Capri in a Day: What to See and Do

Although ferries make it easy for you to get to Capri, it can be difficult to figure out what to do in Capri within a single day.

These are some tips for making the most of your day trip from Capri.

Get an early start on your Capri day

It is impossible to see all of Capri’s attractions within a single day. You can still see the best of Capri if you arrive early.

You can catch the first ferry to Capri at around 8:30 am. It will take you to Capri by 9:30 am. Although you can purchase tickets the morning you leave, we’d recommend booking a few days ahead to avoid disappointment–especially in the crowded summer months.

How do you decide when to return? You will have 6 hours to explore the island, as the last ferry leaves for Positano or Amalfi at 7 pm.

Notice: For off-peak travel, September to May, contact Capri tourism Office as ferry services will be slower.

Capri: How to get around

All ferry boats dock at Marina Grande. You can take either the funicular to Piazzetta in the heart of Capri or the bus to Anacapri. This is a more residential and quiet area, although still very touristy. A one-way ticket costs EUR1.80 and can be used to take the bus or funicular.

You don’t have to worry about not having enough tickets. The day pass at UNICO Capri is EUR8.60 and allows you unlimited bus rides as well as two funicular trips.

Take a lot of patience as summer lines can get long for buses and funiculars.

Capri: What should you see?

Start your day at the top of the world by heading to Anacapri. It feels like that, at least when you are high up on Monte Solaro (the island’s highest point). You can take a chair lift up to the top for EUR10 round-trip. Although it may seem expensive, the stunning views are worth every penny.

Villa San Michele is another beautiful spot to enjoy breathtaking views of Capri. This is a true gem if you love beautiful garden as much we do. It was built in the early 20th century by Axel Munthe (a Swedish doctor) and is home to an idyllic, serene garden, which has been ranked as one of the best 10 gardens in Italy. It’s a paradise with stunning views and dreamy pergolas. Also, the garden is surrounded by many flowers and plants. (Ticket cost: EUR7).

Anacapri has even more to offer! We love to #takewalks and a trip to Anacapri would not be complete without a walk through the historic center. Capri is less crowded than Anacapri but the atmosphere here feels more relaxed and authentic.

You can make a slight detour to Via G. Orlandi, the main street, and find the charming piazza where you will find the modest-looking Church of San Michele. Although the façade is simple, the Majolica floor of handpainted tiles-ceramic (majolica), ceramic tiled depicts the expulsion of Adam & Eve from the Garden of Eden. It is well worth the EUR2 fee. You can take in the whole view by ascending the spiral staircase to the organ loft.

Capri’s Best Restaurants

After all the walking, it’s time for food! Looking for a quick bite? A panino caprese is a quick and delicious way to get a bite. It’s filled with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.

Do you prefer a sit-down meal? For pizza, head to Aumm Aumm (Via Caprile 18 closed Mondays). Verginiello (Via Lo Palazzo 25,/A) is another great option for pizza.

Torta caprese is a light, dense, moist, and delicious flourless cake with almonds and chocolate. Get a slice of Pasticceria Ferraro (Via G. Orlandi 233) for the best or a mini version at Da Alberto (9 Via Roma 9).

Capri offers more stunning views

After you have refueled, it is time to explore Capri Town. You’ll feel the lively atmosphere and energy here, unlike Anacapri.

As we’ve said, we love gardens. A visit to the Gardens of Augustus should be a must. This small, yet beautiful garden is only EUR1 and offers stunning views of the Faraglioni as well as the Via Krupp which weaves its way towards Marina Piccola.

There are many sweet finds as you walk through the narrow alleyways to the gardens. The famous Buonocore gelateria is a favorite of ours. You can also find a stand selling amazing citrus granita close to the Gardens. This is another great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Are you unfamiliar with Granita? Our fun video is a great way to learn more about this sweet, cold summer treat.

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