10 Best Italian Suit Brands

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Men in Italian suits are, let’s face it, the most handsome. Even though we didn’t care about designer brands, we can tell if we see a man wearing an Armani suit that it is Armani. High-quality, tailored suits are a statement of quality, and the more it is chosen, the more praise it receives! Are you looking for a suit to wear at a special event or other occasion? Perhaps your business requires that you present yourself in suits when meeting with important clients. No matter what reason you have for wanting to look at these statement pieces of clothing, you can browse these top 10 Italian suit brands to find the right match. We are confident that at least one brand will meet your needs.

10 Best Italian Suit Brands – Italian Suits

How do you choose which brand of suits to purchase from the 10 available? You shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the right brand of suits, as each brand offers a unique style and suit made for different purposes. While most of these suits are appropriate for business or casual occasions, some are more suitable for weddings and other important events. These top Italian suit brands won’t disappoint, no matter what reason.

1. Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani Suits-Photo from


If you’ve been following our articles for some time, you will know that we frequently mention Armani, one of the most significant Italian fashion labels whenever we can. Giorgio Armani founded their first ever collection of men’s clothing in October 1975. Armani, today, is undoubtedly one of the most renowned Italian suit brands. They were also known as the “King of the Blazer”. Armani’s style shows elegance, ease, and high quality.

Armani.com is the main website where you can find all their clothing. The store locator can be used to locate Armani stores near you. Simply enter your country here. Armani can also ship internationally for a fee. If there is a store close to you, they will be able to ship free of charge.

Let’s now talk about the suits. Each suit is exquisitely made by Italian brands of suits. You can choose from slim-fitted suits made from light wool, stretch wool, or even stretch canvas on their website. You can choose from a variety of colors including black, gray, and various shades of blue. If you’re unsure what size to choose, refer to the size guide.

2. Boglioli

Boglioli is one of the most renowned Italian suit brands. Italian family founded Boglioli in 1974. Their garment-dyed jackets were a great innovation in that time. Today, what about? They are a symbol of masculinity and are a well-known worldwide design.

Boglioli suits: Where can you find them? Boglioli has boutique shops in New York and Milano, as well as their website bogliolimilano.com. Visit the boutique if you’re in one of these cities to see the fabrics and get assistance from the assistants in selecting the right suit.

Boglioli suits caught our attention because they use unique colors and fabrics. The K-Jacket beige double-breasted wool herringbone KJacket suit is my favorite. This suit is stunning in every detail. Boglioli has sales so make sure to check their website if there is an important event.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Another well-known fashion brand is Dolce & Gabbana, which is also one the most popular Italian suits brands. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were the founders of this luxury fashion house. It is their legacy, and people will always remember the brand.

Their website dolcegabbana.com has clothing. Harrods is also available. You can also find boutiques in different countries by simply entering your address on the website under Find a Boutique’. D&G ships internationally to 101 countries.

Dolce & Gabbana is a bit more playful than the other brands when it comes to suits. There are many options for suits: you can find pinstripe and casino-fit suits as well as checked, leopard-print, and pinstripe suits. The three-piece Sicilia fit suit in stretch jacquard, with three pieces, is truly stunning. These suits are the perfect example of “dress to impress”, so you won’t be disappointed by this style from the well-known Italian suit brands.

4. Corneliani

Alfredo Corneliani began making raincoats in 1930. The Corneliani brand was established in 1959 by his sons Claudio, and Carlaberto. It is today a top-rated Italian suit brand and a luxury brand for men’swear. They also sell accessories that go well with the clothing.

Where can you find the finest Italian suit fabric brands You can find Corneliani suits on their website corneliani.com as well as through other retailers. Milano is home to many high-end fashion brands, so it’s understandable that they offer the service of ‘Made to Measure’ in their Milano shop. Corneliani can help you create the perfect suit for you by booking it online.

You can browse their suits online if you’re happy. This style is elegant and professional. This style is perfect for the office, or to attend events like weddings, engagements, and birthday parties. They are made from wool, silk, and linen.

5. Lardini

Lardini – Photo by


Lardini, the Italian brand, was founded in Filottrano in 1978 by brothers and sisters Luigi, Andrea and Lorena Lardini. It was originally a family business that was founded in 1978 by 18-, 19-, and 21-year olds. Today, it is a luxury brand. These suits are ready-to-wear and made for men. Lardini is among the most popular Italian suits brands, next to Dolce & Gabbana or Versace.

