Italy explained: Getting out of the Office

Italy map by Daniel de La Feuille (1640-1709)

I will be away from the office for a while, as I fly to Rome in a week.

This trip will take me to Italy for approximately a month. I wanted to let everyone know. It may take me longer to respond to questions you send via email, Twitter, Facebook, or comments. Although I will have internet access almost everywhere I stay, I don’t plan to spend too much time sitting at my computer.


However, I will be uploading photos to Instagram and through that app to the Facebook page for Italy Explained. So those social media destinations will be great places to follow my trip and add some Italy images to you day. Who doesn’t want to see some Italy images?

For half of the trip I will be alone in Italy. The other half – the middle part – I will be traveling with my boyfriend, his family and some friends who have never been to Italy. As a result, we will be able to visit all the major attractions and maybe even see an Easter celebration.

I am more than a little excited.

Old spots can be rediscovered, but there is also new territory to discover. Perhaps the best part is that there are so many friends to make.

You can now follow the journey by visiting the following websites. I’ll return to my desk in April.

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