Naturismo in Sicily

Naturism is a movement that has many faces. It can be a love for ecology, harmony with nature, philosophy, curiosity, or just a desire to have a little fun.

There are some reference points in Sicily today.

Let’s begin at the Mouth of River Platani in Eraclea Minoa (near Agrigento), which is a 5 km stretch of beach that runs from Capo Bianco up to the mount and river. It has fine golden sand and limestone cliffs that overlook the sea.

The WWF manages the beach, Funcitella in the Natural Preserve of Torre Salsa. It is located near Agrigento.

Just a few kilometers away from Mazara del Vallo is the famous Natural Preserve, Capo Feto. The natural beach shape, surrounded by patches of wild, unspoiled Mediterranean nature, provides privacy and tranquility.

The Natural Preserve at the mouth of Belice River, between Castelvetrano and Menfi, is home to the beach Casello41. We recommend this, especially in the low season.

Palermo is home to the most populated beach for naturism: the preserve of Capo Gallo has two naturist areas. The preserve lies between Faro (Punta Tara), and the preserve in the middle, which you can enter from Sferracavallo.

Just a few kilometers from Palermo is the beach Salinelle. This is the section that lies between the Hotel Costa Verde’s area and the Capo Playa on the plain of Lascari.

You will find a sheltered beach near Messina in the seaside town of Rocce Bianche close to Taormina. It offers a tranquil atmosphere and a stunning panoramic view.

It was announced recently that the first official nudist oasis in Sicily is being created near Taormina.

Just a few meters from the Tindari Lakes, you will find the Tyrrhenian side beach, Marinello. Also, the beaches of San Saba (and Giampilieri) can be found on the Tyrrhenian side.

The Natural Preserve of Vendicari is located between Marzamemi and Noto. Here you will find the beautiful beach Marianelli. It’s a magical place with rare flora and sand dunes.

Pantelleria can also be a popular destination for naturists. Many coves and cliffs are not easily visible. Some of these are Kattibuale, coves of Punta Gattara, Laghetto delle Ondine, Scarpetta di Cenerentola and the Arco dell’Elefante.

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