Italy’s Most Beautiful Lakes in Photos

The lakes of Italy, from Lake Garda to Lake Como, and many other lesser-known lakes, are simply breathtaking. We don’t think so. These photos show seven of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. We don’t blame you if we make you want to jump on the next plane!

You can’t view this lake from your balcony at a luxury hotel. That’s the beauty of it! Arpy lake is located beneath the Alps of the Valle d’Aosta autonomous region in Italy’s northwest corner. This area is ideal for mountain biking or hiking, and there are many other beautiful lakes and ponds that you can explore. This photo was taken in summer, despite the distant snow-capped peaks.

The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is also the most well-known. It is a popular tourist destination, especially in summer. If you are looking for luxury, it is also one of the most luxurious lakes in Italy. It is also home to the beautiful Scaligero castle and the ruins of an old villa called the Grotto de Catullus.

It is shared by Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is Italy’s second-largest lake. There are several islands here, including Isola Bella which is completely occupied by Palazzo Borromeo since the 17th century.

Lake Trasimeno is a beautiful lake in central Italy. Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in the Italian peninsula southwest of the River Po is peaceful, beautiful, and only a half-hour drive from Cortona. It is also quite historic. In 217 B.C., Hannibal won the Battle of Lake Trasimene. This was one of the most successful military ambushes ever recorded.

It is the third largest lake in Italy, Lake Como. This place is also a popular destination for VIPs. The lake is lined with opulent villas and their gardens like the Villa Monastero. George Clooney and Gianni Versace are just a few of the modern-day stars who have made Lake Como their home.

Lago d’Orta is a lesser-known destination than Lake Maggiore. It has long been a popular spot for writers and artists. Lou Andreas Salome met Nietzsche here. Other famous visitors include Robert Browning, Henry Bourdeaux, and Balzac.

Lake Lugano, located at the border of Italy and Switzerland, is another beautiful lake in the foothills the Alps.

These lakes are stunning and well worth visiting. However, you should do your research before swimming in them. Many lakes, including Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, are heavily polluted. Lake Lugano is the worst. Avoid jumping into the seemingly sparkling water and avoid eating seafood caught from lakes.

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