Hotel La Ninfa: Hidden Gem on Amalfi Coast

The sapphire sea shimmers like ocean blue diamonds and reflects a million tiny points from the Italian sunlight. My room is illuminated by the simple elegance of Saracen-styled decor, as the morning sun rays flood in. As I wake up to the sound of the waves gently lapping on the pebbled beach below me, I look out to see the caramel-colored cliffs that protrude into the sky. Bellissimo.

The breathtaking view of southern Italy’s Amalfi coast fills my vision. It sweeps unrestrained through colorful flowerpots, shimmering waters, and azure skies. The warm Mediterranean sea breezes caress my face as if it were a lover.

“Buongiorno!” He greets me with a big smile and asks if I slept well. They could not agree more.

The warm morning breeze blows in through the three large arched glass windows on the main veranda. It stirs the smells of breakfast all around the hotel.

The air is filled with the aromas of freshly baked cakes, dark coffee, buttery croissants, and fresh fruits. My senses feel heightened.

La Ninfa Hotel is a tiny treasure hidden on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a secret gem tucked away among the dramatic rock cliffs. This coast of dreams is only 24 miles away from chaos in Naples. Here, peace, romance, and tranquility reign supreme. All my dreams of Italian charm and intimate intimacy have been realized in this hotel high above the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

“This is beautiful, not?” I hear Maurizio’s lilting accent again as my vision sweeps across the 180-degree panorama that consists of clear skies, soaring mountain peaks, and an endless sea.

“My family wanted the world to know our story of this unique location and the beautiful views over the ancient Mermaid’s Sea.

La Ninfa is Italian for “the mermaid”, and it’s named after Hercules, who was a mermaid lover to “Amalfi” in ancient legends. Hercules buried her in the most beautiful part of the world, the Amalfi Coast. Maurizio winks. He smiles and has a spark in his eyes.

It is romantic. La Ninfa is a small hotel located just outside Amalfi’s medieval city. This charming little hotel offers a romantic getaway for honeymooners that boasts a five-star view at a three-star rate.

There are only 10 rooms in the hotel, and half of them have stunning sea views. Hotel La Ninfa offers a warm, personal atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation.

The villa was built in the 1800s and passed to Maurizio’s parents who turned it into a hotel. The elegant design of blue majolica tiles and terracotta creates a sense of calm and serenity in winter and summer.

Amalfi is a short walk along the coast that brings me to Amalfi. It offers a unique blend of traditional culture and pristine nature, as well as fairy-tale romance. All this wrapped in the comforts of relaxed beach-style living. This is where I feel most at home: the city of cobblestone streets, hidden labyrinths, delicious Limoncello shops, and romantic candlelit restaurants. Here, lovers can sip wine while stealing kisses.

The tranquil waters of the beach below are inviting. The 400-step, cliff-engraved staircase takes me to Duoglio Beach. This is a beautiful piece of paradise with turquoise waters, two restaurants, and all the sailing, snorkeling, and canoeing that I could wish for.

Even better, you can take fishing lessons from an authentic Italian Pescatore to learn the traditional methods of fishing the Mediterranean seas.

Then, there was the beautiful sunset. I feel dizzy with delight and smile constantly as I relax on the La Ninfa Terrace, sipping an Italian Bellini, and thinking back to the brave little fish that had been around my ankles in those waters of blue brilliance.

The sun sets in a cherry pink hue over the mountains to my right. It reflects off the water and fades into the endless ocean. My memories of this idyllic little paradise are not going to fade, unlike the sunset.


Hotel La Ninfa

La Ninfa guests can reserve a lounge chair, umbrella and lift access from the Excelsior Hotel up to the beach at EUR 15 per day (US $23). The Amalfi Centre is just 2km (1.2 miles) away via bus service.

The rooms include a private bathroom, A/C and color TV. There is also free internet access at the front desk. The price of double and triple rooms varies depending on season.

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