15 Top Italian Leather Brands

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We all know that Italian leather is high quality. If your products aren’t made from this material, then are they really of good quality? What is Italian leather? All these Italian leather brands use the same quality leather. The production of full-grained leather, which is made from the animal’s outer skin, has been mastered by the Italians. This leather is the strongest and most durable. To achieve different colors, they use vegetable tanning.

You’ll see that many of the brands are derived from leather artisans families, and have been handed down through generations. Even though some companies may only be around for a few years, their products are just as good as all the others. They all offer leather goods of the finest quality.

15 Top Italian Leather Brands

We’ve gathered the top Italian leather jacket and handbag brands. You can browse our list to find sandals, footwear, and accessories like an Italian leather purse. You’re sure to find a company that you fall in love with on this list!

1. Prada

This one is well-known. Mario Prada founded Prada in 1913, making it one of the most respected Italian leather brands. As you all know Prada, we won’t go into too much detail. Prada is the Italian-made leather sneaker manufacturer. The Soft Calf Leather Sneakers are a timeless staple and a must-have in every wardrobe. It can be worn in black or white and will complement any outfit.

We need to talk about one pair of shoes. Monolith’s brushed leather and nylon combat boots were a hit. These boots are a masterpiece of design by Prada. These are the most beautiful of all the dupes. Available in black or white, sizes range from 5-11.

2. Valextra

We will continue our list with other companies than Prada. Valextra, one of the most well-known Italian leather handbags brands, was founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana. It was founded in Milano, and it is still there today. They are a modern, elegant collection that showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of Italy. Valextra offers a variety of bag collections.

Iside, Brera and Tric Trac are some of the most popular. Soft is another. They come in many colors and styles. Valextra offers a variety of crossbody, purse and micro bags. They are also a popular Italian leather accessory brand. You can find wallets, key holders, cards cases, and documents holders.

3. ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier was founded in 2010 after a series of collaborations with great Italian leather brands. Maj-La and Jonas were best friends after a glass of Prosecco. ATP Atelier is located in Otranto, Italy. These pieces are elegant and fashionable. We are certain you will love these pieces.

ATP Atelier is without a doubt one of the most coveted Italian leather bag brands, but it’s not only. The Assisi and Montalbano, Arezzo and Volterra bags are some of the most exquisite. The bag’s front section, which can be lifted, was designed in a unique way. (See picture for reference). ATP Atelier also offers shoes, beauty bags and other accessories made from leather.

4. Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte might have a great Italian leather backpack for you. Wanny di Filippo was the one who brought him to Florence in 1970. His company was named after the bison, which symbolizes both strength and peace. What products do they sell? They sell many types of bags as well as small leather goods like wallets, coin purses and card cases.

The same bag category is available for both men and women. Briefcases can be a wonderful addition to your professional life. Pair your briefcase with a stylish suit and you are sure to impress clients. Il Bisonte created elegant handbags for women that can be worn on the shoulder. These handbags are available in black, red, or natural leather. Let’s move on to the Italian leather bag brands.

5. D’Arienzo

Let’s take a look at some Italian leather jacket brands like D’Arienzo. They offer high quality handmade garments and were founded in 1991. Only Italian manufacturing is used. The website features only handmade pieces. You can now choose from high quality Italian leather jackets in fall/winter, spring/summer, or kid’s styles.

We tested some styles and found that they come in a variety of sizes. Men’s jackets come in sizes XS-XXL, and women’s jackets in sizes XXS-XL. The most popular is the suede bomber jacket in the premium quality category. You have the chance to purchase a gorgeous leather bike jacket. D’Arienzo is also known for its Italian leather shoes.

6. Chicca Borse

Chicca Borse is a purse made from high-quality Italian leather for women. Since 2008, the company has been in operation. The leather products are made in Italy, and go through numerous checks to ensure authenticity. Chicca Borse also offers bags for men. They are very affordable compared to other brands.

These bags don’t have a name; rather, they are categorized according to style. You can choose from handbags, purses or shoulder bags. You can also choose from business briefcases and business crossbody bags for men. Chicca Borse offers a variety of sizes and colors. If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable bag that is still great quality, Chicca Borse might be the right choice. It doesn’t have to be expensive to buy Italian leather brands.

7. Furla

Aldo Furlanetto, a Bologna-based entrepreneur, founded this Italian brand in 1927. “Furla” stands for quality and joy, as well as colorful creativity and joyfulness. We believe that Furla is one of the most respected Italian leather handbag brands. Furla Bloom, Charlie, Miastella and Sirena are just a few of their main collections.

These bags are unmatched in quality, whether you’re looking for mini bags, totes, shoulder bags or crossbody bags. The Furla Joy sneakers, an Italian leather shoe for women, is not to be missed. The Hyke sneaker is my favorite. It looks like a regular sneaker, but it has a bit more platform. The Toni Silver color looks great on this sneaker. Which is your favorite?

