Ten Best Italian Jewelry Brands

10 Best Italian Jewel Brands

You might be familiar with some of the Italian designer jewelry brands that I’ll be talking about today. Bulgari, Buccellati and the likes Pomellato are all well-known. These are some of the most prestigious luxury jewelry brands in Italy. But, fine metal craftsmanship is not the only thing that Italy has to offer.

You may already be aware of how crazy I am about sharing what I love most in my life. It includes the most renowned Italian jewelry brands, so I decided to include some lesser-known ones. These companies are well-deserving of a place on the list. You’ll be glad you did once you start reading.

1. Bulgari

Bulgari would be my choice if I had to pick one of the top jewelry brands. There is no doubt about it. Bulgari is the only famous Italian jewelry brand that displays opulence like Bulgari. A luxury brand is born when gemstones, rose gold, and large, heavy pieces are combined.

Bulgari is an iconic Italian brand. It was founded in Rome in 1884 and has maintained a unique Italian style of looking at things. Bulgari isn’t about too much. Maybe it does, and it is spread in waves of too many so sophisticated that it becomes a new standard. Bulgari jewelry has it all: vibrant colors, large paves of steel, and dangling pearls.

2. Damiani – Famous Italian Jewelry Brands

Damiani is known all over the globe for being one the most respected jewelry brands. Damiani will also celebrate its 100th anniversary in three years. Because of the hard work of its family, it’s one those businesses that makes me dream. Damiani, which is today “the leading brand on the Italian jewelry market”, holds 18 Diamonds International Awards.

The brand’s mission is the same today: to create intricate, ornate designs that give you the feeling of wearing an Italian piece. Damiani is a leader in the search for modern jewelry with muses like Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, and Sofia Loren.

3. Pomellato – Italian Luxury Jewelry Brands


Pomellato would not be on any list of the top Italian jewelry brands. Since its inception in 1967, it’s not an old jewelry brand. It has been a top-selling brand among Italian designer jewel brands for a mere few decades.

Pomellato’s dream collection includes the famously vibrant cocktail rings and the dazzling Iconica range, which is adorned with multicolored gemstones. Pomellato jewelry is modern, stylish, bold, and elegant.

4. Unoaerre – Jewelry Made in Italy

UnoAErre is a company that makes amazing Italian-made gold jewelry. UnoAErre, although not well-known abroad, is almost 100 years old. The company was founded in 1926 and is present in more than 40 countries. This Italian jewelry designer focuses on the fine quality of the gold they use in their exquisite pieces.

UnoAErre is more than a jewelry brand. It has been through wars, and you would return your jewelry to the government in order to pay for the war. The brand’s goal is to offer jewelry and accessories that are socially and environmentally responsible. We love big, bold, and traditional jewelry brands.

5. Buccellati

Buccellati is a top-rated Italian jewelry brand. It’s a delight to behold. Buccellati is a brand I love for its extraordinary jewelry pieces. It is in the same vein as Bulgari, another famous Italian jewelry brand.

Buccellati has been mixing metals with gemstones since 1919 when the first Milan store opened. These laden pieces remind us of the Renaissance’s opulence. I love it when brands tell their customers about their inspirations. This is exactly what Buccellati does. The collections are inspired by Etruscan culture, Italian vegetation, Venetian Lace ,…, and each one is more beautiful than the last.

6. Massai Orafi

As you know, I love Italian jewelry. Massai Orafi is the most traditional brand among all these Italian brands. The Massai goldsmiths from Florence have been crafting unique pieces since 1950. Each piece is handcrafted using the best jewelry skills and the sharpest eyes.

It is fascinating to discover that the Ponte Vecchio’s jewelry shops have been commissioning Orafi Massai Goldsmiths for over two centuries. If you are ever in Florence’s historic center, the Massai workshop can be visited to see how fine jewelry is made.

7. Roberto Coin – Italian Designer Jewelry Brands

Roberto Coin is the only luxury Italian jewelry brand I admire as much. Roberto Coin jewelry was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as one of the top jewelry brands. Roberto Coin jewelry is a well-known brand that offers elegance and creativity in high-end pieces.

Jewelry that isn’t too extravagant but still has a wearable status is what I like. Roberto Coin’s masterpieces are exactly what I feel like. They are timeless and were made in Vicenza (also known as the City of Gold). The apple doesn’t always fall far from its tree. Roberto Coin isn’t just about fashion. It’s all about the concept of art, style and expression, twisted over and again.

Roberto Coin’s fun fact is that every jewel is made with a tiny ruby that touches the skin directly. Roberto Coin clients are able to send “good wishes” and this is definitely something to enjoy.

8. Rosantica

Rosantica offers jewelry made in Italy by a brand called Rosantica. Atelier Rosantica is a brand that can be found in the old area of Milan. This is where you will find handmade Italian gold jewelry. Rosantica was founded by Michela Panero in 2010. It was intended to be an artistic solution for a jewelry market that is still lacking in quirky materials.

Michela Panero is one of the most innovative Italian jewelry designers. She mixes pearls, velvets, brasses, chains, silks and other unusual materials to create her exquisite jewelry pieces. The brand’s website and Instagram accounts showcase a remarkable line of bags. The bags were made available to the public in 2019 and incorporate all types of arts into their designs. Rosantica is a remarkable jewelry brand that combines architecture and futuristic designs. Their art is a reflection of their confidence.

9. Sauro Jewelry – Men’s Italian Jewelry

Sauro Jewelry was founded in 1978 and is one of the most well-known Italian jewelry brands. Men are often overlooked when it comes to Italian silver jewelry, rose gold or gold. This is a shame, considering that many of the most prestigious Italian jewelry brands include men in their collections.

Ivo Sedazzari began his career as a goldsmith in Milan in 1978. He was immediately successful. It is heavy and fine jewelry, with a wide range of materials. Sauro Jewelry is an unusual brand that you should consider if you are looking for unique jewelry made from wood, carbon fiber, and ceramic.

10. Stroili

Stroili is one of my favourite Italian jewelry brands. I love its unique designs. Stroili is a great choice if you are looking for quality, affordable jewelry made in Italy. You’ll find the perfect pieces, whether you need Italian gold jewelry or sets that suit different occasions. Stroili, a top-selling Made in Italy jewelry brand, was established in 1996.

Their products are available in most retail shops throughout Italy. However, they also have brand shops. You can shop online if you like, or you can visit their website to order your items. Stroili is a company with a winning philosophy. Their beautiful pieces made Stroili a top choice. We recommend looking at their ring collection as well as their beautiful earrings.

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