House of Memories Felicia and Peppino Imastato

An inspiring story about love, courage and resistance…

Felicia has lived in the house of Peppino Imastato since her son’s murder.

A house-museum that reflects the pain and dedication in fighting mafia from a family that was for many years compelled to do so by organized crime.

Felicia marries Luigi Impastato and marks her entry in a Mafia clan. After the tragic death of her son, Felicia will rebel against silence and open the doors to this house to share her story as well as the story of her son who was killed by the Mafia.

This House-Museum Felicia featured all that belonged to Peppino, his fight for legality, and justice.

It was a long and difficult road to justice for her son.

Felicia grew up to be a woman, despite her disarming simplicity. She was strong and determined, and despite being afraid and prejudiced at first, she never accepted that Peppino’s suicide or terrorist murder could have been the cause of her death.

Some government officials abandoned her, which was a huge mistake. However, the stain has been cleaned out by honest judges who made the sacrifice and lost their lives.

The Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission presented Felicia with a report on December 7, 2000. It was at her House of Memories front door.

Felicia, who died December 7, 2004, courageously finished the task of her lifetime and has left us with her House of Memories. This symbolic location, which Umberto Santino, president of Impastato Center, calls a “Lay Altar”.

It is a place where memory, disclosure of truth, and culture are made visible.

It can still hear, even today, the exaggerated voices of father and son arguing in the silence between those walls. This is right in front of a woman who was unable to bear the constant chaos of a family.

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