15 Top Restaurants in Capri

If you are already in Capri, and you have stayed at one of the hotels but don’t like the restaurant, you can try one of these Capri Italy restaurants. It can be difficult to pick from the many restaurants on the Isle of Capri. Many of them offer stunning views and delicious food. Some are more hidden and less well-known, while others are very popular with celebrities. We hope that you find one that suits your needs.

1. Ristorante Bagni Tiberio

Our list of Isle of Capri restaurants is now complete with Bagni Tiberio. The story begins with Emperor Tiberius, who built the Palazzo a Mare that is now the restaurant. But it doesn’t end there. It was actually Giuseppe e Lucia De Martino that opened a small restaurant in the early 1900s. This hotel is still managed by the same family today!

Bagni Tiberio offers stunning views of the ocean and delicious seafood dishes. The spaghetti al Nerano’ and spaghetti con vongole’ are their most popular dishes. You can enjoy authentic dishes while you watch the ocean and sip wine. They can be found on Tiberio Beach. After you have finished your meal, simply take a dip in the ocean.

2. Aurora Mia

This restaurant is a popular spot for celebrities, so we were naturally drawn to it. Aurora Mia is a Capri Italian restaurant, located near Capri Tiberio Palace. With over 120 years of experience and passion in gastronomy, they are Capri’s oldest restaurant. It’s flourishing today thanks to Mia D’Alessio.

Aurora’s amazing chef Franco Aversa creates authentic Capri dishes. You can choose from Capellini with salted Butter and Caviar, fish fillet with potato crus with spinach sauce, or breaded shrimps with almonds. You’ll find a variety of cuisines at Aurora: Mediterranean, Mediterranean, and Neapolitan. Customers seem to love them all. It might be difficult to book a table at Aurora, so plan ahead!

3. Ristorante da Gemma

Do you want to enjoy a meal overlooking the Gulf of Naples This is possible at the Capri Italy restaurant Da Gemma. Although they’ve been in business for over 80 years, the restaurant moved to its current location in 2017. You can see that they have put much effort into the quality and presentation of their dishes. You can also find homemade pasta and seafood specialties on their menu.

Here are some examples. Da Gemma suggests that you must try the Parmigiana when you are there. There is a classic one with aubergines, but there are also ones with bluefish, yellow tomatoes, and basil pesto. You can also try the delicious gnocchi and mussels or roasted cherry tomatoes with cheese, pepper, and garlic. If you don’t feel brave enough, try a traditional grilled fish served with vegetables and a citronette with mustard. This can be paired with a classic tiramisu dessert.

4. Da Tonino

Their website states that Da Tonino was founded in 1993 by Antonino Aprea, an “old school chef”. His vision was to make dishes using ”earth products’ like rabbits or quail. The restaurant has been in his family for 30 years and serves delicious meals. The family business, Da Tonino, is still one the most renowned restaurants in Capri Italy. You may be wondering what famous dishes Da Tonino chefs have created.

It is difficult to find the online menu. It is not available on their website so you will have to go through Tripadvisor’s photos. I was fortunate to be able to locate photos of the most popular dishes. Caprese ravioli, Sea bass, zucchini allascapece, mozzarella, Tortelli with cheese, pepper, mussels and lime.

If you’re unsure whether this restaurant is right for you, they are listed in the Michelin Guide in 2021. According to the guide, it takes about half an hour to reach this small restaurant. It has a simple atmosphere and a large terrace that is great in the summer heat. It is rooted in local traditions, and the first courses are especially delicious. The wine selection is also excellent.”

5. Ristorante Panorama

Some of the Isle of Capri’s restaurants offer breathtaking views. Ristorante Panorama offers stunning views and the finest food. The terrace overlooks both the Bay of Naples and the centre of Capri. It is not too expensive, I was surprised (but that’s my personal opinion).

For example, a pizza costs between 10 -15 euros. Although it doesn’t say how big it is, the photos show it to be a good size. Panorama serves “classic island cuisines with a creative twist”. Fresh pasta is made daily. The most popular dishes are made from local seafood and fish. You can also order the ‘Deep Fried Squid, Shrimp and Anchovies’ or the ‘Grilled Calamari’.

6. Ristorante Il Geranio

Ristorante Il Geranio in Capri is known for its breathtaking views. The restaurant’s luxurious design and aesthetic will make it unforgettable. They offer Mediterranean cuisine using fresh ingredients. You can book Il Geranio for private or corporate events, such as weddings, parties, or other occasions.

I have taken a look at their menu to see the types of dishes they offer. The menu includes a lot of seafood and fish, as well as pasta. The Octopus with guacamole, mixed salad, and steamed shrimp sounds delicious. There are many options for meats. You should also check out the dessert menu!

7. Ristorante Pulalli

Ristorante Pullali is a great place to enjoy a romantic meal or a drink with friends. The rooftop has a stunning view of the Piazzetta, the Clock Tower, and beyond. You can see the ocean from another side! Alessandro Arbace, the owner of the restaurant, made sure that you had everything you needed when you visited the restaurant.

You can choose from over 150 wines. They serve Neapolitan dishes. According to those who have been, the stuffed zucchini flowers, eggplant, and montanarine beef balls are some of the most delicious dishes. Citrus salmon tartare is another recommended dish. Pullali is well-known for her homemade desserts so don’t miss them!

