10 Best Italian laptop bag brands

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Italy isn’t just known for its beautiful landscapes. It’s also famous for its delicious cuisine and fascinating history. It is also known for its leather products. You might consider buying a Made in Italy briefcase if you are looking for the perfect briefcase. We’ve got your back, as we have listed some of the top Italian laptop bag brands and Italian leather briefcase manufacturers.

What are the top 10 Italian laptop bag brands?

We decided to share our top picks for the best laptop bags from Italy with you. These Italian leather briefcase brands are high-quality and made from high-end materials. They also feature innovative Italian craftsmanship.

It is well-known for its stunning leather products. But briefcases are not the only thing that Italy has to offer. There are many Italian handbag manufacturers that produce high-quality leather goods. We have chosen the top 10 most popular Italian laptop bag brands. You can find fine Italian leather briefcases and soft leather laptop bags, mens Italian bag, and even a 13 inch laptop tote. You can choose the one that suits you best!

1. Nordace Siena

Our selection begins with Nordace Siena. Nordace Siena, an Italian brand, is well-known as one of the most respected Italian laptop bag brands. The bags are both high-quality and comfortable. The best thing about these laptop bags is their versatility. It can hold as many items as the owner needs.

They also have a 15-inch laptop compartment and many organizational pockets that are easy to access. They are lightweight, slim and have an anti-theft back pocket. There are also SD card slots. They cost between 50$ and 170$. You can view more information and place orders on the Nordace Siena website as well as other retailers’ websites.

2. Cuoieria Fiorentina is one of the most renowned laptop brands in Italy, based in Florence

Cuoiera Florentina, one of the finest Italian leather briefcases manufacturers, is the place to go if you’re looking for high-quality laptop bags. Cuoieria Florentina’s headquarters is in Florence. They also get their inspiration from Florence for all of their products.

They are timeless, versatile, strong, and elegant in design. The bag has a single compartment inside that can hold notebooks or documents, and a rear zip pocket that allows for additional functionality. The Cuoiera Florentina laptop bags are priced between 200$ to 450$. They can be bought in their Florence shop, or online via their website.

3. Attavanti

Attavanti is all about making the perfect accessory for each customer. Attavanti, an Italian online company, produces fine Italian leather handbags, laptop sleeves, and briefcases. They also promote the Made in Italy label for all international purchases.

The Italian laptop bags are a great business partner because they feature comfortable handles and cotton shoulder bands. The bag is 13 inches in size and features handy pockets. They are available online, at their website or through other re-sellers for prices between 200$ to 600$.

4. Tucano

Tucano is another Italian company that produces one of the most popular laptop bags in Italy. Tucano makes bags, backpacks and cases for people who live the digital lifestyle. Their strength is quality, which is evident in every product. The laptop bags made in Italy are stylish and protect against falls or bumps. The laptop bags have an anti-slip lock system.

All their products can be found on their website at different prices, depending on your preference. A laptop bag, a case for laptops, rigid shells and covers are all available at prices between 20$ to 100$.

5. Tuscany Leather Firenze

The unique products and craftsmanship of Tuscany leather Firenze make Tuscany leather Firenze one of the most popular laptop bag brands in Italy. You can find them in fine Italian leather briefcases and men’s Italian leather bags with the Made in Italy label all over the globe. They are known for their high-quality briefcases made of Italian leather and soft leather laptop bags.

There are 2 compartments and detachable or adjustable leather straps. They also have semi-rigid constructions with inside and outside zip pockets. They are available online, at their presentation website in Florence or at resellers.

6. Buccio

Buccio is one of the most renowned laptop bag manufacturers in Tuscany. They offer premium full-grain vegetable tanned leather laptop bags. These briefcases made of fine Italian leather are ideal for all types of people, professional and personal.

Buccio is one of the most respected producers of laptop bags. Their products have plenty of storage, a leather shoulder strap and lockable flap. All of them are handcrafted in Italy. Prices range from 130$ to 500$ depending on their features. You can purchase them online from five re-sellers including briefcase.com.

7. Floto

Since 2003, Floto produces leather Italian leather handbags. In the Floto factory, they also make fine Italian leather briefcases. The secret to Floto’s success is that it is an American brand. However, every Floto leather laptop bag has the Made in Italy tag and is of the highest quality.

Most of them have two compartments with a padded laptop sleeves pocket, smartphone pockets and pen holders. They are also available online at their website for purchase between 200$ and 600$.

8. Pelletteria Charlotte

Pelletteria Charlotte is another brand that has earned its spot among the top Italian laptop bag brands. Pelletteria Charlotte produces handbags, laptop bags and small leather goods 100% Made in Italy. They are handcrafted in the Le Marche region and their products are unique, versatile, universal, and timeless.

There are many briefcases to suit different styles. Pelletteria Charlotte offers a variety of stylish briefcases that can be used for different styles. Their products can be found on their website or in their shops around Brescia and Trento.

9. Valextra

Valextra has been showcasing the classic Italian craftsmanship you only can find in Milan since 1937. It is known for its aesthetic finesse and versatility in creating essential and versatile products. The soft leather laptop bag and Italian leather laptop sleeves are timeless and feature the best of Italian craftsmanship.

There is an internal pocket, top flap closure and adjustable leather shoulder strap. Depending on the model, prices range from 500$ to 2500$. You can find all their products online, at other re-sellers, and in stores.

10. Mancini – Definatley one of the most prestigious laptop brands in Italy

Mancini is a premium brand of laptop bags from Italy that we conclude our selection with. They sell high-quality leather products from handbags, tote bags, laptop bag, and accessories. Their products are strong, durable pieces with modern styles at reasonable prices. Laptop bags are equipped with separate laptop and tablet padded sleeves, compartments to hold folders, organizers, and pockets at the rear.

They also have adjustable shoulder straps, a second strap that can be attached to another bag, as well as the latest RFID wave blocking technology. Their laptop bags cost between 200$ to 400$. They can be purchased online, at re-sellers or at their Mancini Boutique, Rome.

We have compiled the top 10 Italian laptop bag brands.

You may have noticed that an Italian laptop bag is the best choice. You’ll never find a better product if it is “Made in Italy”. Ten different laptop bag brands from Italy were presented to you. You were also presented with 10 different Italian laptop bag brands.

The only thing left is to choose which of their features would make you the ultimate choice. You can also shop the finest Italian leather briefcases for men and the finest Italian leather bags for men!

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