It’s off season in Italy: Florence

Are you thinking of going to Florence in winter? It’s a great time of year! (Really!) These are some reasons to love Florence in the off-season… and other, perhaps less great, things you should keep in mind when visiting Florence.

What is Florence’s off-season? The off-season in Florence is November through Easter, except for Christmas and New Year.

What to Expect in the Off-Season: Florence is a small town that draws large tourist crowds. This doesn’t disappear completely in the off-season (it never does). It does decrease, but it doesn’t disappear completely. While you may not be able to have Michelangelo’s David all to yourself, you might share him with just one or two dozen people. And you won’t need to worry about waiting in line for a chance to get in.

It makes it much easier to watch people… Florentines! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy a glass of wine in a Florentine enoteca and watch the well-dressed people around you.

You can feel the festive vibe in the air around Christmas. Twinkling lights can be seen strung along the streets. Italians go out in large numbers to shop for Christmas, and Christmas markets begin to appear.

Remember that it can be cold and rainy in Florence. November is Florence’s rainiest month. It gets about 4-5 inches of rainfall per month. This amount is comparable to New York City but twice as much as the average for London. (Really!). January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 34-51 degrees F. It’s still quite mild compared to other parts of the globe.

Come to Florence during the low season.Bring layers. If you want to look fashionable and “fit in” with Florentines, you will need to wear leather shoes and boots for men and wool button-up jackets for women. Enjoy the experience. It’s a great time to visit Florence in the summer!

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