It’s October in Italy: What you Need to Know

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Blanket Vineyard – Roberto Faccenda (creative Commons)

If asked by people what my favorite season to travel in Italy is, I will always answer spring or fall. The truth is, I love the fall because of the numerous food and wine festivals that take place all across the country. October is Italy’s autumn shoulder season. This means that prices for accommodation and airfare are often lower, but harvest festivals continue to draw people from all over the country. Don’t expect to be able to enjoy Italy by yourself. Continue reading to learn more about October in Italy.

Weather in Italy, October

Although September can still be hot and sunny, October is usually the start of fall. The temperatures drop across the peninsula in October, with a greater chance of rain. You’ll likely need to have both sunglasses and an umbrella for this month.

It’s unlikely that you will find Europeans or Italians on the beaches of October. They think it’s too cold and they have had their August beach holidays. But if you are from a cooler climate, you might be delighted to see warm days and almost empty beaches.

These are the average temperatures for different regions of Italy:

  • Northern Italy: 45-65degF (7-18degC).
  • Central Italy: 55-70degF (13-21degC)
  • Southern Italy: 65-75degF (18-24 degC).

As always, make sure to check the extended forecast for your destination before you go – packing is a great time! This will allow you to know ahead of time if there are any unseasonably cold spells or hot spells.

Italy October Holidays and Festivals

As I mentioned at the beginning, fall is when festival and food lovers will want to visit Italy. The White Truffle Festival in Alba, and Perugia’s EuroChocolate are two of the October harvest festivals that draw large crowds of foodies all over the globe. Although there are no major national holidays in October, it’s worth checking if there is a list of events in the area you are visiting. This will help you plan your trip and make sure you can be there for an event such as a celebration of a patron saint or harvest festival. To get started, take a look at my list of Italian holidays and festivals.

Why travel to Italy in October when you can go to other countries?

Umm, did I mention the food festivals? You can also include wine. You get the idea. Foodies love October in Italy. Are you not a foodie? You don’t have to be a foodie? October offers plenty of perks.

As we mentioned, October is Italy’s autumn shoulder season. This can save you a lot on your airfare, accommodation, and sometimes even activities such as walking tours, if you have a limited budget. However, attractions don’t usually have off-season pricing. Except for the tourists who visit Italy’s wine and food festivals, there is usually an increase in summer visitors to the country. Rome isn’t empty, but lines for places like the Colosseum are getting shorter.

People who only want sun and beaches will not find October appealing, as it is just as likely to be cool and rainy in the evenings as it is to sunny and beautiful. For those who are looking for gardens, it will disappoint them that there isn’t much to be found. It still has many great things to offer, which is why October remains one of my favourite times to visit Italy.

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8 Responses to “Traveling To Italy In October: What You Should Know”

  • Mark Melnick says:

    It’s still pleasant in Rome, so it’s mid-late October. ?

    • Jess has the following:

      These are just averages. They’re meant to give an idea of the weather in Italy at any given time. However, they can change drastically in real-life. To ensure that they don’t get caught out, I encourage everyone to always check the weather forecast before packing.

  • Austen Heydon:

    Many of the lake’s boat lines will be closed starting in October

  • Bobby:

    Are you able to give me any information about the Slow Food events that take place in Turin every even year? I am planning to go, and would appreciate any tips or suggestions from anyone.

    • Jessica says:

      I haven’t seen anything on The website except a “see You in 2018”, but that’s where I would imagine it’s best to keep checking.

  • Shelley says:

    We plan to travel in October. It’s already mid-April, so how far ahead do you normally book your airfare to get the best rates? For mid October, I see rates from Cincinnati of $1,100-1.200. We are trying to decide whether we should book. Thank you for this great article.

    • Jessica says:

      If there are multiple airports that you can fly from and into, I set up email alerts so I am notified if the price changes. This allows me to monitor the price and get a better idea when it’s time to buy. To keep myself from getting too stressed, I cancel the alerts after I have purchased my tickets. Although I think you are in a good place to monitor prices, I personally don’t book my flights six months ahead of time.

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