Antiquated markets in Sicily

The ancient Sicilian market atmosphere is special. People are immersed in a world that looks almost like a stage, and they talk and trade in it.

Many places on the Island still have the suks (Arab Markets), which are a reminder of the Arab roots of Sicilian Culture. They are easily identifiable by their arrangement of fruits, particularly oranges and dried fruits. However, you will also notice the large variety of exotic species, spices, and olives – both from the far and near East.

The air is scented with chili, oregano, and garlic aromas. What a beautiful sight are the fish stalls of the ” Pescheria“, the famous Catania fish market, and the ones of Marsala and Siracusa .

On the market stands, you will see large swordfishes and stone basses as well as sea breams, mussels, clams and oysters. There are many blue-fish species, including sardines, mackerels and long silver paddle-fishes. There are many varieties of shrimps, from the large red ones of Mazara del Vallo to smaller ones that have been cleaned and peeled. Let’s explore the timeless charm and history of Via Consultore Benintende, in the historic centre of Caltanissetta. This street is colourful and scented. It has been home to the historic Market Strat’a Foglia since the end of 18th century.

Piazza Mercato Grazia through Via Berengario Getani: The whole Via Consultore Benintende features a parade full of vendors selling fruits, vegetables, cheeses, legumes, and other items. The market is enriched by exotic food shops, bakeries, fishmongers, and butchers. You can find the traditional open-air markets in Palermo where you can enjoy a little bit of everything. These are especially prevalent in the neighborhoods around the edges of the great historical markets Vucciria Capo, Ballaro (perhaps one of the most multiethnic corners of the city) or Borgo Vecchio.

The typical panelle can be found proudly on the stand, laid on large trays. They are often served in large loaves with sesame and accompanied by the “fried cazzilli” (fried croquettes of potato).

The cicireddu are small fish that have been floured and fried. You will find the panica meusa (bread with spleen) at the entrance to some frying shops. This means that the tradition is respected. This is a delicious food that can be enjoyed by anyone with a strong palate. Boil beef spleen, lung, and entrails in lard. They are served with bread, and may be seasoned with lemon juice or grated cheese.

Palermo is home to Stigale, which is grilled skewers made of lamb or veal. They will be easy to find by the dense smoke and smell of the barbecue.

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