Are you planning to visit Italy in August? Five Things You Can Expect When Traveling to Italy in August

You’re not the only one experiencing August in Italy. Many tourists visit Italy in August because it’s the time when children aren’t at school and vacation is on everyone’s minds. There are some things that you need to know.

These are five things you should remember before you travel to Italy in August.

August weather in Italy

It’s hot, dry, sunny, and hot. August is on average a bit cooler than July, but not significantly. It is slightly cooler than July, but not by much.

Pack your lightweight layers and be ready to stay warm! Here are 10 ways to survive the heat in Italy.

In cities, restaurants and stores close during ferragosto – and before ferragosto – and after ferragosto

Ferragosto is a traditional holiday that dates back to Emperor Augustus. It runs from August 15 to September 1. This is when Italian families take their holidays and stores and restaurants, especially smaller family-run ones, are often closed.

August 15th is a national holiday. However, it is open to interpretation for the remainder of the vacation. Result? Some establishments close as soon as mid-July. Some establishments remain open throughout the summer. Some are closed for one week, while others close for one month.

And in other words: You should be flexible if you are traveling to Italy in late July, August, or early September. This is especially true if you’re going to one of Italy’s major cities. Plan ahead. To ensure that a restaurant is open when you’re there, make sure to call your hotel in advance. Similar applies to small shops that you have been meaning to visit.

Katie Parla, a food blogger, has compiled a list of restaurants that are open in Rome this August.

Many Italians move out of cities but you won’t be able to have them all.

In August, Italy is home to many international tourists. Even though some local areas, especially that outside of the center, will be peaceful, the tourist trail won’t. It’s actually when the Vatican museums and Uffizi galleries are at their busiest.

We believe in finding hidden gems and trying new ways to see famous sights year-round. For example, check out our Vatican City Tour with Gardens Museum & Castel Gandolfo By Train experience. This is even more important in August crowds.

August will see the opening of tourist sites and tourist traps.

While it might be difficult to plan for the closing of small shops and restaurants in Italy’s major cities, there are still many tourist attractions and museums that you can visit. Some, like the Vatican museums, might close on August 15 or possibly Aug 16. But others don’t. They are open for the entire month of August. For example, the Colosseum in Rome and Forum are both open daily during August.

August is a good month to visit tourist attractions. We mean the restaurants on Piazza Navona and the cafes on St. Mark’s Square as well as the souvenir shops around Florence’s Duomo. You don’t have to eat at these restaurants.

The islands and coastal towns will not be closed, but they’ll be open for hopping.

You’ll find it easier to travel to the coast of Puglia or Sicily instead of Italy’s mainland. However, this also means that many of these towns and islands will be crowded. Their beaches will also be packed!

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