15 Best Cafés in Rome Italy

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You’ve probably all seen a movie in Rome with someone you loved at a charming cafe. I bet you can still picture yourself there. Are you right? It’s because I had my cafe Roma dream before my first visit to Rome 7 years ago. It’s important to be able to identify the best places to eat and drink in Rome, Italy. There are many great places to get the best coffee in Roma. There are many places to get the best coffee in Roma, so we need to publish a book. Don’t worry though, we tried our best to locate the best coffee shops in Rome Italy so that you can experience the Roman coffee dream when you visit The Eternal City.

Where can I get coffee in Rome? 15 Roman Cafes you shouldn’t miss

It is important to remember that a cafe in Rome Italy must be within walking distance of your hotel. No one wants to feel grumpy for 30 mins just to go to a cafe in Rome Italy that is on the opposite side of the city. We cover different areas, including coffee shops that bear Pantheon Rome around Piazza Navona and other central locations as well as those located in various neighborhoods like Monti.

The first thing you should do when visiting Rome is to get the best Italian coffee brands . You should also make sure you visit the best restaurants and best places to go out for dinner, as well as the best rooftop bars.

1. Pasquino Bistrot & Wine Bar

Is there a favorite coffee spot for everyone? My favorite Roman cafe is Bistrot & Wine Bar pasquino. I haven’t changed it in 7 years. This small bar is located on Via del Governo Vecchio, near Piazza Navona. It has a charming outdoor seating area and is on one of Rome’s most charming streets. Amazing staff, quality and charming environment.

Pasquino has been my favorite place to have coffee, aperitivo and late-night drinks since 2015. It’s easy to find it when I’m in Rome, and because of its convenient location, it’s always easy for me to stop by every morning. Bar Pasquino has a great cappuccino. They use a delicious roast and blend. They also have a wide selection of breakfast food including pastries and sandwiches. Bistrot & Wine Bar pasquino is a must-visit coffee shop in Rome Italy. This is the perfect place to begin your day in Rome.

2. Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria

Bar Roscioli is not only a cafe in Rome, but also serves as a restaurant late at night. Bar Roscioli is a place you can get the best coffee in Rome. The interior design and style are very appealing. Roscioli Cafe is located just near Campo di Fiori and I consider it one of the best places for small sweets, tasty sandwiches, or other dishes.

Both the coffee and mini pastries are exquisite. Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria has a wide selection of quick bites and also sells their boxed goods on-site. This place is located right next to the Capo de Fiori market, so it’s worth heading early to get a seat.

3. Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe has many famous and well-known features. It’s the best cafe in Rome (cafe Roma), and it’s where you’ll find the most Roman cuisine. If you are looking for a coffee shop close to Pantheon Rome and are willing and able to walk five minutes, Jazz Cafe is the place to go for your morning coffee.

Either you want to have breakfast pastries with your coffee or you can indulge in vacay-cheating by ordering some of their best desserts. You can eat dessert in Rome if you are there. Jazz Cafe Roma offers delicious food, so be sure to check out their menu.

Jazz Cafe offers more than just coffee. You can also enjoy dinner and live music on weekends. They have a great lineup of singers and artists, and you can also check their calendar on their website. The best place to go for nightlife in Rome. You can also take Eatalian Cooks’ cooking class at Jazz Cafe. You can book a class by following this link

4. Caffe Novecento

Caffe Novecento is a cute cafe in Rome Italy. It’s located on Via del Governo Vecchio and 3 minutes from Bistrot & Wine Bar Pasquino. As you head towards Castel Sant’Angelo, you’ll pass Caffe Novecento. Because of its beautiful outside setting, Caffe Novecento attracts many people to stop by. This place is also popular on Social Media, as many travelers post about it. It’s beautiful!

Caffe Novecento offers Roma coffee. It’s not only a coffee shop, but also a teahouse and a place to have brunch, Aperitivo or organic wines. They’re focusing more on Roman cuisine, Italian Cheese, cold cuts and traditional food. And they have great coffee. This is a great place to stop if you are heading to the Vatican City or returning from the Vatican City. You can’t miss the vibes!

