15 Best Places to Visit in Campania, Italy

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We are continuing our exploration of the top places to visit in Italy during summer. It can be done in a short or long trip, beginning with one of the region of Southern Italy. This is a fascinating region. It boasts the most beautiful beaches, rich art, history, and the best food. Let’s discover the best 15 places to visit in Campania (Italy). What is Campania, Italy like?

The main attraction of Southern Italy is the sea. The stunning colors of the sea, surrounded by long coastlines, hidden beaches, caves and bays, create unique scenes for everyone who visits the region.

You will also be surrounded with olive, citrus, and vines. There will be many fascinating places and joyful activities. But most importantly, you will be far from your everyday surroundings.

15 Best Places to Visit in Campania, Italy

We are now in Campania, Southern Italy. This charming region will amaze any traveler who begins his exploration. Five provinces make up Campania: Salerno (Caserta), Benevento, Avelino and Naples.


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As Campania, Italy is a region of 15 top places to visit, we have made a list. You can also organize day trips from Naples to each. You can also create an itinerary for the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy!

1. The Ruins Of Pompeii – This is the first of 15 top places to see in Campania, Italy.

Let’s begin with some history. The Roman city of Pompeii is our first selection. Pompei, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a truly unique experience. It was the city that experienced the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, which reshaped almost all it had. It is important to request a guided tour of the city during your visit. This will allow you to understand the entire city and enable you to see all of its parts.

It can be seen as total immersion in the past, since you’ll see the exact ancient Roman homes and monumental structures.

2. Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei is the best option for archeologists. It was formed by two volcanic eruptions: the Campanian Ignimbrite and the Neapolitan Tuf. The Campi Flegrei Regional Park consists of craters and lakes, as well as water springs and thermal vapors. Volcanic activity is still intense.

The Flavian Neronian Amphiteatre and the temple of Serapis are the most sought-after archeological sites of Campi Flegrei. This place is more than just archeology. It is also a beautiful example of nature and sea.

3. Vesuvius National Park

The Whole Vesuvius national park is a must-see for anyone searching for unicity. Every year, tourists from all over the globe climb Mount Vesuvius to reach the crater and marvel at its depths. The Park has many farms and wineries, which gives it a fascinating insight into Italy.

The volcano is located in the middle, and the Vesuvian observatory, which is the oldest volcanological observatory worldwide, can be seen at the top.

4. Royal Palace of Caserta

You can easily reach Naples from Naples to take a one-day tour to the stunning Royal Palace of Caserta. Beautiful, clean lawns will welcome you. The most important thing to know is that this palace is the first example of neoclassical architecture. It is also the largest palace in all of the world.

It’s a true architecture, with precious art, sculptures and reliefs. There are four courtyards and more than 30 stairs. It also has an amazing number of 1200 rooms. The famous Grand Staircase, which is a 116-step staircase, is surrounded by one of the large parks. This place is perfect for romantics who enjoy cycling through the beautiful gardens.

5. Sorrento

We are now at Sorrento, our next destination. This is a popular spot for summer vacations, both in ancient Greece and Rome, and still today. You will find a charming atmosphere, a pleasant climate, friendly vibes and charming streets if you’re looking for a rustic ambiance. One of the best places in Campania to visit is Sorrento. It’s a great place to start exploring the region. You will find a wide range of bars, restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment options. There are also historical ruins like the Temple of Venus.

For foodies, Sorento is the perfect place to find Italian delights. You can enjoy a variety of fish dishes, pastas, pizzas, and desserts. The Mediterranean sea, sun, a variety of activities and amazing spots to explore will all be available in one location.

6. Capua – A great place to visit in Campania for its amazing Ancient Roman history

We are here with Capua which was once the capital of the Campania region. Capua, a small town with the Volturno River, is the best spot for anyone interested in architecture, monuments, museums, and churches. It is a small, quiet city located about 30km from Naples. This makes it easy to visit Ancient Roman ruins for just one day.

Ponte Romano is the main attraction. It was rebuilt following the Second World War and has retained its historic characteristics. You should also visit the Piazza of Judges and the Amphitheatre of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, which is second after the Colosseum. This was the site of the first gladiator’s school. You’ll be able to see a complete package of important historical sights in Italy.

7. Ravello

Ravello, often called the Amalfi Coast’s hidden treasure, is undoubtedly one of the best places in Campania, Italy. It is rich in history and boasts a stunning coastline. It is known as the City of Music because it has inspired many passionate artists and captured so many people.

There is also an annual summer festival which showcases a variety of music and art styles. Ravello is known for its beautiful villas. Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, both built in the 13th Century, will amaze you with their legends and the stunning views they offer.

8. Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is the last Amalfi Coast city, just near Salerno. The town is well-known for its ceramics in all sizes and shapes. Every establishment was involved in pottery production during Roman times. This town’s main attraction is the St. John the Baptist Church. It is a Neapolitan Renaissance-style construction.

Tourists from all over the world visit Vietri Sul Mare every year to enjoy its history of crafting and the stunning beaches. Everyone is interested in learning more about the history of ceramics, vineyards, unknown tracks and the best place to watch the sunsets. All of this is possible in Vietri Sul Mare.

9. Positano

Positano is a must-see in the Campania region. A ride along the Amalfi coast is a must-do for any explorer. We recommend that you use a bike or scooter to enjoy the views and feel the breeze while enjoying the most liberating trip of your life.

There are many hotels in Positano that offer the best services. Most of them have a rooftop terrace or pool, so you can enjoy the sunsets and relax. Positano is the best choice for those who enjoy music and want to see a different side of it. Music on the Rocks can be described as a club inside a cave. It is a unique experience.

10. Salerno

Salerno, Italy’s most lively city at night, is home to many shops, bars, restaurants, bars and clubs. The locals love the multiculturalism brought about by tourists. It is easily accessible from Naples and offers affordable accommodation. It is located only 50 kilometers away, making it an ideal destination for a vacation.

The Promenada and Arechi Citadel are its most popular attractions. The Dome, The Archeological Museum and many old medieval churches, buildings and parks are also some of the most sought-after attractions. Salermo is a great place to visit in Campania thanks to its animated port.

11. The temples at Paestum

Three beautiful temples are the best reason to begin your journey. Amazing conservation is possible in this amazing archaeological area. The Temple of Hera is the oldest, followed by the Temple of Athena or Poseidon.

All of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The area is home to a wonderful museum that displays all the remains of ancient Greek temples. To visit Paestum would take you around three hours, if your goal is to see the many objects in the nearby necropolises.

12. Capri

The Island of Capri is a great place to visit in Campina. There are many reasons. We start with the stunning natural beauty, mouth-watering cuisine, and breathtaking views that will amaze you. Capri is known for being one of the most popular shopping destinations in Italy. Many celebrities and other high-profile figures have spent time on yachts anchored in Marina Grande. The hydrofoil takes just 45 minutes to reach this destination.

You have many options to explore the surrounding area, including boat tours and walking in the romantic streets. You can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches and eat at local restaurants. We recommend visiting the Villa San Michelle garden and the San Michele Church floor if you’re into sightseeing. You can also check out the top hotels in Capri if you are looking to spend the night.

13. Ischia – An incredible Island, one the most beautiful places in Campania, Italy

Ischia is another island that is famous for its archeological sites and thermal springs. The main attraction is the Poseidon-Negombo thermal springs with a variety of thermal pools, waterfalls and saunas. It’s located in the Gulf of Naples, and is a volcanic island.

It is full of locals and beaches that you can see. You can also book mini-trips directly with locals to visit caves and walk to Aragonese castle. The local culture is vibrant with colorful architecture, small shops and bars, as well as amazing restaurants. You can easily reach it by ferry from Naples.

14. Procida

Procida, a tiny island located between Capri and Ischia, is Italy’s capital for culture 2022. Procida was the first island to receive this title, beating nine other candidates. You will see the vibrant city when you reach the Marina Grande port.

For fishermen, the colorful side of the city is a constant reminder of their heritage. Some of its most popular beaches are also located here. Pozzo Vecchio, known for its black sand, is a constant tourist attraction. You should also not miss Isola di Vivara. This nature reserve is connected to Procida via a long bridge. It welcomes visitors to enjoy its natural beauty.

15. Pisciotta is a must-see in Campania, Italy

Pisciotta, a village near the Mediterranean, is one of its most picturesque. It is located on a hill right in front of the ocean. It is located in Salerno, a province. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Campania. Our selection is now complete with Pisciotta. It is a place of virgin beauty that has not been developed in tourism.

This is the place to be if you want to mix in with the locals. It is a place for people who love to see the old history, the medieval vibe, streets and houses. You will also be able enjoy the warmth of small villages near the sea. You will be glad you added Pisciotta if you are planning to travel to Italy. Relax on the beach and enjoy the fresh air while you explore this hidden gem.

Conclusion – Campania, Italy should be your next destination

You will see that each location has its own unique story and diversity. You can also expect to experience everything and a wide range of other things. You can experience all of these by choosing Campania, Southern Italy as your next destination. We hope you enjoyed our selection, and have fun exploring!

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