15 Top Italian Men’s Clothing Brands

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How do you dress like an Italian? This question is probably common. The Italian style is timeless, elegant, luxurious, and well-put together. There are many adjectives that we can use. Italian menswear has inspired thousands of men all over the world. To dress like one, it is important to know the top Italian menswear brands.

Our article can help you. We have compiled a list of both the most expensive and high-end Italian clothing brands for men. You don’t have to dress like an Italian, but it does not mean that you should spend a fortune. It does mean that you may have to spend more on Italian fashion brands than you would for fast-fashion brands.

15 Best Italian Menswear Brands

You’ll find casual Italian fashion for men, as well as brands that provide smart suits and stylish looks for special occasions. To complement your exquisite Italian men’s fashion, we have included luxury shoes and hats. Continue reading our comprehensive Italy fashion article for men.

1. Ermenegildo Zegna

An iconic brand is the first on our list of top Italian men’s fashion brands. Ermenegildo Zegna was founded in 1910 and is a luxury fashion house. This brand, like many others in Italy, is owned by a family that has been around for generations. It used to be Fratelli Zegna Di Angelo. Ermenegildo was inspired by his father’s wool mill, and looms from Alps. Zegna, a luxury brand that creates luxurious wear for men, is now well-known. They have everything you need, including suits and casual trousers as well as shoes.

First, you will find a section that includes all regular clothing items. Jackets, suits and blazers are all available. To create custom pieces, you can book an appointment at one of their shops. This is a unique experience, and garments can be customized to fit your body and style. Zegna offers a wide range of accessories such as wallets and luggage, belts, bags, eyewear, belts, belts, and more. This brand can help you dress like an Italian.

2. Canali

Canali is an Italian men’s fashion label, founded by The Canali family in 1934. Giovanni and Giacomo, the brothers, were tailors in a factory. The factory had been passed down through generations so it was natural that they assumed control of the business and the successors over the years. Canali was the first brand to use mechanized cutting machines and made a name for itself. Although their headquarters are located in Sovico they sell Canali worldwide.

Canali: What are you looking for? The SS22 collection is amazing. #GENTLEGESTURES demonstrates that “a simple gesture can express ideas, feelings and moods”. This collection combines modern and sophisticated. There are three styles to choose from. There’s a first style that is more classical, in which you wear a suit with a smart casual look. The second look, which is more casual, includes linen trousers and silk/cashmere jackets.

Canali also introduced “weekend wear”, as they called it. It is perfect for any occasion. These include wool and lyocell coats and linen shirts as well as some cotton stretch pants. Canali Italian menswear is unbeatable.

3. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian brand of menswear. Brunello Cucinelli is the founder of this Italian luxury brand. Brunello Cucinelli founded the company in 1978, specializing in cashmere clothing for women. The brand is now more well-known for its high-end Italian menswear brands. The clothes are even worn by Jezz Bezos!

The website reflects the elegant, simple and elegant Italian style. These pieces are quite expensive but well worth it. Brunello Cucinelli clothing can be worn for any occasion. They offer a variety of colors and are well-tailored suits.

You can choose from deep blues, blacks, or many other shades of grey. Knitwear is another great category. You can choose from a variety of sweaters or cardigans to create a casual or sophisticated look. You can also find stunning shoes from the brand that you can pair with your new Brunello Cucinelli menswear.

4. Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni, unlike most Italian menswear brands, isn’t so old. It was established by Luca Faloni back in 2014. He wanted to start a menswear brand because he had been able to work in the fabric mills and learn artisan craftsmanship in Turin. Luca Faloni sources only the highest quality materials with the least impact on the environment.

You can tell which clothes you have bought that they are made from the most durable and high-quality fabric. It’s not about the fabric; it’s also about the artisans who create it. Luca Faloni employs only the best artisans to create its clothing. You can shop on the website by material or design. You can choose from cotton, silk-cashmere and cashmere in the materials section.

Silk-cashmere clothes are so soft and comfortable, as shown in the photo. There are many styles to choose from, including zip-up shirts and polo shirts. Good quality clothes are a must. Cotton designs are form-fitting and healthy for the skin. Cotton trousers and shirts are more casual than regular shirts. You can also shop by style, 10 different styles are shown on the website. This allows you to buy each product individually or gives you an idea of how to pair them.

5. Pini Parma

Pini Parma is my favorite Italian men’s clothing brand. Why? They have a style that looks good on everyone. Thomas Pini founded it in 2017. The brand is still very young, but it is doing extremely well. They offer casual Italian fashion for men and high quality fabrics. These timeless pieces are not affected by fashion trends.

