It’s November in Italy: What you Need to Know

If you picture your dream trip to Italy, there are good chances that you envision sun-soaked piazzas, sun-soaked beaches, and sun-soaked hills. It isn’t sunny in November in Italy. You can still make November a great month to visit Italy, but you should be more concerned about saving money than getting a tan.

November acts as a bridge between Italy’s fall shoulder season (November) and the winter offseason (November). Prices for accommodation and airfare are usually low. However, the downside to this drop in cost is that the weather may not be as ideal as most people would like. Continue reading to learn more about November in Italy.

November Weather in Italy

November is Italy’s wettest month. It covers almost all of the peninsula. Although it is not the coldest month, it is often the best time to have a sweater and warm coat (not to mention water-resistant shoes).

It is more common for the southern regions of Italy to be warmer all year. If you are looking for something that feels like fall or early winter, you should consider heading south. An umbrella is a must, no matter where you are going.

These are the average temperatures for different regions of Italy:

  • Northern Italy: 35-50°F (2-10°C)
  • Central Italy: 45-60degF (7-16degC)
  • Southern Italy: 55-65degF (13-18degC).

As always, make sure to check the extended forecast for your destination before you go – packing is a great time! This will allow you to know ahead of time if there are unseasonably cold spells or warm spells.

Italy’s November Holidays and Festivals

November begins with All Saints Day, an Italian national holiday. It is celebrated on November 1. While some places hold semi-public celebrations around All Saints Day (Ognissanti or Tutti i Santi in Italian), this is the day when most Italians visit cemeteries every year to pay their respects to those who have passed away. If you are a person who loves cemeteries, then November 1 and 2 are the best days to visit one in Italy. Respect the families who tend to graves of relatives.

The majority of fall harvest festivals end by November. However, it is worth checking the calendars for the places you will be visiting to make sure. Festivals can continue into November, such as the White Truffle Festival held in Alba. CioccolaTO, Turin’s chocolate festival was moved from March to November. It’s now a great November option for anyone who is in the north. To get started on your November event calendar, take a look at my .

Why go to Italy in November when you can visit other countries?

It’s not the main reason to visit Italy in November. These are the big selling points, such as saving money and being able to avoid crowds. Although Italy is never empty of tourists, lines in November are significantly shorter than in summer. The weather might not be as important as it appears at first, since many top things to do and see in Italy are indoors.

Keep in mind that not only is it the weather, but some attractions and hotels also have different off-season schedules. This could mean that museums are closed for longer hours or, in certain cases, that hotels close completely during winter months. It is not an issue in large tourist destinations, but it could be in smaller towns. Before you make any final plans, it is worth looking at accommodation options.

If you don’t mind packing an umbrella and going to lots of indoor attractions, you will have a great time in Italy in November.

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