Burano: A Perfect Day Trip From Venice

Burano is a paradise for photo lovers

Have you ever seen photos of Venice with brightly-painted buildings or flowerpots (such as the one at the top)? These photos are not from Venice’s main island but from Burano. Bright colors were used by families to mark the boundaries of their homes and make them more visible from the ocean. This tradition has remained.

Burano today is a colorful rainbow of bright colors and the perfect spot for a great Venice photo-up.

Burano Island is a true fishing island

Although there are touristy areas in Burano, many of the islands still retain a working-island vibe that you won’t find in Venice. Local women look down at tourists as they pass by their flower boxes, while fishermen arrive at the end of the day with their catch.

However, one local informed us that this is changing. Burano is difficult to live on. It is isolated and only a half hour from Venice by boat. Each winter, it also experiences severe acqua alta (or flooding). Many members of Burano’s current generations have moved to the mainland for more opportunities and conveniences. Our advice: Go now.

Burano is the best place to go for handmade lace

Burano’s women started making lace in the 16th Century. It was a very precise job. Each woman could only do one stitch. Since there were seven total stitches, each piece had to be passed from one woman to the next. It takes approximately a month to make one handmade lace centerpiece.

Burano’s stores sell a lot of machine-made lace because of how labor-intensive and expensive it is. You still have options if you want to see lace as it was back when it was made by hand.

La Perla is a lace shop located on the main street. They sell handmade tablecloths, doilies, Venetian masks, and baby booties. You can often see the women stitching, as they are often stationed inside. Via Galuppi 376, the main street in town, is where La Perla can be found. Stop by the Scuola del Merletto if you are particularly interested in lace and textiles. It has excellent examples of 16th- and 17th-century Lace, as well as the stunning, lace-trimmed gown worn in late 19th-century Italy by Queen Margherita. The Scuola del Merletto can be found on Burano’s main piazza, Baldassare Galuppi.

Burano is a better choice than any other place in Venice for food.

Burano, a working fishing island, offers super-fresh seafood at a fraction of the cost of Venice’s lagoon. Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero is one of our favorite restaurants. Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero is a favorite restaurant because all of its pasta and desserts can be made fresh in-house. Jamie Oliver even recommended it on his television program.

You can opt for an outdoor table if you are able to, which offers a stunning view of the canal. The food is very good value for money. Three courses will cost you around EUR40, but that does not include wine. This is a lot cheaper than a three-course fish dinner of the same quality that you would find in Venice. For reservations and recommendations, please call +39 041 730120.

From Venice, get to Burano

From Venice to Burano, there is one Vaporetto route: the 12. This large, express ferry runs between Venice’s San Zaccaria (near St. Mark’s), and Burano and Murano with another stop at Venice’s Fondamente Nove. It takes approximately 45 minutes and costs EUR6.50 for each person. You will pay more for a water taxi – around EUR130 per person.

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