Family Vacation in Sicily

On Mount Etna

Mount Etna is an absolute must-do: a guide will take you to the craters. ETNA SUD (altitude 2060m) has a route that takes you from Nicolosi into Rifugio Sapienza. ETNA NORD (altitude 1810m) has a road called Mareneve that starts in Linguaglossa.

You can start at Nicolosi, or Etna Sud. There you’ll find Rifugio Sapienza square, where you can explore the active craters of Monti Silvestri. Or you could experience the 7D Cinesfera volcano eruption, located inside the Etna cablecar station. You can reach Torre del Filosofo at 2,500m with the panoramic Cable Car.

Do you like to have fun with your kids? Visit the Etna Adventure Park Serra La Nave near Rifugio Sapienza.

You can visit the Volcano Museum in Nicolosi. There are interactive multimedia and attractions. You will reach Rifugio Sapienza by following the scenic road up to 1,920m. From here you can take a walk along the nature trails, find wooden shelters, and enjoy picnic areas. Children can enjoy Monti Rossi’s walks, which are easy and not too strenuous. The Adventur Park is located in Nicolosi: Parco Avventura Monti Rossi

You can choose to travel up from Linguaglossa to Provenzana by taking a 4×4 bus. The bus will take you up to the top craters at 3.100m elevation. You can also reach the Etna summit craters by foot (altitude: 3.250m).

There are many wineries and farms in the Etna region that allow you to visit them to see their natural world and to learn more about them. You can also choose to ride a donkey safely or participate in the harvest.

Let’s head to Paro Avventura Etna. It is located in the forest Parco Scarbaglio (Catania). There are 15 acrobatic routes, some suspended between trees and two climbing walls. Here you can test your balance and speed as well as your thirst for adventure.

The Park Monteserra is located in Viagrande, right below Mount Etna. You can find a small volcanic crater that is covered in Mediterranean vegetation. There are also oak forests, paths, and picnic areas. The Butterfly House is located inside. This is a large tropical greenhouse that allows hundreds of butterflies to fly free.

Fun is guaranteed in Etnaland near Belpasso. It’s a fantastic amusement park. The Theme-park is accessible throughout the year. In summer you will find amazing slides, rafts, boat rides, swimming pools, and other relaxing areas. A children’s area is also available. Prehistory enthusiasts will enjoy the scientific reproductions made by dinosaurs and other species of prehistory while walking along the botanic path.

Notification: The Etnaland waterpark will close for the 2020 summer season. It will reopen in 2021.

A beautiful adventure awaits you in Parco Fluviale Dell’Alcantara. Here, you will find the most stunning lava canyons anywhere in the world. They are approximately 50m high and cross the river Alcantara.

You can enjoy river activities, horseback riding guided tours, or ride mountain bikes along the natural trails.

Adventure Parks In Sicily

In Catania

Catania has a lot to offer: museums, Baroque architecture, theaters, gardens, and more.

Let’s begin our tour at the Benedictine Monastery. Here you can use helmets or paddles like small archaeologists for digging activities. Or you can make biscuits and sweets with flour and eggs in the Benedictine Kitchen, just like monks used to do in the past.

Let’s take a trip, just like in fairy tales and stories. We will discover the history, curiosities, and architecture of the Ursino Castle, a medieval fortress. You can paint with colors and brushes at the Pinacoteca.

You won’t Le Ciminiere Complex. These old sulfur factories are now used as modern exhibition spaces. Within the Museo Dello Sbarco is a reconstruction of the events and environments of the historic landings on Sicily in 1943. Special effects make it worth a visit. The interactive simulations are evocative, as is the Museo del Cinema which offers a cognitive and sentimental journey through the “seventh” art.

You can also take the tourist train or panoramic bus to see the many baroque buildings, and the black lava stones used in building decoration if you don’t have much time.

Di Misterbianco is also nearby. Here, both adults and kids can participate in optical illusions, electromagnetic, and mechanical games.

Let’s now end the tour by reaching the Planetarium Zafferana , where children will be able to get closer to stars and planets.

The Acireale is a nearby location. Here you will find the Teatro dei Pupidi E. Macri, which has an impressive exhibition featuring over 40 sets and puppets. Most famous Puppet works include those depicting Orlando and Angelica, as well as those that are about Ruggiero.

In Enna

Let’s visit Romaland after Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Enna. This cultural theme park offers a unique opportunity to experience an ancient Roman environment, including a labyrinthine path that leads among the busts of emperors, Venus source, and the small Tevere River. There are also Ancient Roman games and talking trees, which tell the story of the great Roman Empire.

Let your adrenaline pump high by visiting Regalbuto Adventure Park and Pozzillo Lake. This is entertainment for all ages.

Cable car routes, free gliding, more than 80 attractions, including nets, Tyrolean and Nepalese lianas, Tibetan and Nepalese bridges, and more.

There are 4 climbing walls. There are many fun activities for children aged 3-6 years with safety features.

You’ll find all you need here, so relax and enjoy your time at Pozzillo Lake.

In Palermo

Palermo is a great place for children to explore art and culture. Many museums offer activities and trails: The Diocesan Museum and Gallery of Modern Art, as well as the Gemellaro Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art at Palazzo Riso.

