Gibellina is an open-air museum for contemporary art

About 20 kilometers downstream, the old Gibellina site was rebuilt after it was completely destroyed in the 1968 Belice earthquake. Ludovico Corrao was the former mayor of the town. He had the brilliant idea to make the territory more humane by inviting Gibellina to be visited by many famous artists around the world.

Alberto Burri created the Great Cretto. This is one of the greatest works of Land Art in the world. It is a monument to death, in the eternal memory of its destruction.

Pietro Consagra placed the door of Belice. Also known as the Star of Consagra. Today, Gibellina is an Open Air Museum. It houses the works of numerous other artists, such as Mario Schifano and Andrea Cascella.

The Baglio of Stefano is where the Foundation Orestiadi created the Gallery of the Mediterranean Plots, which houses one of the best collections of contemporary art in Italy. You will find the works of many avant-garde Italian artists like Arnaldo pomodoro, Paladino and Cucchi, as well as other artists from the Group Form One such as Consagra and Accardi, Dorazio or Turcato, Angeli and Boero, Boetti and Longobardi.

Burri’s Cretto
Gibellina was once a small village on a small hill. It was full of life, with a master and a farmer. Cretto Alberto Burri is today the Cretto Albino Burri, which is one of the most important works of Land Art anywhere in the world.
Under the shining white of San Martino’s Summer, there is a cloak that covers the cold memory of January. It is a cloak to protect the memories of the death of the nobilty or the “viddani”, (farmers), to the places where the family loves ones are, the houses of their relatives, the streets and the “putie”.

The thin, clean air is unable to oxygenate. Under the shroud, breathing ceases. The olive trees will soon lose their autumn leaves, and the buzzards will open their eyes to seek out prey. However, beneath the shroud, breathing stops.

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