Ten Most Famous Roman Dishes to Eat in Rome Italy

10 Best Local Dishes in Rome, Italy

This is why I decided to compile this guide on authentic Roman foods and treats. You’re sure to find something that you like, no matter if you are a more healthy person or if you prefer creamy Roman pasta dishes.

Rome’s food tends to be more carb-oriented, it is not hard to see why. Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepe, carbonara and amatriciana are the most well-known Roman dishes. You’ll find the best Roman food, whether it be classic Roman pasta or Roman meat dishes if you stick around. You’re about to be salivated! For the best experience in food, book a class if you are already in Rome!

1. Famous Roman Dishes: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

Roman food is a very simple affair. I have known since childhood that pasta, carbs and cream are the main ingredients in authentic Roman cuisine. When I arrived in Rome and discovered that Rome food was all about my thoughts, comfort and well-being were immediately felt.

The most well-known Roman pasta dish is the cacio epepe Roman dish. There are many restaurants that offer Roman dishes made with cream, cheese, pepper. When it comes to cacio and pepe, the time you eat dinner in Rome is irrelevant.

It’s easy to just want it all the time. Many of my vegetarian friends have been to restaurants and they often chose classic Roman pasta dishes such as cacio e pede. You’ll fall in love with it. It is so delicious, authentic, and complete that you won’t miss the meat.

2. Pasta alla Carbonara is the most well-known Roman dish

Pasta alla carbonara is another authentic Roman dish. Roman pasta dishes are often made with cream and cheese. But don’t be afraid to make classic Roman dishes such as carbonara with cream!

Italians are meticulous when it comes to classic Roman noodles recipes. If you are to cook Roman dishes, you must follow every step of the recipe. It is all about the technique, the rules, and the al dente. If you’re in the middle of Rome, this is one of your favorite Roman meat dishes.

3. Carciofi Alla Romana

You can get lost when it comes to Roman food. There is so much more to Rome’s food than just Cacio e Pepe Roman cuisines. The artichoke is a favorite dish in the city.

You will usually find two ways to prepare Roman dishes with artichokes (carciofi): Roman-style (stewed), or Jewish-style deep-fried. Both are very popular Roman dishes and don’t care when you eat dinner in Rome. Carciofi alla giudea, which is a Roman dish I love, is something I recommend you try when you visit Rome.

4. Famous Roman Dishes: Amatriciana

What is the best place to eat dinner in Rome? Amatriciana is the next option if you have tried the first three options. This is one of the best Roman food recipes that you’ll ever taste in Rome.

The best Roma food products are a great combination that will make pasta and meat seem like a new love. Amatriciana is a Roman dish that uses the bucatini pasta, and guanciale (a salt-cured version) of the pork jowl. This is one of the most simple and delicious Roman dishes. What should you eat for breakfast in Rome, after a meal with amatriciana? My love, not much.

5. Trapizzino

Trapizzino is a famous Roman dish. If you’re looking for something to eat in Rome during a night out at Trastevere you’ll find it here. When is the best time to have dinner in Rome? With that delicious snack, you can blur the lines between dinner and breakfast.

Trapizzino is the answer if you aren’t sure what to eat in Rome, and you have had too many of these popular Roman dishes. Trapizzino isn’t a new dish like the Cacio e Pepe Roman meals. Trapizzino was invented in 2009 and is a combination of pizza and calzone. It’s triangularly shaped and filled with classic Roman foods.

This favorite Roman street food offers classic Roman dishes such as chicken cacciatore and meatballs. Trapizzino is so well-known that you can find street food shops in New York and Milan.

6. Pecorino Romano

Pecorino romano is a must-have in any Roman cuisine. Many of the best Roma food products include pizza, pasta, and cheese. Many Roman recipes use the pecorino Romano, such as the cacio e pede pasta dish.

It is my personal favorite food in Rome. Pecorino romano is a little like Parmigiano, and I love its creamy, tangy taste. This cheese will make you feel like you are in Italy if you have the chance to taste it. This will make your trip from Rome more enjoyable and memorable.

7. Famous Roman Dishes – Suppli

The supply is one of the most well-known Roman dishes. It’s also one of Rome’s food classics. These tiny balls of Roman food are made from rice and, in the classic version, tomatoes and mozzarella.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to find the best street food in Rome. Some of the most delicious dishes in Rome are cacio e Pepe Roman. This is a fact that can’t be denied. Even if you are just strolling around the city looking for hidden statues or street art, a tasty suppli can make your day.

8. Maritozzo – Famous Rome Food

There are many classic Roman dishes like pasta and other meat dishes. There are many options for what to eat in Rome at dinner. Sometimes, it’s not just about the savory – sometimes you have to wonder what to eat in Rome for breakfast if you don’t want a cornetto.

The maritozzo is one of the most authentic Roman dishes. It is a popular breakfast dish in Rome and is traditionally served around Easter. It’s not unusual for pastries to be made on religious holidays in Italy, I’m sure. The maritozzo is a Roman dish so much that it can be found in many Roman bakeries.

The creamiest whipped topping you can find in this combination of a bun or brioche is what makes it so delicious. This is a messy breakfast treat, but it’s delicious. I’m sure you will agree. Trust me, I’m an expert on this subject.

9. Saltimbocca

When you’re looking for something different than the traditional Roman pasta dishes, what are some of the best restaurants in Rome? Saltimbocca is a delicious dish. This Roman favorite food will make it difficult to decide what to eat for breakfast in Rome.

This Roman food name literally means “jump in your mouth”. This name is a reminder that saltimbocca is so delicious it will literally jump in your mouth. The base of this dish is veal escalopes wrapped in prosciutto and sage.

You will want to lick the juice so make sure you have bread. This is just one of the many Roman dishes that will remind you that your grandmas are still cooking somewhere.

10. Pizza Al Taglio

The famous pizza al Taglio is a must-have on this list of best foods in Rome. The dough is what makes the difference between pizza Napoletana or the best pizza in Rome. The pizza Romana al taglio, on the other hand, is more flat and crispier than the original.

It really is a matter taste to decide if Roman pizza recipes are better than Napoletana. To be honest, I’m still not sure. The pizza al taglio, however, is a top Roman dish.

It’s addictive once you try it. You want more, and end up not being hungry. Pizza al Taglio, which can be topped with Fiori di Zucca or anchovies is one of the most popular Roma food products.

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