La Dolce Vita 8: The Best Luxury Hotels in Rome

The Roman Empire is a shining star when it comes to luxury, indulgence, and grandeur as a historical perspective. It was actually quite impressive.

The Ancient Romans were the first to know how to indulge in excessive consumption and gratification.

Their commitment to the cause was famously what led to the Empire’s downfall. So while the city’s current nod to opulence, which is luxury hotel in this case, is less reserved, it’s still worth investigating!

A small luxury boutique hotel in central London or a 5-star resort in the hills.

Rooftop pool at the Palazzo Naiadi

We have everything you need, whether you are looking to plan a trip to Rome or simply want to indulge in a daydream.

The Eternal City is a city that excels in comfort, splendour, and opulence.

We’ll be looking at Rome’s smaller luxury hotels as well as its larger resorts, in case you decide to let go of caution and – dare I say it – follow the Romans.

Let’s not forget about the people who are planning to visit Rome, or just dreaming of a luxurious getaway in the Eternal City.

Make the most of your trip! Visit the Colosseum via the Gladiator’s Gate or learn how to make fresh pasta from a rooftop in central Rome.

Roman luxury: The top picks for the best rooms and suites

Hotel Eden is the perfect choice for those who love to eat.

Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden is just shy of its 130th anniversary. It was the first hotel in Rome with an elevator, electricity and heating, opening in 1889.

A part of the legendary Dorchester Collection it is described as a “radiant hotel, alive and thriving with the stories of a great city and the hospitality from its extraordinary people”. This description is not true of the hotel’s grandeur, however. The luxurious reception rooms, elegant suites, and Michelin-starred restaurant are all a sign of its high-end status.

Hotel Eden is located close to Via Veneto Street and offers panoramic views over the capital. It can be reached from Villa Borghese Park as well as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and other walking areas.

Hotel Vilon: For royalty

Room at the Hotel Vilon

Hotel Vilon (main photo and above) was the headlines when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed two nights at the boutique hotel’s Borghese Suite.

The hotel was once home to the Borghese families. It now boasts 18 rooms, some with private terraces that allow guests to enjoy the views from their suites.

The elegant and understated hotel is in Rome’s historic center. This gives you a glimpse into what it means to relax in Rome.

For fashionistas: Fendi Private Suites

Palazzo Fendi (via Facebook)

The next hotel is fashionistas’ dream.

Why? Visitors who visit Rome for retail therapy may find it convenient to stay at Fendi, the home of fashion giant Fendi. It is also one of Rome’s newest hotels (and the house responsible the most recent restoration of Trevi Fountain, while House of Bulgari managed the Spanish Steps near).

You can shop at Fendi’s flagship store on Via dei Consdotti and you can also spend a night or more in style heaven by actually staying there.

Fendi Private Suites, the first Fendi hotel in the world, has taken over Palazzo Fendi’s third floor. It is fashion-fabulous!

For cultured couples: The Westin excelsior

Westin Excelsior

The Westin Excelsior simply means A modern-day expression of the Eternal City’s old-style elegance.

The entrance lobby features a beautiful mix of marble and chandeliers. It leads to a selection of bedrooms with deep carpets and floor-length curtains.

This hotel, which boasts exquisitely decorated living spaces and the launch their newly renovated Villa Cupola Suite is an Instagrammer’s #1DecadentDream.

People, the Westin Excelsior is an old-school example of opulence.

For minimalists: Portrait Roma

Portrait Roma (via Facebook)

Portrait Roma is elegant and understated, appealing to those looking for a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of an international city.

The hotel’s tasteful decor favours neutral shades and achingly stylish Scandinavian-inspired furniture, with splashes of colour provided by perfectly-positioned greenery and strategically-placed accessories.

Portrait Roma, located just 300m from the Spanish Steps is one of the most luxurious hotels found in the Italian capital.

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For indulgence seekers: Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Aldrovandi Villa Borghese (via Facebook)

The hotel encourages guests to “bask in the old-world glamour” of their surroundings, which is something that most people would gladly do!

The Borghese Gardenas an view , Aldrovandi Villa Borghese offers a welcome escape from the bustle and bustle of Rome, despite being close to many of its most famous attractions.

This urban retreat offers more than 100 luxury guest rooms, a spa, wellness facility, and an cooking class led by Assaje, the Michelin-starred restaurant.

As difficult as it may be to leave the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, why not take the tour through the Borghese Gallery to see one of the city’s most important art collections?

For art lovers: Palazzo Naiadi

Palazzo Naiadi (via Facebook)

Three words: Neoclassical. Roman. Palace.

You can conjure images of a majestic building with great columns and arches, which is the Palazzo Naiadi, an art lover’s paradise in the city.

The hotel is suspended over the Diocletian Thermal Baths complex (AD306) and features an elegant interior, including a rooftop pool. The 5-star hotel is a link between the soul of the past as well as the spirit of the present, in a city that has mastered living.

Exquisite finds from the baths can be seen throughout the building, including the Michelangelo Hall’s octagonal fountain and the large mosaic foyer. Modern art also graces the walls and gives guests a glimpse into the past and future of Italy.

Yes, we are indeed sold.

For romantics: Hotel de Russie

Hotel de Russie

Hotel de Russie lies between Piazza di Spagna & Piazza del Popolo. It is well-known for its private gardens and terraces that provide guests with much-needed tranquility amid a busy capital.

The interior design continues to emphasize serenity, with neutral colors and soft furnishings taking the lead.

Hotel de Russie, a 5-star hotel is a popular choice in Rome’s heart.

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