Biopark in Sicily

The Bio Park in Sicily is located near Palermo. It’s a paradise for children and adults. It has a rich botanical garden covering 60,000 sq.m. Here we can follow the ideal path of evolution.

The Land of the Dinosaurs features over 20 models of dinosaurs in realistic size. Serra Madeira is rich in tropical plants, and the Terrarium has many reptile species. Aquarius contains freshwater and saltwater fish. Also, the Primitive Man, the study of minerals and fossils, and the Italian Farm. Finally, the Zoo.

We will be able to learn about rare and endangered species of animals, and we will also experience a wildlife paradise that is dedicated to their protection and welfare.

The Zoo isn’t a living museum. It is a place where conservation of endangered wildlife is a priority, and biodiversity is valued as an asset.

More than 57 species will be met, including llamas and the Zebras of Grant. We’ll also meet the Wallaby at Benneth and the Sicilian grey donkey. Barbary apes.

An exciting day is guaranteed by the colors of the pheasant Lacy Amherst and the tenderness displayed by the guinea-pigs and the black Swan.

Our veterinarians ensure that every animal is fed a healthy diet and is attended by qualified personnel.

The three play areas offer outdoor fun with slides, swings, a giant board and small rides.

There are many picnic areas in the park where you can enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade and tranquility of the trees.

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