical brand that will make you love its youthful designs.

2. Michele Morrone – Aurumroma

This brand is for confident, self-assured women who are looking to express their beauty through their clothes. Aurumroma was created by Michele Morrone, actor and singer, and Chiara Pollano, designer. You will find beautiful, elegant beachwear and lingerie from them.

Aurumroma’s pieces are elegant, sophisticated and elegant thanks to a combination of clothing inspiration from ancient Rome and mythical Rome. Each piece tells a story and demonstrates a sophisticated style.

3. Calzedonia

Calzedonia is the most well-known and largest Italian bikini brand. Calzedonia Italian beachwear has to be a must-have item for any young woman in Italy. Calzedonia bikinis are a must-have for every woman who visits Italy during summer.

From New York to Tokyo, the brand is represented in more than 50 countries. You can see why the bikini and swimwear collections are so popular in Italy every year. Calzedonia is also very popular for tights and loungewear. They also own Intimissimi, one of Italy’s most beloved lingerie brands.

4. Grimaldi Mare

Grimaldi Mare is also on the list of top Italian bikini brands. This brand’s swimsuits will make you shine on the warm sandy beaches. You can choose between bright colors or elegant nude colors to find the right balance for your heart.

You can be sure to remember that Grimaldi Mare’s collections are updated every season, so summer will last all year! Grimaldi Mare is our favourite Italian swimsuit brand in terms of design and price.

5. Lido

Lido is another Italian brand of bikinis you should check out. Lido has simple, beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. You will find beautiful bikinis and swimwear pieces in both 1- and 2-piece sizes. This swimwear brand is my favorite. It offers a wide range of swimwear that can be worn by women of all ages.

You will find the right swimwear for you at Lido, no matter what kind of swimwear it is. The name of the brand comes from the Venetian lagoon island, where it was actually founded in 2017. Their swimwear is a bold mix of contemporary and classic styles. They are made in Northern Italy by Italian artisans. The garments are made from super-fast drying fabrics that ensure they stay dry and look great.

6. Missoni Mare

Missoni Mare is one of the most renowned swimwear brands in Italy. The Maison is feminine and sensual. You can trust the Maison’s vibrant colors and unique patterns to perfectly complement any summer event. Missoni Mare swimwear brand is a luxury Italian swimwear brand you will love.

This brand is nothing to be envied by other top Italian swimwear brands. It was founded in 1953 by Rosita Missoni and Ottavio Mizoni. It is well-known for its distinctive zig-zag design. The Maison Missoni Mare is a luxury swimwear brand that focuses on thoughtful details and finishes.

7. Sundalia – Best Italian Bikini Brands

Sundalia is the place to go if you ever wanted to be that woman at the beach. Sundalia is one of the top Italian swimwear brands.

The bikinis they wear reflect both the heritage of a country rich in history and the elegance of a city. Sundalia is the place to be for women who are looking for higher standards. Why not? You can’t go wrong with this swimsuit brand!

8. Tezenis

Tezenis, considered the sister brand of Calzedonia is also one of the top 10 Italian swimwear brands. You will find the most fashionable underwear, swimwear and casual clothing for every season, for both men and women.

Their Instagram account is the best proof they can provide of their ability to deliver on what customers need: cheap prices, young collections, holidays in the sun all year, and youthful looks!

9. Panarea Couture – Best Italian Bikini Brands

Panarea Couture will match the style of a stylish traveler and is a part of the best Italian swimwear brands. They are unique in their designs and reflect the individuality of their customers.

They have the perfect stock for you, from the beaches of Cote d’Azur and the palm trees in Sicily. The Maison of Panarea Couture was included in our list of top Italian bikini brands. It is hard to ignore the elegance of their details, and the luxury of their swimsuits that are versatile enough to be worn in cities.

10. Parah

Parah is a top-rated Italian bikini brand that offers swimsuits for both men and women. It’s a challenge to choose from the many handcrafted designs.

Parah has a range of plus-size bras, adjustable straps and panties that you can purchase. Parah, which offers beach clothes for men, is one of our favourite Italian swimwear brands. We love the brand’s unique, edgy designs and the bohemian vibe.

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