10 Best Italian Pasta Bowls

10 Best Italian Pasta Bowls

The Rocco Deruta is another form of Deruta. This name is used for many pasta bowls made in Italy. They all come with similar patterns and colors. These are the top brands that sell authentic Italian pottery. Umbria and Puglia are the best regions for ceramics production.

If you are looking to buy dinnerware sets now is the right time. You will not find the same delicious pasta in another bowl. These 10 pasta brands will make your Italian pasta bowl taste amazing!

1. Biordi

Biordi is the first name on our list for Italian pasta bowls. Emilio Biordi was an Italian native who founded the brand in 1946. His first products were Italian Handicrafts Products, such as pasta machines, ravioli cutters, and rolling pins. He also produced Italian ceramic pasta bowls with all the pasta machines.

There are many pasta bowls in Italy available on Biordi’s website. There are many options available: Ricco Deruta pasta bowls, Raffaellesco pasta dishes, Ricco Deruta pasta dishes, Siena Pasta Bowls, and many more. Ricco Deruta is a part of the most sought-after pattern in classic Italian dinnerwear.

Ricco Deruta Wide Rim pasta dish is an example. It has been hand-painted with vibrant flowers at the rim. It is a “distinctive Maiolica treasure-heirloom”. Biordi’s Antico Deruta Pasta/soup set is a great option if you are looking for pasta bowl sets that were made in Italy. These bowls have a beautiful blue pattern on a white background.

2. Deruta Italy

Deruta Italy, like Biordi is a major brand for Italian dinnerwear. MOD stands for Maioliche Original Deruta. The brand was founded by Delia and Antonio in 1963. Antonio and Delia have been together for almost 70 years. What was once a small workshop called “ceramiche Delia” is now a large company called MOD.

You will find a wide range of Italian ceramic pasta bowls in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose from a variety of Italian ceramic pasta bowls such as Peacock Decorations, Italian Ceramics, and Ricco Deruta.

Alcantara Ceramics is my favorite Italian pasta bowl set. These bowls are decorated in the traditional Italian lemon and leave style. The yellow rim surrounds the lemon painting. Inside, there is a blue circle. The Peacock Decoration is a more vibrant option. Antonio and Delia, along with their families, still take care of the factory and produce these gorgeous pieces.

3. Villa d’Este Home Tivoli

Another exciting brand worth talking about is this. Villa d’Este Home Tivoli, one of the Galileo Spa brands, is a producer of tableware. You can buy Italian pasta bowl sets from them. The brand was established in 1996. It began with a pencil mark on a piece of paper.

These sets are carefully selected by the designers and will look great in your kitchen. Villa d’Este Home Tivoli has some stunning pieces. The Le Maioliche table set includes 18 pieces in both stoneware and porcelain. This set contains 6 plates made from pasta bowls that were handmade in Italy. Their design is simply stunning.

Another set that will inspire you to make Italian food is the Sicily porcelain and stoneware plates. It doesn’t have a 5-piece Italian pasta bowl set but it does contain 6 plates that can be used for soup and pasta. They are emblematic of Sicilian art and the accent colors are yellow and blue. Simply stunning!

4. Nuova Coli

Nuova Coli, a family-owned company passed down from fathers to sons, is best known for its ceramics and Terracotta. The Coli ceramics tradition began in Cutrofiano in 1650. Everything was simple back then, the land was beautiful, and people were learning how to create stunning pieces. You can find them in dishes, plates and fruit plates.

While a lot has happened over the last hundreds of years, true craftsmanship is still the same. However, there are many modern technologies that have made it possible to do so. You can download their catalog to view the products and then contact them. You can choose from a range of hand-painted Italian pastbows, including any color you like, such as green, orange, blue or pink. These are available in the Nuova Coli General Catalog.

You’ll also find Italian-style pasta serving bowls in larger sizes and traditional colors. All of these are hand-painted and made in the factories. The ceramics and Terracotta are stunning and you can see the work involved in making them.

5. La Table

La Table makes stunning rustic Italian pasta bowls. Let’s take a look at La Table. Ceramics is their passion. They live in Civita Castellana, an area where ceramics are well-known. La Table has been making tableware for more than 15 years. All pasta bowls made in Italy are made only of materials that were produced in this area.

