Kitesurfing in Sicily

Kitesurfing is often called kiteboard around the globe. It’s also known as France fly surf which highlights the close relationship this sport has to fly. Kitesurfing has evolved to include Freestyle, where there have been some improvements; Wave, where one sails on the waves; Long-distance where an actual sailing-style regatta takes place; Speed in which they attempt to beat the world record for speed. Kitesurfing can be learned quickly and requires very little instruction. You will soon be able to fly the kite on the water’s surface. Kitesurfing doesn’t require any physical strength as it uses a lot of kinetic energy. However, it is often possible to make a difference in adverse weather conditions by obtaining technical and physical training.

Where is Sicily?

Lo Stagnone, Marsala A lagoon that has been made a nature reserve is one of the most popular spots for kitesurfers in Sicily. It is ideal for reproduction and renewal for many species of animals. The Stagnone transforms into a meadow that looks almost like a football pitch in the middle of the sea during low tide. The northern coast of Marsala has been the hub for kitesurfing enthusiasts for many years. Many people travel from all corners of the globe to practice this sport.

In the territory Butera ( Caltanissetta),, at the beach between Gela and Licata in Manfria– Contrada Tenutella, there is a windy spot as well as a cerificated IKO School.

Pozzallo and Santa Maria del Focallo (Ragusa).

The Strait of Messina is a region rich in places that are suitable for kitesurfing, and full of essential natural elements. The magnificent sea, and the wind, is always present throughout the year. It provides wide beaches, mild weather, and a pleasant climate even in winter.

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