It’s April in Italy: What you Need to Know

I believe May is now Italy’s high-season tourist season. This means April is the end . Although April’s weather can be more unpredictable than in June and January, you’re more likely to have sun and warm weather than to get rained upon in April.

April in Italy is not as popular as you might think. This is partly due to the improving weather and because of many big-ticket events and holidays that take place in April. These events could be the reason that you book your trip. Here’s some information about the weather and holidays in April for those who are planning to visit Italy.

April Weather in Italy

The northern hemisphere’s April is moving towards summer. But that doesn’t mean all the sun will be shining. It can be quite unpredictable in April in Italy – recall those “April showers” children’s rhymes? It’s often much sunnier than it gets wet.

April in the north is less likely to be wet and slightly colder than April in the south. Although it’s unlikely that Sicilians will be heading to the beaches in large numbers in April, those from colder climates may feel tempted. It’s a good idea for tourists to bring a rain jacket or small umbrella along with their sunglasses. In the course of a single day, you may find yourself needing both.

The following are the average temperatures for March in different regions of Italy:

  • Northern Italy: 40-60°F (5-16°C)
  • Central Italy: 50-65degF (10-18degC)
  • Southern Italy: 55-65degF (13-18degC).

As always, make sure to check the extended forecast for the place you are actually going before you leave. This will allow you to know in advance if it is unseasonably warm or cold.

Italy Festivals and Holidays, April

Easter is often celebrated in April, even though it follows the liturgical calendar. This means that it doesn’t occur on the same day every year. Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and the entire Holy Week that precedes them are all major holidays in Italy. Some people consider it a dream to be in Italy on Easter. Others see the or Easter Mass at Vatican. But if you don’t expect the celebrations, it could end up being a nightmare of closed signs and fewer trains.

Also, make sure to consult my calendar with Italian holidays and festivals before heading out to find out when Easter falls this year.

Other holidays that occur in April on fixed dates are the Anniversary of the Founding of Rome, which is celebrated only in Rome, and Liberation Day, which is a national holiday. You should also consider saint’s day, which are days when cities honor their patron saint. For example, Saint Mark’s Feast Day is April 25th in Venice. There are also celebrations. These saint’s day don’t often shut down a city so they shouldn’t cause too much trouble for travelers even if you’re not aware until you witness the celebrations.

April isn’t all seriousness. April 1st in Italy is April Fool’s Day. It’s also known as “Pesce d’Aprile” or April’s Fish.

Why travel to Italy in April?

As I stated earlier, the . If you find March weather too dreary, April may be your best option.

The shoulder seasons offer the best combination between decent weather, smaller crowds and affordable prices. They are therefore appealing. Given that Easter is Italy’s most popular holiday, this period around Easter represents a short high season in spring in terms of both prices and crowds. This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t travel to Italy during Easter. It’s just to warn you about what to expect.

Being prepared in this instance means booking accommodation in advance. You should also avoid making Easter Sunday or Monday your main travel day. If possible, you should book your train tickets and reservations well in advance. Public transportation and trains will operate on a less busy schedule. This also includes knowing when certain attractions will be closed.

You may find that you need to have both sunglasses and an umbrella in the same day, which may make it difficult for you to plan your perfect Italian vacation. Although April can be sunny, there are often freak storms that can make you wet if you don’t have access to a cafe or dress for summer. If you have a tight budget, you may not mind being prepared for any weather that comes your way in order to save some money on a trip. However, if you are looking to spend your Italy vacation entirely on beaches and hiking, then you might consider a summer trip.

I believe that April, despite its unpredictable weather, can still be a great time to visit Italy. It’s an opportunity to see the most popular attractions without crowds. It’s an opportunity to see some of the most popular holidays in Italy, while also allowing you to escape from the crowds. As long as you don’t rush and spend half an hour in a bar sipping hot chocolate while the rain stops, you’ll be fine.

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