Horseback riding in Sicily

The connection between Sicily’s horses and its people is deep. An example of this is the native Sicilian horse. It was bred in the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains, Palermo and Agrigento. Another example of a horse is Sanfratellano, which is a wild horse that lives in the Nebrodi mountains. This strong, robust horse seems to reflect the harshness of these lands, and can also be used for equestrian tourism.

The perfect place for horseback riding in the natural parks of the Madonie and Nebrodi all the way to Palermo.

It is an amazing experience to visit hidden corners, travel from one natural setting to the next, and enjoy the stunning views of Sicily. It is something you should try at least once in your life. There are many riding schools, horse stables, and associations that offer opportunities to enjoy a pleasant ride with expert instructors and guides.

You can choose from short walks to longer hikes lasting up to ten days. For those who wish to try the region’s famous gastronomic delights (black pig meat, provole Cheese, mushrooms, battered Frittuine of Vegetables), there are many options.

There are riding schools, riding centers, and riding associations all over the island.

How about riding on the shore at Giardini Naxos

Some riding schools offer activities for all disciplines such as dressage, vaulting, and endurance. They are located all over the region. You can find courses for beginners and professionals, as well as for seniors, of all ages. There are great options in Palermo, Catania. There are also great opportunities in Trapani and Siracusa.

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