Opera dei Pupi is a family-friendly entertainment show that will entertain all ages. This is a UNESCO heritage and a tradition that’s still being carried on in Sicily.

Palermo’s Antonio Pasqualino International Museum of Marionettes offers something to do. It has a wide collection of marionettes and puppets from around the world. In November, the Festival di Morgana is held in the museum. This festival entertains both children and adults.

It is interesting to see the Laboratorio, and the Teatro dell’Opera dei Pupi by Figli d’Arte Cuticchio.

The Pietro Piraino’s Wax and Toy Museum is located in Bagheria. Here you can go back to the time when you played with old mechanical toys and porcelain dolls. Festivals offer many opportunities to visit stalls that sell sweets and toys, particularly during religious and profane celebrations.

Eco Campus Casaboli is an adventure park near Palermo.

All the colors are here! The Kite Festival, which is an amazing experience, usually takes place in Cefalu in September and in San Vito Lo Capo in May. It’s a spectacular sight to see multiform kites flying in the sky from all over the globe. The week includes concerts, paragliding and surfing, canoeing and swimming competitions, as well as tours (by bus and electric boat and on foot), Kite Labs for children, and night kites flying. There is also a lot of street food including local specialties.

You should try the Adventure Parko delle Madonie in Petralia Sottana, Palermo. There are many adventure trails in the park, which are surrounded by pine and chestnut trees. It would be difficult to navigate it, dealing with all the different routes, from the easiest to the most difficult.

In Caltanisetta

Let’s have some fun at the Adventure Park of the Ancient Solfare near San Cataldo (Caltanissetta). It lies in a forest of pines, and eucalyptus, and was once the headquarters of the former sulfur mine “Apaforte”. There are archery and canopy tours available.

In Siracusa

Siracusa can be a great city for kids. It is also the home of Archimedes, the great inventor, and physicist. You can visit Siracusa’s Technopark Archimedes. This structure is scientific and educational, divided into themes. While Technopark is primarily for middle schoolers, younger children can also enjoy it. It is located just a few meters from the Greek Theatre of Siracusa. You must book to be able to visit the park every day.

Another attraction that children will love in Ortigia is the aquarium

The puppets are also available in Siracusa The Compagnia dei Pupari di Vaccaro eMaurcerihas a Puppet Theatre which brings to life the beauty of an old form of theater while being contemporary. The Puppet Museo Aretuseo can be found in the historical building Midiri–Cardona. It is just a few steps from Piazza del Duomo. This little gem houses the Vaccaro collection, which includes puppets, marionettes, and scenery.

Let’s have some fun and adventure if you’re up for it. We will be heading to Parcallario and the adventure park at Buccheri near Siracusa. Wear the right gear and prepare to traverse acrobatic routes hanging from trees, bridges, and cableways using pulleys and ropes. There are also paths suitable for children.

In Ragusa

Enjoy trekking with donkeys near Ragusa in Monterosso Almo. It is a 5km walk with the animal, and you are subject to its needs.

In Agrigento

The Festival internazionale dei bambini nel mondo is devoted to children. It is held in February during the Sagra del Mandorlo In Fiore (Agrigento); will be a showcase of folk art by children from all over the globe, who have come together to promote peace and solidarity.

Valle dei templi also caters to children. Young researchers can find amazing archaeological finds at Valle dei templi. The Park offers educational services for children, where they can participate in activities that are free and led by experts in museum communication and archaeologists. This allows them to see the best of the Valley and its secrets. Family activities take place at casa Barbadoro (near Concordia’s temple) on the first Sunday of each month, from 15.30 to 18:30.

All year round, activities for schools can be arranged by reservation. They include: Excavation to Museum; Collige et Servant; Nea Akragas.

It is quite exciting to visit the Monti sicani (Aggento) in the night. You will only be able capture the sounds and smells of the area at night. It is recommended to explore i Marcati ancient drove shelters.

San Leone is located on the seaside of Agrigento. Here you will find Parco Giochi, where you can have some fun with rides, games, and more for everyone.

Other amusement parks, such as Scivolandia or Cammarata, are also open in the summer. There is entertainment for all ages, including group dances, wave pool, and many other sports activities.

The natural reserve at Punta Bianca is a magical place filled with blue sea and white rock.

Young people can also enjoy the quad tour of Agrigento. It will be fascinating to ride through the picturesque city and hills while admiring the crystal-clear sea.

The Sciacca and its Enchanted Garden are both well worth a visit. They have a large garden with strange heads carved into the stone. The Enchanted Garden at TripAdvisor

In Trapani

Let’s now go to Trapani’s. Let’s begin with Acqua SP Campobello di Mazara, where you will find water slides and swimming pools as well as a resort animation.

Let’s go to Bisbini Park. There are rides, slides, and shows for children. Take a refreshing dip in the natural environment of Mazara del Vallo. This area is home to the Natural Reserve Integrale del Lago Preola e Gorghi Tondi. Reservations are required in order to access this natural area throughout the year. Spring and fall are the best seasons for waterbirds to nest in the reeds.

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