5. Pasticceria Panificio Panella Roma

Pasticceria Panificio Panella Roma is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to a Roman cafe. Panella is a great place to get coffee in Rome Italy. It also has one of the most delicious cafes in Rome, if you’re looking for fresh pastries and coffee. This is a great place to get coffee in Rome if you live between the Termini train station and the Colosseum.

Panella is most well-known for its bread and pastries made from artisanal ingredients. Their creations will amaze you! You will be amazed at the beauty of their outdoor seating. It is beautifully decorated with colorful flowers. Our morning started off with a great start when we stopped by Pasticceria Panificio Panella Roma on our way towards the Colosseum.

6. Vivi Bistrot

Vivi Bistrot is the place to go if you’re looking for a country-style, spiced cafe in Rome Italy. This place is a great choice for ladies and content creators looking for a beautiful, shootable cafe in Rome. There are four places to find Roma coffee and Vivi Bistrot. The one on Piazza Navona is the best for anyone looking for a cafe near Pantheon Rome.

First Le Serre is also located at Villa Pamphili on Piazza Navona and Rinascente, Via del Tritone. Cristina and Daniela, two women who own the coffee shop chain in Rome, combine style, creativity and quality with great food and drinks. They also created their incredible hotspots for espresso in Rome. The owners are passionate about organic ingredients and simple, delicious food. It is a must-see for all!

7. Hosteria del Mercato

You will recognize the Hosteria del Mercato setting if you have been to London or are from London. London is full of cute cafes and restaurants decorated with dozens upon dozens of plants. We all love them! Hosteria del Mercato, a cafe with this green setting in Rome, is the place to go if you want the best coffee!

Hosteria del Mercato can be found in a Renaissance-style garden just steps from the Piazza di Spagna or the Spanish Steps. This place was inspired by London’s Queens Road Farmers Market. They use organic and bio products from farms for their food. It’s a great place to have a morning cup of coffee and explore the organic juice bar and tea room as well as the cocktail bar and bio food market. Their interiors are also sustainable and natural.

8. Bar Pasticceria Romoli Roma

Bar Romoli is the place to go if you want the best coffee in Rome and authentic Roman places. It is a bar/patisserie that has been around for three generations and is regarded as one of the top coffee shops in Rome. Romoli’s story is that of Rome’s Africa neighborhood.

Since Romoli’s inception 65 years ago, customers have trusted and loved Romoli. Three sisters, the parents of today’s business owners, started it as a family-owned enterprise. Romoli offers delicious coffee, breakfast and dessert options. Romoli uses fresh ingredients and the Romoli team makes some of the most delicious sweets you can find in Rome.

9. Gatsby Cafe

Gatsy Cafe, a popular cafe in Rome Italy, is worth a visit. It is located in P.za Vittorio Emanuele II. This makes it a great place to have a Roma coffee. Gatsy Cafe is open every day from 8am to midnight. It’s also open for lunch, dinner and drinks.

Gatsby is a great choice when it comes to best cafe Roma. They are truly lovely in their design and style. Five young men are the owners of this place. This cool spot is run by a group of friends, made up of engineers, economists, and other professionals. Gatsby Cafe is a great place to stop in Rome!

10. Cafe Greco

The elegant Cafe Greco, located between the designer boutiques and the Spanish Steps is another famous cafe in Rome Ital. It’s a place full of history and elegance, and is considered to be one of the top coffee shops in Rome. Cafe Greco is a place where intellectuals and artists once sat, including Gogol, Andersen, and Goethe.

You’ll love the beautiful Belle Epoque. Just as there are specific cafes in Paris, you will want to visit Cafe Greco in Rome to experience that time. This elegant setting reflects the style and design of a period in history that is considered to be one of the most peaceful and beautiful. The intellectual world thrived at a time when industries were thriving.

