7 of My Favorite Instagram Photos from Italy

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It’s not easy to choose a few photos from hundreds of images taken during my recent trip to Italy. But, it becomes marginally easier if I keep the pool to the images I shared on Instagram. Marginally.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Italy explained Instagram feed. Which is your favourite?

Are you following me Instagram? Keep checking because I still have tons of photos to edit and share. Keep sharing the Italy images in your feed!

Sunset Over Assisi

My friend Rebecca was disappointed by the cloudy weather when I arrived in Assisi. She said, “I am afraid that you will miss out on an Assisii sunset.” They’re truly special.” But the cold winds that bit my ears as I walked up the hilltop gradually pushed the clouds away. A few days later, I saw this when I walked into a piazza empty. It is impossible to capture the beauty of this sunset in my photos. None.

Easter in Florence

Since I read about the Easter celebrations in Florence more than 10 years ago I have wanted to go. This trip was the first time I was able make it happen. Although it took me an hour to see the rewards, it was well worth it.

Granita di Caffe in the Pantheon

Although the weather was chilly at the beginning of my trip, it became much warmer towards the end. The scirocco was blamed by the locals, but I only knew that it was hot. A granita de caffe from Tazza d’Oro was absolutely necessary. This is a common summer treat. It’s so convenient that my favorite building is right outside my door.

Spring Has Sprung

Italy was blooming everywhere I went, but the one that speaks loudest to me about “spring in Italy”, is the wisteria. You can easily get bored of looking at wisteria vines cascading down walls. This is a popular image among Italy photographers. Here’s mine. This one is my favorite. It’s not just the wisteria. I also love the graffiti. The cat.


Two similar photos were taken in Orvieto. They both looked at the same square and featured old people having a conversation. These pictures are the photographic definition of my favorite Italian word “chiacchierare”, which means “to chat” and also sounds like the sound chickens make. I love watching the men gossip about what or who they are talking about, and I enjoy seeing them get together in the square.

The Colors of Venice

Although I hadn’t taken a gondola ride through Venice before, this trip with my family was a great idea. Although I don’t think I would ever do it again it was a pleasant diversion. I was also able to capture this shot, which combines all the colors of Venice into one frame: the red and gold flag, the enameled black gondolas and the otherworldly water color.

Art Restoration at Vatican

It’s common to hear about art restoration in museums in Italy, but I have never seen it happen. My family went on a tour of the Vatican Museums. I was able to see this woman doing some minor repairs in the gallery with maps. It was a great moment to be able to see a historic piece of art preserved and available for future tourists such as me.

Do you have a favorite photo from my trip? Please let me know.

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