How to Travel Green in Italy – 2020

We at Walks are passionate about promoting responsible and sustainable travel in Italy. Walking, supporting local shops and businesses, and raising cultural awareness are all hallmarks of responsible tourism.

However, a tour with us does not mean you have to support the locals. Here are some tips for sustainable travel if you love Italy and want your trip to be as good as possible for the country.

Limonade sellers on the Amalfi Coast

How to be an eco-friendly Tourist

  • Choose local, organic food. If you aren’t sure what to eat in a new place, arrange for a food tour with a local guide. They can help you find the best places to eat and which ones to avoid.
  • Always carry a reusable water bottle– Don’t buy plastic water bottles while traveling. You can fill up at a drinking fountain or ask staff members to refill you before you leave a restaurant, cafe or hotel. If you have to, opt for glass bottles.
  • Avoid printing your travel documents . Wherever possible, for flights, tours, and hotel stays, you can save paper by having your documents saved to your phone.
  • Use your hotel towels This is a simple tip that most hotels around the globe request.
  • Dispose of all refuse in your hotel room – Although most hotels ask for you to reuse your towels, some don’t have any guidelines regarding waste disposal. However, it is easier for staff members to recycle if you separate your general waste from paper and plastics. Keep glass on the side.
  • Be ethical when visiting attractions. Major tourist attractions are often the most visited in the world . However, anyone can dream of walking through the Gladiator’s Gate and into Rome’s historic Colosseum. You can still tread lightly.
  • Explore lesser-known areas Besides visiting the main attractions of a city (e.g., Rome), you can also visit the less-known neighborhoods to enjoy an evening or to get away from the crowds. Take a trip to the countryside outside of Rome to get an different look at the lives of the Popes or visit a working farm in Tuscany on a daytrip.
  • No to takeaway coffee. One thing tourists will notice when visiting Italy is that the locals do not rush around with a cup of coffee in their hands. Recent visitors might have noticed that some cafes are now offering takeaway coffee. You can have your coffee at the bar, it’s much more authentic.
  • Take your time and get to know the city. If possible, visit the most popular areas only once. Follow the rules of the city. Don’t attach love locks to bridges. And don’t be afraid to buy souvenirs made from plastic!
  • Take public transportation – But, walking is the best way to get around (#takewalks!)
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