Two places can you get your made-in-Italy pasta bowl. The other is at the dishes and services. You can usually purchase 18-piece sets. You can choose from Deruta decor or flowers, sunflowers or fruit decorations. Each 18-piece Deruta set has been handcrafted. It is traditional and will give you the pasta bowls of your dreams from Italy.

6. Modigliani

Modigliani is a gorgeous brand that makes pasta bowls from Italy. Modigliani also offers rustic Italian pasta bowls. The brand is a classic of Italian tradition and has been around for more than 150 years. The families opened a small shop in Rome in order to sell handmade items to the residents. It is located right in the middle of Rome.

Modigliani offers a variety of collections, including a pasta bowl made in Italy. You can choose from the Mediterraneo or Panarea collections, Porto Venere, Amalfi, and Panarea. The Amalfi collection, for example, is breathtaking. Description of plates and bowls reads: “Lemons grown on the Amalfi Coast terraced groves with flowing blue detail on creamy white background.”

An interesting story is also told about the Mosaica collection. The “patterns found in mosaics in Vatican City” inspired them. The colorful Mosaica plates, and bowls, are available in two colors: yellow or blue with orange accents. These Modigliani pieces will transform your kitchen!

7. Casa Amalfi

Casa Amalfi is the stuff of dreams. The brand makes everything, from candles and soaps to homeware, with beautiful products. These include pasta bowls made from Italian pasta. The stunning Amalfi Coast is their inspiration. Casa Amalfi is proud to offer handmade products.

Simonetta and Ivan founded the brand with the intention of offering luxury products inspired by nature. The Yellow Pulcino Bowl is a vibrant and colorful Italian pasta bowl. You can buy 5 pieces of the Yellow Pulcino Bowl individually, even though it is not a 5-piece Italian pasta bowl set.

Other plates are available in blue, lobster, striped, or other colorful designs. These large oval plates make great pasta bowl sets. Casa Amalfi has 6 plate sets for those who need more plates to share with guests. These plates are unbeatable.

8. Ceramiche d’art Parrini

We are nearing the end of our Italian pasta-bowls brands so we decided to bring Ceramiche d’art Parrini to the table. They make Italian ceramic pasta bowls. They are originally from Florence, and started making ceramics in 1979. All of the items on the website are handmade. Ceramiche d’Art Parrini takes craftsmanship very seriously.

Made-in-Italy products are a passion of theirs so the quality is always exceptional. The website allows you to search for past bowls made in Italy and browse the products by type or collection. There are many pieces of pasta bowls that you can find in the plates section. These bowls may have different shapes and sizes, but they are all the same.

You can choose from bowls with fruits or those that are typical of Chianti. Ceramiche d’Art Parrini also offers other pasta bowls in Italy. These pasta bowls are hand-painted with leaves, lemons, and flowers on white or blue backgrounds. If you’ve always wanted an Italian-inspired kitchen, you can purchase dinner sets from them.

9. Emporio Zani

The next pasta bowl brand is made in Italy and features unique patterns for its dinnerwear sets. The brand’s products are truly amazing, even though there isn’t much information. You can choose from many different patterns and collections.

They are 100% Melamina and dishwasher-safe. Choose an Amalfi Italian pasta bowl. We’ll only be looking at the Amalfi collection, even though they also have collections from other cities.

This oval serving bowl features typical Amalfi coast decorations. The bowl has yellow accent colors and lemon in its middle. This collection also includes an Italian pasta serving bowl in the same pattern and a soup plate consisting of two bowls. These items are available on multiple sites and sold by Serafino Zani (a brand that makes kitchen and table utensils).

10. Virginia Casa

Virginia Casa, a well-known brand with more than 50 years of experience in Italy, is Virginia Casa. They were established in Tuscany in 1971. Virginia Casa makes handcrafted products to furnish your home and tables. They also have beautiful sets of Italian pasta bowls. You will be happy to know that their collections include Agrumi and Infinito as well as Safari and Tavolozza.

Agrumi is a collection that offers more vibrant tableware. However, it is available in white, green, and orange colors. These are some of the best pasta bowls in Italy. The bowls can be mixed and matched to suit your personal taste and decor.

Tavolozza is one of the most vibrant, but they also come in a white version. You can choose from a variety of cups, plates, jars, and bowls. You can find Virginia Casa Bowls in a variety of sizes and shapes. The soup plates are best for making delicious pasta. Your pasta bowl from Italy will be filled with delicious dishes that will impress your guests.

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