Listen up! Five Fascinating Podcasts about Ancient Rome

Although the following statement won’t surprise anyone, we are going to say it anyway. Podcasts have never been more popular.

March 2019 showed that there were more than 700,000 podcasts available in the iTunes library and 28,000,000 episodes online. It doesn’t matter what topic you choose, it is almost certain that someone has created a podcast about it.

While the growth of the medium has allowed for discussion about more niche topics, podcasts that focus on popular subjects such as Ancient Rome or World History have not suffered.

Ancient Rome: Reviews, episodes, and series

Millions of people have incorporated the podcast into their lives since its inception more than a decade back. They use the platform for education, information, and entertainment.

Contrary to traditional media engagement, you can expand your knowledge about a topic in bite-sized chunks or binge-listening marathons. This is the key to its popularity.

You’re likely to be looking for podcasts that will help you maximize your commute, or to multi-task while working out. With that in mind, we’ll start with the best of Ancient Rome.

This is a huge topic, filled with stories, sagas, and spectacles. Few people can claim to be experts on it all. The following podcasts will help you get started. It’s time for you to download it!

The History of Rome

Mike Duncan recorded an astonishing 179 episodes of his award-winning podcast series The History of Rome between 2007 and 2012.

The best-selling author was motivated by an inborn interest in the topic and eager to fill the void in the podcast market at the time. He chronologically detailed key events that occurred between the birth and fall of the Western Roman Empire.

The podcast is extremely concise in format, most episodes last between 15-25 minutes. It has received widespread praise from listeners for its attention to detail and engaging delivery as it documents the development of civilization.

Mike relays the stories and sagas from the past while maintaining a unique grip over his listeners. The results can be seen in glowing reviews that continue to flood forums and charts seven years after the last episode aired.

Rome’s Fall

The Fall of Rome will be hosted by Patrick Wyman, the historian. This presentation will provide a detailed look at the components that ultimately led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The host looks at the Roman Empire from a modern perspective and examines how genetics, climate science, and network models have affected our understanding of this ancient civilization.

Patrick, like Mike Duncan’s contributions to the canon, has been widely praised for his engaging and humorous delivery.

The Partial Historians

Dr Fiona Radford, and Dr PetaGreenfield host the show The Partial Historians. They are currently in their 100th episode.

The Partial Historians was launched in 2013 and manages to communicate the complex ancient culture in a playful, lighthearted way.

The hosts will discuss the eruption of Mount Vesuvius or the role of Vestal Virgins, and they will also tell the story of Volero Publicilis.

These historians feel compelled to discuss and dissect many aspects of Ancient Rome, and regular contributions by special guests are equally invested in the lives and times of the Ancient Romans.

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Emperors of Rome

Emperors Of Rome is hosted and maintained by Matt Smith and Rhiannon Evans. It focuses on the Ancient Roman Empire’s rulers.

The podcast is currently on the 128th episode. It takes listeners through the lives and times of different emperors over multiple episodes. Very few episodes exceed 40 minutes.

Emperors of Rome has a loyal following due to its approach to the subject matter, the rapport between hosts, and the contributions made by special guests. Many fans immediately subscribe to Matt’s next podcast When in Rome.

Rome: When to go

When In Rome was launched in 2015, and has enjoyed three seasons. It is extremely popular with anyone who wants to explore the ancient past.

Matt explains that the monthly podcast is an exploration of “place and space in Roman Empire” as Matt describes in the introduction to each episode.

When in Rome is conducted one-on-one. Matt conducts in-depth interviews and talks with historians, academics, and experts in the field. They weave a compelling story that brings Ancient Rome alive.

The podcast is a firm favorite with listeners. Fans pledged over $10,000 to Kickstarter to help fund the fourth season. This is a direct reflection of the enthusiasm of the public for the podcast.

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