Pini Parma products are guaranteed to last for many years. All products are made in Italy. Pini Parma stated that the Italian Style is characterized by an equilibrium between elegance and boldness and a combination of traditional and modern styling. You will feel confident and at your best when you wear their limited-edition clothing and capsule collections.

These suits are exquisite. The ‘green double-breasted suit is a beautiful example. It’s amazing in color, style and fit. Do you want the best trousers? Pini Parma has them. While you are browsing the website, make sure to check out the Soragna Capsule Collection.

6. Aspesi

Alberto Aspesi, a founder of Aspesi in 1969, brought back the old school and finest Italian menswear brands. With a few generations of experience behind them, they are able to create the most comfortable garments for men. Their first shirt was a shirt in leopard print for men. What else can you expect to find on the Aspesi site? The usual clothing categories are available for men. As an example, let’s look at the outerwear section.

There are many jacket styles and colors. Most brands will keep their neutral colors but Aspesi has gone bold and introduced bright orange, purple, and lilac. Also, the knitwear and sweatshirt sections are impressive. Some are in bold colors while others are plain or patterned. We must also mention the quality.

Pullovers made from the highest quality cotton material They fit well to your body, and they will last for many years if you care for them properly. For outfit inspiration, check out the Lookbook section. Accessory are the final piece of an outfit. Accessories can be included in Italian fashion for men, such as scarves and hats. All of these accessories are available at Aspesi

7. Boglioli

Boglioli, another Italian brand of menswear, is another that has been run by multiple generations. The brand was established in 1974, and the first collection was released in 1987. Boglioli is different than other brands. Boglioli’s method of tailoring garments dates back to the 19th century, as it was taught by the first designers. The concept of “soft tailoring” is a way of saying that clothes are elegant and have a light style. It is the same as in the 1920s, but with a little more modern flair.

This means that clothes are designed to follow the natural movements of the body. The jackets and blazers have an unstructured look that creates effortless style. Boglioli offers a wide range of styles and options that will allow you to get lost. It is easy to see what soft tailoring means by looking at the jackets and seeing the models in them. These jackets and casual suit jackets look great on any person with an elegant, sophisticated style. They look great with either a classic shirt or a tee-shirt.

Boglioli allows you to choose from a variety of suits, including silk, wool, linen, cotton and linen. You can purchase both the jacket and trousers as a set, which means that they are available together. The selection of colors is varied and subtle. You will find something to suit every skin tone and color. You will look like a true gentleman.

8. Rubinacci

Rubinacci is a brand that might suit your needs if you are looking for casual Italian fashion for men. It was founded by Gennaro Rubinacci, an Italian luxury clothing brand. His own workshop was established in Naples, hence the ‘Neapolitan’ style. This style is elegant with jackets that have no padding and with soft details. Mariano, the son of Gennaro and Mariano’s daughter Luca, are currently taking care of the atelier.

They have offices in London, Milano and Naples. Rubinacci is the perfect place to find those long, elegant coats like the one in the photo. There are limited edition cashmere-raglan coats available at the moment. There are many other options, however, that are not limited in number but still look great. This jacket will make you look like an Italian by pairing it with the linen pants.

There are many accessories available from the brand, including ties and bows and pocket squares as well as jewels and scarves. Rubinacci makes it easy to find Italian fashion for men. We mentioned that they have a lookbook page. You can find inspiration for every season in the category Luca’s wardrobe.

9. Brioni

You like what you see in this photo? This is Brioni’s high-quality clothing. Nazareno Fonticoli, Gaetano Svini founded Brioni in 1945. Nazareno Fonticoli was a master tailor, while Gaetano Savini was a smart businessman. Their brilliant partnership created an incredible brand that has survived for decades and is still going strong today. Brioni stores are located all over Europe, so you can visit one to see their clothes.

One is located in Rome, Milan and London. There are two options for purchasing the garments. You can either make an appointment at one of the shops to have it tailored or you can buy ready-made clothing. Brioni is an Italian fashion brand that’s highly regarded by men. You’ll love what they have to offer.

Their Essential line includes casual pieces that can be worn to work, such as the Essential line. There are long-sleeved polo and crewneck shirts, as well as trousers, jackets, and trousers. Do you want the perfect jacket or coat? Brioni has the best outerwear. Bomber jackets, silk blouson, denim jackets, you name it.

10. Barena

Barena, a well-known Italian knitwear brand for men, was established in 1993. The family-owned company has a significant influence on the fashion of men outside Italy. We all know that Italian menswear and fashion is very elegant. Many want to emulate their style. Barena was the first to enter the market and introduced men to a new way of dressing. It was sporty, but casual.

You’ll see simple clothes that are elegantly designed when you browse the clothes. These clothes don’t have many details, but when put together they will make any man stand out in any room. Barena also offers a category for newcomers.