8. Le Grottelle

You might think that it is not worth choosing from all the restaurants in Capri Italy when you search for Le Grottelle online. It is well worth the effort. The restaurant is beautiful and has stunning views, even though they don’t have photos. It is built into rock and has a cool atmosphere. Enjoy the stunning view from Punta Campanella. Le Grottelle offers Neapolitan cuisines, and their guests rave about them.

Although I couldn’t find the online menu to view the dishes, there are many photos where you can see the food. Le Grottelle hosts events for various occasions, which I found on their Facebook page. The venue looks amazing with the ocean in the background. They serve a variety of food, mostly seafood dishes. There are also some amazing-looking desserts that I have seen. This is a wonderful location to host a wedding dinner or an engagement dinner.

9. Terrazza Brunella

There is a pattern to the Capri Italy restaurants with their breathtaking views. Capri is so beautiful that accommodations and restaurants should be located where the best view is available. This will attract more tourists. Terrazza Brunella offers stunning views of the Marina Piccola from far away. They offer traditional Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting.

Terrazza Brunella is not only famous for its breathtaking views, but also for the quality of its food and how they present itself. There are many options for seafood and pasta on the menu. The starter category includes the red tuna filet tartare with durum Wheat biscuit and fresh puttanesca’. It was quite a mouthful, but it sounds delicious. You’ll find main courses like the salt codfish filet with local sweet cherries tomatoes, local black olives, and capers in salt’.

10. Pescheria Le Botteghe

Pescheria Le Bouteghe is not one of the most popular restaurants in Isle of Capri. It is both a restaurant as well as a fish shop. You can taste and buy fish, oysters, and tuna burgers. The owners explained that they have been selling fresh-caught fish to locals and tourists for many years. This passion led them to open a Mediterranean restaurant.

The dishes speak for themselves. They are not only delicious but also look very appetizing. Even celebrities have visited the restaurant. Pescheria Le Botthege’s Facebook page showed that Dakota Fanning had visited the restaurant. You can enjoy delicious pasta dishes made with fish and raw fish at the restaurant. Enjoy the meal with a white wine from their selection.

11. Lo Sfizio

Lo Sfizio, a Capri restaurant, was a popular choice when compiling this list. The quality and taste of the food is a big draw for guests. Their website states that the recipes are traditional island recipes, and they offer delicious pasta, meat, as well as fish dishes. Their garden has beautiful tables and a cozy area for dine-in.

Lo Sfizio mentioned that pasta is often their first course. For example,’spiral-shaped Gemelli with clam and courgette and swordfish Sauce’. The second course can be fresh fish or their famous grilled chicken. They also offer a popular dish called ‘aubergine Parmigiana’ for vegetarians. The pizzas can be eaten at lunch and dinner in a wood-burning stove.

12. Gennaro Amitrano

In the heart of Capri is Gennaro amitrano Capri Italian Restaurant. This is the ideal place to have lunch or dinner on hot summer days. The views are stunning, the tables are set with elegant glasses, and the overall space is welcoming. Chef Amitrano was trained by other famous chefs and learned how to cook irresistible Italian meals.

The Cocco pasta and the Carnaroli from Tenuta Castello are two of the most well-known dishes. Even the oil used in these dishes is selected by the chef. It is an artful piece that you’d find in fine dining restaurants. A menu is helpful for anyone wanting to visit Capri. Tripadvisor has hundreds of photos.

13. Ristorante Pizzeria Verginiello

Our list of Capri restaurants is almost complete. Verginiello’s location is in an ideal spot with stunning views of the sea. You can enjoy pizza, as well as Neapolitan and Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant has received over 3,000 online reviews and is rated 4 stars by most guests. Verginiello also hosts events, according to what I saw online. This is a wonderful spot to rent for another year.

There are many seafood dishes. They offer ‘potato ravioli and mussels’. The mussels come with pasta, a creamy sauce, and pasta. They also offer authentic Italian pizzas with four cheese and Margherita. Many guests love Verginiello‚Äôs tiramisu.

14. Casa Orlandi Ristorante e Pizzeria

Casa Orlandi can be described as a pizzeria and restaurant in one. You can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and a wide selection of cocktails with your delicious food. The best thing about this restaurant is its theme. It has a nautical theme with everything white and blue, along with little ships as decorations. They also serve lemons. They have been rated the 18th best restaurant in Capri.

It looks amazing, and the presentation is also impressive. The staff doesn’t seem to have a lot of pictures or descriptions. The person who went there likely did their research based on previous reviews. You can pair the pizza with a cocktail like in the photo to make it a summery day.

15. Da Paolino

We are at Da Paolino, the last Capri restaurant. The garden is adorable and the tabletops are decorated with typical Italian lemon designs. It is a lovely place to enjoy dinner with family and friends. They do offer a menu. There are a few raw fish starters on the menu such as ‘ricciola Tartara’ and ‘octopus Salad’. There are 15 options for pasta if you prefer pasta. The restaurant’s signature dish is ‘Spaghetti Paolino’, while spaghetti and clams’ is another well-known one.

Salads are an excellent option if you want something light and refreshing. Da Paolino offers wines from different regions of Italy. Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Gulia, the land of the PinotGrigio, Lombardi and Tuscany are just a few. It is located near Tiberio beach, Cala Grande.

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