Ten Hidden Hiking Spots in Rome Italy

10 hidden hiking trails close to Rome, Italy

You have until now to live your best life. It is possible to hike near Rome Italy and have a truly unique experience. This will transform your life. You can enjoy the sun while still being shaded by trees when you hike around Rome. What are you waiting for? These are the top hiking trails in Rome that you should try!

1. Vulci

One of the top trails near Rome is Vulci, an ancient Etruscan city. Vulci can be found in Viterbo and covers 120 hectares of land around the Fiora river.

It was one of the most important cities in the Etruscan empire. The Romans destroyed it around 228 BC. The archaeological area is now open to the public. Vulci boasts ruins from the IV Century, greenery and wilderness, as well as a castle, cave, and even a fortress.

2. Roccantica, the best hiking trails close to Rome

We recommend Roccantica with its two most famous hermitages when people ask about the best hiking trails in Rome. We recommend that you take a stroll to the Eremo di San Leonardi or the Eremo di San Michele if you’re hiking in this area. Roccantica is a beautiful medieval town that will delight you with its ruins, nature, and history.

3. Monte Sant’Angelo and Villa Lante in Bagnaia

The Monte Sant’Angelo is located around Tivoli. It’s only an hour by train from Rome. This mountain is the ideal place to begin hiking. From there, you can also enjoy the beautiful Villa Lante di Bagnaia.

There you’ll find the most stunning fountains as well as Italian gardens dating back to the second half of the 1500s. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in Rome. It also offers amazing views. We could not ask for more.

4. L’Insugherata

L’Insugherata, a natural park just north of Rome, is where you will find the best hiking trails in Rome. To access it, you will need to travel to the Ipogeo Degli Ottavi station located just a few kilometers from the Vaticano.

In just a few moments, you will be able to spot wild animals and fish. It is the result of its natural instinct that it is one of the best hiking trails near Rome.

5. Cremera

Sometimes you will need to follow the river in order to find the best hiking trails around Rome. The Parco di Veio is located about 10 km from the city’s edge. You will be surprised when you cross the Cremera river.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Rome is the Inferno (Cascata dell’Inferno). Fosso della Torraccia is the ideal spot for hiking in Italy near Rome. Get your hiking boots ready!

6. Galleria Antica Monterano

Monterano, a ghost town, offers the best hiking in Rome. Who doesn’t love to be a little scared from time to time? Galleria Antica Monterano, an Etruscan city, was the fief for many important Roman families starting in the Middle Ages.

It is the ideal spot for hiking near Rome. It is one of the most picturesque and still-standing phantom towns anywhere in Italy.

7. Ostia Antica is the best hiking trail near Rome

It’s amazing to have access to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Rome. This allows you to have a peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while also bringing balance back into your mind. Ostia Antica is the ideal place to hike near Rome, as it is very close to the center. You can reach the amazing antique city in just one hour by metro.

Ostia Antica was once the main port for commerce in Rome. However, it was infested by malaria which killed or chased out the residents. It is now an archaeological site where you can see the terms and the theater. You can also walk the main street. It is a great reminder of Pompeii’s strength and beauty.

8. Thermal Springs of Viterbo

One of the most popular hiking spots near Rome is the thermal spring waters from the Cimini Mountains. It’s free and all-natural so we should enjoy it as much as possible. They’re a great spot to go hiking near Rome Italy.

These thermal springs were used by Ancient Romans and Etruscans to bathe for hygiene reasons. Since Pope Nicholas V built his first residence nearby, the thermal springs are also called Popes’ Thermal Springs. The waters can be used for relaxation, and massage and are left unaffected by man. It is a paradise on Earth.

9. Necropolis for Cerveteri

Walking near Rome will take you to the Necropolis in Cerveteri. It’s better to be late than never. You will see the “Via degli Inferi”, the Street of the Underworld. First, you must go through the Necropolis at the Pond.

The open tombs are sure to be a hit! There is no entry fee and you can freely explore them. This is a simple open-air cemetery located in the middle nowhere near Rome. It really takes you back to your human roots. We promise you the best moments as you walk through the Necropolis, a UNESCO Heritage Site. It is 100% the best hiking trail near Rome.

10. Parco di Veio: best hiking trails near Rome

Our last recommendation for hiking near Rome is the Parco di Veio. We have already mentioned it. This natural reserve is home to wild horses, wild boars, and wolves that you won’t see every day.

You can access this spot, which is a top choice for hiking near Rome Italy, from either the entrance near Formello of Isola Farnese.

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