They have pieces such as the jacket Borgo Balco Grigio or Corso Telino Osso. You can find many great outfits in the men’s summer edition lookbook. Barena clothing is very affordable, especially considering the high quality ingredients they use.

11. Tod’s

When it comes to Italian menswear and Italian fashion, shoes are essential. Tod’s shoes are one of the most popular brands and will complement any outfit. Tod’s was established in 1970 with the vision of creating high-quality footwear. They were soon well-known for their elegant, Italian-inspired shoes.

These shoes are made in Italy by skilled artisans. They are timeless pieces that you can wear for many years. It is hard to find Italian style that will not go away. There are many styles to choose from in the shoe collection. There are many styles to choose from: loafers, ankle boots and lace-ups. These shoes are great for any occasion, whether you’re sporting a suit or a more casual look. Tod’s suede leather ankle boots are particularly striking! You can’t go wrong with a classic, leather ankle boot.

12. Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci is a top Italian brand for menswear. In 1972, Stefano Ricci and his spouse founded it. These garments are 100% made in Italy and are sure to impress. This family-owned business has grown to become a luxury company employing more than 600 people around the world.

Stefano Ricci, his sons, who are CEO and Creative Directors, remain part of the design team. There are also 19 shops across the country. There are many items that the brand sells. You can also find menswear, as well as shoes and fragrances.

Their suits are exquisitely tailored and of the highest quality. Although there are only three models on the website, You can pair the trousers with one of their gorgeous shirts. Stefano Ricci will make the most of your first impression when you walk into a room. The brand is a great choice. These pieces can be worn for many years and there are no specific collections.

13. Loro Piana

Loro Piana is a brand that offers mens Italian knitwear. Pietro Loro Piana founded them in 1924. The company originally specialized in wool and cashmere products. After many years, the brand continues to thrive. They produce more than 5 million meters of fabric annually and also supply textiles to other brands.

The knitwear section at Loro Piana is very high quality. They are made mainly of cashmere and cotton. This is the ultimate example of Italian high-end men’s clothing brands. They are not affordable for everyone, but the lucky few who can afford them will look like they come from one of Italy’s most wealthy families. The ready-to wear section has beautiful coats and trenches. Clayton’s trench coat is made from cotton, silk and virgin wool. It caught my attention. The rain system treatment makes it water-resistant.

Check out their SS22 collection if you are looking to stay on-trend. These garments come in two colors: light and dark blue. They are very appealing and remind you of the ocean. Loro Piana also offers accessories and shoes for men. Take a look on the website to find your next outfit.

14. Missoni

We are adding Italian clothing brands for men to our growing list. Missoni was founded in 1953 by Ottavio & Rosita Missoni. They are also a luxurious fashion house that specializes in Italian summer fashion and colorful knitwear. The latest collection is Missoni Men SS 22. It is a modern and versatile wardrobe. Missoni wanted to capture the dynamic lifestyle of modern men. What is this collection? This collection includes a variety of fun colors, geometries, and knitwear that look sporty.

Although you wouldn’t normally think of these geometries, they still look elegant and classic. Most cases, anyways. You don’t have to like this collection. You will find plenty of options for classic trousers, shirts and jackets in the men’s section.

Although this brand may not be the best for a wedding, it is the perfect choice for Italian mens summer fashion. These versatile pieces can be dressed up or down to suit casual events. Missoni also sells accessories for men and beachwear.

15. Borsalino

Borsalino may not be a clothing brand, but hats can add a great touch to the Italian fashion style of men. They are one of the oldest brands, dating back to 1857. Borsalino is a luxury hat brand that specializes in luxurious hats. They are an elegant addition to any stylish and elegant wardrobe. Giuseppe Borsalino, Alessandria’s founder. His father used to work as a felt hat maker. Borsalino was awarded the Grand Prix, which meant that he had the opportunity to achieve continued success over the years.

Even Hollywood movie stars would wear them in movies. For example in a scene in Casablanca. What kind of hats are there? There are felt hats which are Borsalino’s signature item. The ‘Country Allesandria,’ a very traditional one, is available in various colors. There are many options for straw hats. The ‘Amedeo Fine Panama Wide Brim” is another classic.

The website’s’shop by mood’ section is a great feature. Borsalino has categorized the hats so you can easily find them if you are going somewhere. I can tell you that the countryside has many beautiful hats!

Italy fashion for men – Conclusion

Our list of Italian mens fashion companies is complete. These 15 Italian brands are perfect for inspiration and mens Italian knitwear brands. These brands have been around for decades, and some still provide the highest quality products for their customers. They will make you fall in love!

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