Everything You Need to Know about Gulet Cruises in The Mediterranean

Private charter cruises on Gulets are a great way to see the Mediterranean. While you’re exploring the Mediterranean, you can enjoy the privacy and security of your charter boat as well as small villages and historical towns.

You’ll have a great time onboard your private gulet. This holiday is flexible enough to accommodate your needs and wishes. Gulet cruise holidays are meant to be a relaxing experience you will treasure for the rest of life.

Turkey gulet cruise

What’s a gulet cruise?

A gulet, a classic wooden boat made of wood, is most commonly built in Turkey’s Bodrum and Marmaris. These are the top destinations along the southwestern coast.

Gulet boats have become luxurious and comfortable over the years. They are typically 20-30 m long with four to eight cabins.

How to charter a Gulet

You will need to be familiar with the various types of gulet boats in order to find and book the perfect private charter. Expert assistance is needed for planning and preparation prior to and during your cruise.

First, determine your budget and group structure. After you have established your needs and budget, consult an expert to help you find the best deal. You’ll not only find the best deal, but you will also get expert advice about routes, crew, and other activities that might interest you.

Five weeks before your vacation, your gulet expert will handle all paperwork and final arrangements. Your expectations and wishes will be met. You will have 24/7 support throughout the gulet cruise, should you require any further assistance.

Which are the best gulet cruise destinations in the world?

The top four gulet cruise destinations include Croatia, Turkey, and Greece.

Gulet Cruise in Croatia

You’ll find more than 12,000 islands when you cruise on the gulet Adriatic in Croatia. There are beautiful coastlines, old towns, clear waters, isolated shores, Mediterranean food, and many more. This is a great destination for families with young children. The itinerary is specially designed for them.

Gulet Holiday in Turkey

A gulet is a great way to cruise in Turkey for a week. To name a few, you can expect excellent Ottoman food and turquoise sea, as well as endless hospitality, historical sites, vibrant markets, and small picturesque villages.

There are many tours and activities that you can choose from, whether you’re traveling solo or in a group.

Gulet Cruises in Greece

Gulet cruising in Greece may be the best option for some. This is a popular tourist destination with thousands of islands that are rich in ancient history, beautiful natural beauty, and clear water. Greece offers a unique combination of beautiful natural beauty, rich culture, and fascinating history.

Gulet Holiday in Italy

Last but not least, when you cruise in Italy you’ll find rich culture and towns that date back to the Roman Republic. You can also enjoy famous Italian cuisine. You can see the country from a completely different perspective with a gulet cruise.

Is the crew allowed to accompany the gulet boats?

Gulet charters include an English-speaking crew, which makes your experience even more enjoyable. Communication should not be a problem as the crew speaks fluent English and occasionally individual crew members speak additional languages.

You can request a crew who speaks another language in advance if you need one. The size of the gulet will determine the number of crew members. Smaller gulets will have fewer crew members and vice versa.

Each vessel has a captain who regulates navigation and sailing. He is often the best person to show the most incredible hidden spots during your voyage.

Dining in a Gulet

Your taste buds are also given special attention. Gulet charters include a private chef. A chef prepares all meals onboard and a waiter assists the chef to ensure that the food is properly served.

The sailor is another important member of the boat. The captain’s right-hand man, the sailor, can assist with navigation and other tasks around the boat.

The role of hostess is only available on luxury gulets. They are responsible for cleaning your cabins and serving you drinks.

Can a Gulet sail?

It is not as easy as it appears. Gulets can be used for sailing, but they are heavier and more wooden than sailing yachts.

Not all gulets are equipped for sailing.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. It is important to let others know if you are passionate about sailing so they don’t disappoint.

Once you have decided what you want, you will be matched with the right gulet and an itinerary that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

If our gulet cruises suitable for children?

Gulet cruises are suitable for all ages. Knowing your group structure is important.

Gulets are available for children traveling with their parents, particularly small children. The crew is happy to welcome children aboard these gulet charters. Safety is also high on this family-friendly charter.

It is not the responsibility of the crew to look after children. Parents must take care of their children aboard.

Ask your gulets cruise professionals if they are willing to add a babysitter to your crew. The babysitter will be there to watch your children when you are not able to.

What is the cost of a cruise on a gulet?

It is important to understand that there are three types of gulets when it comes to the price of a cruise on a gulet. These are standard, luxury, and deluxe. Other factors, aside from the categories, can also influence the cost of a gulet’s price. These include the season, age, and desired services.

Gulets offering a range of watersport equipment, jacuzzis, fully furnished bars, and the possibility to have a babysitter, for example, are a good option. These gulets will be more costly. However, the average price per week is between 799 and 1486 EUR.

When is it best to charter a yacht?

There is no best time to charter a Gulet. It all depends on your needs.

The best time to cruise is from April through June (or the end of September), when there are fewer people. The sea is calm, warm, and still pleasant and refreshing for swimming. August is a better choice for those who want a more lively atmosphere and days with no clouds in the sky. You can create the vacation of your dreams, no matter what budget you have.

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