It’s August in Italy: What you Need to Know

August is in the summer in Italy, according to the calendar. August is a month when many Italians go on vacation. However, this means that there is a slight drop in tourist season in Florence and Rome. This is because locals are flocking to the beaches to escape the heat of the cities.

It is possible to find pros and cons in August in Italy depending on your itinerary and heat tolerance. It is important to research August before you go.

Here’s everything you need to know about the weather and holidays in Italy if you plan to travel there in August.

August Weather in Italy

Temperature averages change by definition. These temperatures are the current range, but it has been getting warmer over time, so these numbers seem downright cool compared to the heat wave stories I’ve recently read.

Also, August in Italy has been hot lately, and you can find it almost everywhere.

The following are the average temperatures for August in different regions of Italy:

  • Northern Italy: 65-85degF (18-30degC).
  • Central Italy: 70-90degF (21-32degC)
  • Southern Italy: 80-90degF (26-30degC).

August is Italy’s hottest month. This is due to high humidity in many areas of the country. This is why August is a popular vacation month for many Italians (and other Europeans). They hang signs saying “closed” on their city stores and then make a run for the nearest beach.

Although you might think that hot weather is not a problem, remember that on hot days back home, you are usually at work or in an air-conditioned place and aren’t constantly trying to finish a list of itinerary items. You can brave the heat if you are willing to. Make sure that your hotel has air conditioning.

As always, make sure to check the extended forecast for the place you are actually going before you leave. This will allow you to know in advance if it is unseasonably warm or cold.

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August Holidays and Festivals in Italy

August is the most popular month for vacation in Italy, but it also holds one of the country’s national holidays. Ferragosto (also known as Assumption Day) is August 15. Even in big cities, where businesses are open throughout August, restaurants and shops (as well as some museums and attractions) might close on the 15th.

Each summer there are two runs of the Palio of Siena. The second is in August on the 16th. Verona’s Opera Festival runs through August and into September. There are also other local festivals that take place in August.

To see the latest events in Italy, it’s a good idea check out my Italian holiday schedule.

Why go to Italy in August when it is so beautiful?

It’s possible to wonder why anyone would go to Italy in August, when even the Italians try their best to get out. This is a valid question. There are, at the very least, some good answers.

This includes lower prices and smaller crowds.

Summer is . However, because so many Italians have August off there’s an increase in hotel room prices. The Italians don’t live in cities so the tourist crowds are smaller. The tourist crowds at the beaches are smaller than those who travel to Europe in August.

This means that if you travel to Italy in August, the lines for entry into museums and attractions will be shorter than in July. Your travel budget will also go further than it did a month ago. You will pay more for smaller crowds and better deals, but you’ll also have to endure the heat and humidity, along with closing some restaurants and shops for the month.

August is not the month of ghost towns for major tourist destinations like Rome, Venice, or Florence. The most vulnerable to feeling abandoned in August are the smaller towns without a steady tourist flow. Except for the beaches, which are packed to capacity at every hotel on the beach, everywhere in Italy.

If you are like me, extreme heat can make you feel sick. I would advise against traveling to Italy in August. At the very minimum, you should take it slow and drink plenty of water. If you are a sun-savoring sun-saver who loves the idea of a summer sale, August may be the perfect time to visit Italy.

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