You can find their store locator on lardini.com which will tell you the nearest stores to you. Filottrano still has the Lardini Factory Store. The Lardini Factory Store’s latest collection for fall-winter 2021-22 features men’s and ladies’s in vibrant colors and different fabrics.

Lardini, an Italian suit brand, offers a more casual look. Although their suits are formal, they look casual and easy to wear. Made from wool, these suits are very easy to wear. A special line includes the suit with the grey stripe. This Lardini suit has a timeless look and sophisticated style.

6. Brioni

Italian suits are one of the most beautiful. Brioni, a fashion brand known for its high quality Italian suit fabrics, was established in 1945. Nazareno Fonticoli, his business partner Gaetano Svini were the founders. Nazareno Fonticoli was already a tailor during those years, and they created the trunk show as well as Pret Couture. Kering now owns the brand, which is a luxury brand that specializes in menswear.

You can find Brioni suits on the brioni.com site, as well as retailers like Harrods. You can find their stores in many locations and they ship internationally. These locations include New York, England, Germany and Las Vegas. You can visit one of their stores to find the finest Italian suits.

What do these suits look like then? The tailored suits look elegant and refined thanks to the skilled Italian craftsmen who work in their factories. It is amazing to see the attention to detail. These timeless pieces are made from wool, silk, or linen. The colors range from bright sky to dark colors.

7. Canali

Next up, Canali. Giovanni Canali, his tailor brother Giacomo, are the founders of this brand. First, the brand was founded in 1934. It is now 86 years of age and is considered a luxury fashion label. This small family business is in its third generation, and they are always growing.

Canali can be purchased in a variety of places. Canali.com is the main website. It can also be found at high-end retail shops. You can find Canali boutiques in all major cities around the globe. You can simply visit their store locator tab to see all the stores. They ship internationally!

The latest Italian suit brand is elegant and stylish. It’s perfect for both business attire but also special occasions. Canali uses cashmere fabrics, which is a different material than other brands. We are proud to say that these suits are of the highest quality. The rich color of the silk and burgundy wool suits will turn heads.

8. Massimo Piombo

MP Suits – Photo by


Massimo Piombo, a brand that is well-known for its Italian suits, isn’t a new one. Massimo Piombo is the founder of this brand, which has been in existence since 1980. What makes Massimo Piombo so special? They source their fabrics from around the globe and offer timeless, elegant pieces to their customers.

We couldn’t find Massimo Piombo’s website while surfing the web. You can find them on Mr Porter, which ships internationally. Massimo Piombo is a brand that makes elegant and high-quality suits. They are also more affordable compared to other brands.

Massimo Piombo style is quite simple, effortless, timeless. You can wear your favorite suit multiple occasions, as almost all these brands have created timeless pieces. While some suits can be worn casually at work, others are more appropriate for formal events. These suits are made mostly of wool, silk, and linen.

9. Ermenegildo Zegna

This brand was established even earlier than any of the other famous Italian suit brands. The brand was founded in Trivero by Ermenegildo Zègna in 1910. He started the brand with his brothers thanks to his father, who owned a wool mill. Fratelli Zegna Di Angelo was the original name of the company. Before Ermenegildo Zegna di Angelo was settled, there were many names.

These suits are available at zegna.com as well as through other online luxury retailers. You can also use the store locator to search for stores in your area. It is best to try on the suit before you buy online.

Their website states that the suits and tuxedos made from premium wool are made with the highest quality materials. The ‘easy light suit collection is a smart business look. They can be dressed up or down by anyone.

10. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli suits – Photo from


Brunello Cucinelli was founded in 1978. It is the last Italian suit brand we want to mention. Brunello Cucinelli started with cashmere clothes for women, but it later expanded to menswear as well as jewelry. It is today a luxury Italian fashion brand.

The suits can be found on the brunellocucinello.com website, but also on Mr Porter. They are also available in boutiques around Italy and the rest of the globe. These suits are beautiful and the website is very attractive.

Brunello Cucinelli suits will make men feel like they’re having the time of their lives. The majority of the suits are made from linen, wool, or silk. Each fit is perfected with great attention to detail.

Best Italian suit brands – Conclusion

We hope that you find the perfect Italian suit brand from these famous Italian brands. One you can wear multiple times and get complimented on. It is true that Italian fashion has the best suits. It was an incredible feat for Italian suit manufacturers to create timeless pieces that made men feel confident, elegant, and comfortable while wearing them.

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