8. Valentina Calzature Firenze

Valentina Calzature Fienze is a great place to start if you are looking for Italian leather sandals. This family-run store is located in the middle of Florence. Paolo Paoli opened the first store in 1984. They are well-known in Florence and offer services like stretching shoes for better wearing. It is possible to buy both men’s Italian leather shoes and women’s accessories.

There are many styles available in the women’s shoes section. You can find everything from high-knee boots and sneakers. You can find them in real leather, suede, and many other textures. Not only are there shoes, but Italian Woven Leather bag. You can also check out their outlet store!

9. Scarosso

Customers love Scarosso for their quality and design. They have 40 years of experience as shoemakers and all products are made in Montegranaro. Scarosso’s tradition of making quality leather boots has been handed down through the generations. You will fall in love with any of their shoes.

Chelsea boots, loafers, loafers and sneakers are all options for women’s and men’s shoes. There is a pair to suit every occasion. You can purchase products to care for your Scarosso shoes. These products are not available from all companies, but there are a few that can help preserve the leather. Scarosso is a great source for Italian fashion.

10. Lucrin

Lucrin, which was established in 1994, has been in business for 28 years. They are experts in leather handcrafting and have a wide range of bespoke leather accessories. Their story began in Geneva, and it continues to this day. Lucrin is known for their distinctive style. You’ll find gorgeous Italian leather backpacks and crossbody bags made from Italian leather.

There are many styles to choose from, all of which are trendy, functional, and customizable. You can choose from handbags, handbags or crossbody bags. These bags are elegant and versatile. It’s obvious that many years have passed by just looking at these leather goods. Lucrin also produced accessories and leather goods for offices. Lucrin also produces office leather goods and accessories.

11. Velasca

These beautiful Italian leather sneakers are yours to buy. Velasca is the place to go! Their values are tradition, passion, and innovation. Leather goods are made with timeless design. You can see the quality of their products and know they will last a lifetime. Their website is by far the best. Each category has small images that indicate what you will be seeing.

There are items available for mountain, weekend in Rome, country, or city in Motion in their Collections tab. We’ll see some fashionable-looking shoes if we take a look at the weekend in Rome. It’s not only the shoes that you see, but they also tell a story. They even offer tips for how to style them. It’s almost like you are reading about them. This makes it easier to choose the right shoe for you.

All products on the Velasca website are for men. However, they do have a website that sells women’s products. Velasca offers Italian leather boots as well as bags, belts and wallets. They also offer socks, ties and shoe care kits. Velasca is the brand to choose if you want to invest in any brand.

12. Benheart

This story is different from the rest. This story is about Ben, who is originally Moroccan and moved to Scandicci with his family when he was young. This region has a long history of artisanal leather production. Here he created his first collection of leather jackets. Benheart was named after him, as he needed to have a heart transplant. Thankfully, he got one.

This was his dream come true and the name of the company will remain special. He can now boast that he has one of the finest leather shops in Florence. Benheart also owns stores in Kuwait, Japan, and the United States. You can find leather jackets, leather shoes for men, and accessories in the store.

Benheart is a top-rated Italian leather jacket brand. All of their products are handmade. These jackets and bags have an antique look and feel. The New Zealand Postina looks like something out of a movie. Benheart offers exquisite handcrafted products.

13. Loro Piana

Pietro Loro Piana, a Trivero native, is the founder of this brand. In the 1800s, they started trading wool. Loro Piana, a ready-to wear cashmere and leather goods company, was established in 1924. They offer the best Italian leather gloves like the Jacqueline made from lambskin.

The Sesia Bags are worth mentioning among the many Italian leather bag brands that Loro Piana has to offer. These bags are made from dyed calfskin, and come in many different styles and colors. You can also add the crossbody or shoulder bag to your leather bag collection.

14. Elsa Florence

Elsa Florence, one of the top quality leather shops in Florence Italy, is Elsa Florence. The leather used in the creation of all items is made in Italy using top-quality Italian leather. They are affordable and deliver on time. You can easily view Elsa Florence products as designer items.

There are many options for bag styles and sizes, including calf, pebbled or suede. You can choose from a variety of colors for all bags. There are hundreds of bags available, and there are many positive reviews. Let’s look at the last Italian leather brands.

15. Moreschi

Mario Moreschi, who founded the Moreschi brand in 1964, is the founder. Mario Moreschi was not only a successful entrepreneur in Italy but also on international markets. Moreschi is an Italian leather accessories brand, but it is more well-known for its shoes.

These loafers shoes are stylish and high-quality. They are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. You can view the Heritage Collection, while the Spring 2022 Collection preview is available. They are so valuable that there is a separate category of shoe care you should check out.

Italian leather brands – Conclusion

We now have a list of Italian leather brand names. This is why Italian leather is so valuable. These Italian leather boots look amazing! You can also get an Italian leather crossbody bag that matches every outfit. They are a great choice and we can’t recommend them enough. We hope you find one that you love!

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