Jazz Cafe Roma Review

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Are you searching for the best jazz clubs in Rome Italy. Although it might seem surprising, Italians love Jazz. There are many options for jazz bars in Rome, especially if they have live jazz. We all know that it is important to choose the best places to enjoy jazz in Rome Italy. We are going to be talking about the best jazz bars in Rome and specifically Jazz Cafe Roma Piazza Navona. This is the perfect spot to enjoy morning coffee, lunch and cooking classes. There are also art exhibitions and live jazz music in the evening. Let’s take a look at Jazz Cafe Rome.

Jazz Cafe Roma Review – a great jazz bar Rome is hosting

It’s important that you choose a jazz bar in Rome that is well-known, offers great food and great drinks. This is how Jazz Cafe Rome Italy was discovered and fell in love. It was very quiet and simple when the current owners purchased it years ago. However, this has changed over the past year thanks to the owner and the event manager Manuel Bosco.

Piazza Navona is the best place to find live jazz in Rome Italy. Jazz Cafe Rome Italy can be found just around the corner. Jazz Cafe is a great jazz bar in Rome. They host local musicians and other events every weekend night. There are many outstanding performers there. Below is a brief overview of the restaurant and all the events, live music nights, art exhibits, Jazz Cafe Rome menu, as well as the cooking classes by Eatalian Cooks that are held during the day.

Jazz Cafe Roma Piazza Navona – Overview

Imagine yourself going to a Rome jazz club on Saturday night. You find yourself in one of the most popular jazz bars in Rome. You order dinner and then enjoy the evening, not knowing what you might find. Jazz Cafe Roma is not just about elegance jazz club Rome offers. It’s also about the food, art and vibes.

The restaurant/bar isn’t a tourist destination, but it offers the chance to enjoy the best of Rome Italy jazz, enjoy Pasta alla Carbonara, and sip great wine as you prepare for the rest. I was first invited to Saturday’s show in March 2022 after the pandemic. I honestly didn’t know what would happen that made me fall in love.

Fatimah is an African-American singer with the most incredible voice. She lives in Rome while her crew participates in bars and events, giving people the best night of the year. Goosebumps will set in when you hear an old Etta, with a voice almost identical to Etta’s, and you’ll remember it until the end. It was an experience that made me want to go back every day. It is an extraordinary place and the staff and event program keep getting better each month.

Jazz Cafe Rome Menu

Jazz Cafe is more than a Jazz Bar Rome hosts. It’s also one of the most popular jazz bars in Rome. You can also find a restaurant and a cafe in the morning. It is basically everything you need. For those mornings when you are looking for cafes around Rome, and you live near Piazza Navona you can stop by this place for a cup of coffee or cornettos.

This restaurant serves excellent Roman cuisine, including fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. We have linked the Jazz Cafe Rome menu. But we will also share highlights! Jazz Cafe is a more affordable place. You can also get Calzoni with different fillings here.

Primi Piatti (first courses) can be ordered from a variety of traditional Italian and Roman dishes such as the Bucatini all’Amatriciana and Tonnarelli Cacio and Pepe. These were the dishes I tried at Jazz Cafe. The Chef’s signature dishes are also available, as well as Secondi Piatti (second-course), which offers a variety of dishes with fish and ground meat.

The Aperitifo is a must-have, and Jazz Cafe Rome’s menu offers many options. My personal favorites are the Suppli, Crostini, with different toppings, Carciofo Alla Giudia (fried artichoke, a Jewish recipe) and the Salmon Tartare. You can also choose aperitifs that include seafood, in addition to everything else from the ground!

Live Jazz, Soul, R&B and other special events

We’ve already described our experience at Jazz Cafe Roma first night with Fatima. Below you can see part of the night as people were still sitting. The party turned into an incredible party, with an incredible voice leading the way. Everyone got up to dance amongst the tables. It was an amazing experience and a great first experience. Below is a reel taken from that night!

You can keep up-to-date with all the Jazz Cafe Roma events via their official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. It’s easy to see who will be performing at Jazz Cafe on which night. You can also plan ahead to ensure you are there for live jazz Rome events.

People might think the Eternal City is boring, but then a bar and restaurant in Rome Italy offers jazz. This is the perfect place to spend an evening in Rome, listening to live music and enjoying delicious Roman cuisine. It will be well worth the effort, I swear!

Art Exhibitions

Jazz Cafe also serves as an art gallery. There are always exhibitions on the premises, as I mentioned earlier. Each month, a new exhibition is on display. Jazz Cafe is a venue for artists, music, painting and art alongside delicious food and drink.

You can also shop any piece displayed at Jazz Cafe. This might seem a bit complicated for people who travel from abroad, but it is possible to return home with an incredible piece of Roman art created by some of the best Roman painters. You can find information about the current art exhibitions on Jazz Cafe’s website.

Jazz Cafe Roma Piazza Navona: Location & Opening Hours

Let’s now talk about the location, hours and times of this jazz bar in Rome. Jazz Cafe is one of Rome’s best jazz bars. It has a busy schedule. We will share the entire schedule for each day and portions of the week.

Jazz Cafe Roma Italy – Location: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 12, 00186 Roma

Hours of Operation: 9AM to 1AM every day of week. They are open every day, not just between lunch and dinner.

Jazz Cafe Live Music: Thursday through Sunday at 9PM.

Classes in Rome for Cooking: 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m. They also offer cooking classes seven days a week.

Jazz Cafe Roma also offers cooking classes

Jazz Cafe Rome Italy is more than a jazz bar. It’s not just a jazz club, but also one of the most popular in Rome Italy. Jazz Cafe Roma Piazza Navona offers more than music and arts. You can also join the cooking class!

If you are looking for the best Italian cooking classes in Rome, then make sure to book with Eatalian cooks! You can find the best pizza cooking classes in Rome at the Piazza Navona. The Jazz Cafe is where Eatalian Cooks classes are held. It’s a great place to enjoy live music (mostly jazz, blues and soul) on weekends.

Even though jazz is the main focus of the evenings, a friendly team including the chefs will show you how to make your very own pizza and pasta. These delicious dishes can be made on-site at the restaurant, which is just a minute from Piazza Navona. You and your own Italian dishes will have a great time with cool people, great vibes, and delicious food. This great restaurant offers cooking classes in Rome.

Let’s wrap up the reasons why Jazz Cafe Roma Piazza Navona is worth a visit

If you are looking for live jazz Rome or the best Rome jazz bar then we hope you have already saved the address. Now, you can check the event calendar to see what’s happening in the Eternal City. You can also visit this restaurant for breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner and cooking classes. There are also art exhibitions and jazz in Rome Italy. You can also check out the Jazz Cafe Rome menu and enjoy some of their specialties as well as traditional Roman dishes. Enjoy one of Rome’s best jazz bars at night!

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