11. Sant’Eustachio

Sant’Eustachio was very popular among tourists to Rome but less so among the locals. Every morning, I noticed that tourists were flocking to Sant’Eustachio more than the locals. However, most Romans went to the simple, cheaper coffee shop across the street, on this cute piazza. Although it is more expensive than the local cafes, it’s still great quality and worth it.

It’s not nearly as expensive as if you were to have a cup of coffee in the middle Piazza Navona. If you’re looking for a coffee place near Pantheon Rome, Sant’Eustachio would be the closest. It’s only 1 street away. This adorable coffee shop also serves their own coffee, which they import from Brazil via Maya descendents.

If you are looking for the best espresso in Rome with interesting origins, then we recommend that you stop by the shop in the morning. Sant’Eustachio’s owners regularly travel to Brazil to find the best coffee beans and then make the coffee for their customers. This cafe Roma offers cookies, cakes, and chocolate bars as well as other pastries alongside your morning coffee.

12. Bar Monti

The Monti neighborhood is home to some of the best coffees in Roma and Rome. If you’re in the Monti area, Bar Monti is the best place to get the perfect Roma coffee. Bar Monti can be found in Via Urbana 93. It is close to the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and the Termini area.

Bar Monti offers a variety of options. You can start your day with a cup of coffee and enjoy delicious pastries or other breakfast items. Or, you can come back later for lunch or dinner. Bar Monti can also be visited for Aperitivo, where you can enjoy some great cocktails. This bar is a modern spot with Roman roots, and it’s a great place to visit in the area.

13. Faro – Luminaries of Coffee

Faro – Luminaries of Coffee, which opened in 2016, is the best Roman cafe. Faro specializes in coffee, and they have a great coffee menu. Faro is a modern, more traditional Italian-style coffee shop. It’s simple, comfortable, and perfect. Faro is actually a chain of coffee shops and they can be found in many parts of the globe.

Faro is located about 15 minutes from Roma Termini station. It’s the best place to visit if you are staying in hostels in Rome. Faro is a top-rated coffee shop in Rome Italy. They also roast coffee beans from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Faro also offers a variety of sandwiches and teas.

14. Babington Tea Room

Babingtons is a famous place for tea in Rome. It is also a great choice for anyone looking for a cafe or restaurant in Rome Italy. There are many options for the best coffee in Rome. But what about those who don’t like coffee? Who doesn’t love tea? This is the place to be!

Babingtons Tea Room is located right by the Spanish Steps of Piazza di Spagna. You’ll find great teas and excellent coffee at Babingtons. You can visit the restaurant at any time of day, though they are closed for morning coffee seekers. You can also order your teas and coffees online.

15. Pasticceria Andreotti

Pasticceria Andreotti is the last of our Roman pasticcerias and cafes. Pasticceria Andreotti is the place to go for the best coffee shop in Rome and the best pastries. Although it is far from the city centre, this spot is worth a visit if you live in this area.

Pasticceria Andreotti reflects on the past since 1931. The Andreotti family has been making some of the best pastries in Rome for over 100 years. Although the decor is modern and bright, it also features a photo of the Andreotti family which reveals the roots and history of the family-run pastry shop and coffee shop in Rome. Here you can purchase small pasticcini and a beautiful wrapped tray of pasticcini for take-away.

Here are the top 15 places to have coffee in Rome Italy

We hope that you have found the perfect match after we discussed my favourite cafe in Rome Italy and 14 other great coffee shops in Rome Italy. We’ve listed many of the top coffee shops in Roma if you are in central Rome and need to find one near Pantheon Rome, Piazza Navona or other central locations. Enjoy your Roman experience!

To try great gelato in Rome, make sure to check out our article on gelato shops. If you still haven’t decided on accommodation, we have an article about the best luxury hotel in Rome and hostels. All the rest will be added later. We also have articles about the best fountains in Rome, the best things you can do, hidden gems and restaurants in specific locations such as the Trevi Fountain, if you’re looking for something to eat after you’ve tossed your coins into the Trevi Fountain. We’ve also covered the top restaurants in Trastevere!

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