Review: Tutto italiano Audio Magazine for Italian Language Students

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Tutto Italiano was sent to me as a free review copy. These links are affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission if you sign up, but nothing more.

It is difficult to learn a new language as an adult.

After taking years of classes at the college, I was able to teach beginning Italian at a local college. The hardest part is starting. You can either take a class or purchase a learn-at home course.

It’s a challenge to maintain and improve your skills in a place that doesn’t have many native speakers.

A small group of me was studying Italian when I graduated from community college. The classes were primarily geared towards travelers, who needed to know how to make it through their two-week trip in Italy that followed. We started our own conversational group and hired a native speaker to teach us once per week. That level of advanced language study was something I was privileged to have. If you are not as fortunate, or you want to add another layer to your language learning, I introduce Tutto Italiano from Languages Direct.

tutto-italiano-italian-audio-magazine-cover-10_8 Tutto Italiano is a language learning tool that consists of two parts. Subscribers receive a 52-page magazine and a CD every two months. The magazine is published in Rome, and it is completely in Italian. However, there are some key words or phrases that are explained after each article in English. The articles are timely and cover many topics, including politics, sport, food, culture and sports. To help you understand the articles, there are exercises at the end of each issue.

Each magazine comes with a 60-minute CD. It contains readings from the issue. This will allow you to not only increase your comprehension of the material but also your listening skills. These readings are not at the auctioneer speed that many of us have heard and been unable to comprehend. They are not super-slow when you visit Italy.

Tutto Italiano is designed for advanced students of Italian, not beginners. This is the type of thing that would have been a great addition to my former cohort of Italian students when we were learning on our own. It would also be a good way for you to maintain your Italian skills if it’s not something you use on a daily basis. It could also be great for intermediate students.

Tutto Italiano is published six times per annum. A $150 annual subscription (or $259 if you subscribe for 2 years) will get you your Tutto italiano. This is a good investment. You might consider joining a study group if you are on the fence about learning Italian and have friends who study it as well.

Learn more about Tutto Italiano and sign up.

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    How do I obtain a free copy to check if it is appropriate for me?

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