Umbria often referred to as “the green heart” of Italy is a treasure trove for exploration. It is home to beautiful Umbria, with its fertile landscapes, olive groves, and seductive vineyards. It’s easy to fall into the tourist traps. It’s difficult to find the real treasures in the area once you are taken in. We have been there, so we know what to look for. Each one offers something different and special. We have everything you need, whether you are looking for beauty or history or culture.

1. Spellbinding Spello

Umbria is a beautiful postcard, it’s clear. Just when you think you have seen everything, you come across Spello. It is undoubtedly Umbria’s most beautiful town. There’s something truly magical about its charm. Spello is a beautiful town with its rich architecture, winding streets, and churches.

It is a great town. We recommend that you visit during the summer. The warm weather is what showcases the honey-colored houses that you see on Google images. Let’s not forget about the endless supply of florals. The freshness of flowers is tangible – it’s heavenly!

2. Grounded Gubbio

This medieval town, which is both imposing and angular, is unlike any other in Umbria. The buildings in this oldest town are very gothic, and the architecture exudes tradition.

It is a beautiful old town. You can find products related to leather, iron, and gold at quirky stalls or craft shops. Although it may sound like another market, these stalls and craft shops are rare and locals are eager to share their stories.

Melt in your mouth truffles will set your tastebuds ablaze. They can be used on almost everything, trust us!

3. Tasty Torgiano

This one is for foodies. Torgiano is surrounded by olive groves, and vineyards upon vines. It produces the finest extra-virgin olive oils and smooth, peppery red wines. The Museo del Vino is a museum that teaches about the history of this small town. It is the most qualified wine museum in Italy, guaranteeing a great glass of wine.

Torgiano retains its medieval appearance and remains of its ancient walls. Baglioni Tower is a must-see if you are visiting Torgiano. It is well worth taking a few pictures of the guard tower.

4. Tantisling Todi

Todi, perched high on a hilltop above the flowing River Tiber, looks like something from a fairy tale. This charming town is attracting more tourists every day but it has remained untouched by tourism.

A slice of Umbrian life. What better way to indulge than in slow-cooked pigeon with a dry, delicate white wine? Todi is a great base for exploring Umbria. Montefalco, Perugia, and other towns are just a short drive away.

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