5 Easy Mountains to Climb in The Alps

The Best Mountain Climbs For Beginners

Since the beginning, the Alps have been a major hub for outdoor tourism. They attract more than 120 million tourists each year. Skiing in winter is still the most popular activity, but mountaineering has become more sought-after.

Tens of thousands of climbers visit the Alps every year from June to September to experience the most stunning views in Europe and try their hand at climbing.

Many people are looking for the best beginner mountain climbs. Because the snowpack is no longer permanent, summer is a great time to start mountaineering.

Which are the best alps to start with?

The easiest 4,000ers can be climbed by anyone who is accompanied by a professional guide. Are you looking for an easy mountain in Europe to climb?

These are five easy summits within the Alps:


Gran Paradiso (4,061 m / 13,323 ft)

The Gran Paradiso, located between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont Valleys is a classic alpine climb. It is the highest mountain in Italy and offers stunning views of the surrounding national parks.

Pont is the starting point for the climb. The hike takes you through boulder-strewn areas to reach one of two mountain cabins.

Gran Paradiso’s summit day ascent is a long one so it is best to start early the next day. The climbing is easy because there are no technical requirements.

You will need to traverse the mountain’s glacier using crampons and an electric ax before you can make the 60-meter climb to the summit. Climbers can learn all the skills they need on their first day.

  • Best starting point: Pont, Italy
  • Ascent Duration: 2 Days
  • Climb the Gran Paradiso in conjunction with a certified local mountain guide


Breithorn (4,164 m / 13,661 ft)

Breithorn, a 4,000-meter climb that is easy to do from Switzerland, sits on the border of Switzerland and Italy. According to some estimates, it is the most climbed mountain in the country.

Accessibility is a key factor in this success. You can begin the Breithorn climb by taking a lift to either the Plateau Rosa or Breithorn Plateau. These plateaus are very high up on the mountain and require only a few hours to climb to the top.

The majority of this climbing involves using crampons, an ice ax, and an ice ax to traverse glaciers. There are a few tricky sections along the cornices towards the end.

You can enjoy spectacular views from the top of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa massifs, as well as views over the Rhone Valley.

  • The best starting point is Zermatt in Switzerland or Cervinia in Italy
  • Time of ascent: 1 Day
  • Climb Breithorn with a certified local mountain guide


Aiguille du Tour (3,540 m / 11,610 ft)

The Mont Blanc massif’s northern end is another easy climb in the Alps. Aiguille Du Tour is a fantastic opportunity for novice mountaineers to enjoy a high-quality alpine experience.

There are two main routes that lead to the summit: one from the French side and one from the Swiss side. Both routes are relatively straightforward, with the chairlift ascent to the mountain’s glacier.

After getting off the chairlift, you will only need to use basic cramponing techniques and ice-ax techniques to cross the glacier. Then, a short scramble will be required to reach the top of the rocky peak.

The best views of Mont Blanc and the French Alps can be seen from the summit.

  • The best starting point is Chamonix
  • Time of ascent: 2 days
  • Climb Aiguille du Tour with a certified local mountain guide


Allalinhorn (4.027 m/ 13.212 ft

The Allalinhorn is located in Switzerland and is close to the Breithorn. It is widely believed to be one of the most difficult 4,000-meter climbs in the Swiss Alps.

To climb the peak, take a lift to the Mittelallalin on the mountain’s northern ridge. Climbers have only 500 vertical meters to climb before reaching the summit.

This ascent is made over the mountain’s glacier. It can be easily walked across with the right equipment. As the climbers ascend, there are many crevasses on the glacier.

The view from the top is spectacular, with great views of the nearby Breithorn and other peaks in the Swiss Alps.

  • Best starting point: Saas-Fee, Switzerland
  • Time of ascent:1 Day
  • Climb Allalinhorn with a certified local mountain guide


Bishorn (4.153 m/13.625 ft).

The Bishorn, located just north of Zermatt in south-central Switzerland is another easy climb in the Alps. Bishorn is the highest mountain at 4,000 meters in the Alps.

Because it is easy to access, it is a popular climb for new mountaineers. It starts with a day of hiking from the trailhead to the mountain shelter. Although not difficult, this climb requires a 1,500-meter ascent on stone steps that have been carved into the mountain.

The Turtmanngletscher is the first part of the second day. Next, climbers will ascend a snowy saddle up to the ridgeline. Climbers turn right at the ridgeline and cross a bergschrund before walking up to the summit.

Bishorn offers one of the most stunning panoramic views from its summit, offering breathtaking views over the Rhone valley and the Weisshorn.

  • Best starting point: Zinal, Switzerland
  • Time is taken to ascend: 2 Days
  • Climb Bishorn with a certified local mountain guide

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